Should the right be so scared of the left?

This is one of those posts where I am not certain of my own argument. I am only experimenting with a view that came to my mind earlier today as I was reading this article in Swarajya by The Jaggi himself. If you disagree with me or think I am being a fool, please please let me know since I am really looking forward to this.


Even though the crux of this article is mostly clear from the headline, let me pull out some lines from it that I think were the most important.


You may well agree with this view.  Since Viru paaji got involved, a cricket analogy seems apt. It’s not necessary to play a shot at every ball. Sometimes the best thing could be to just let the ball travel safely to the gloves of the wicket keeper. Heck, I think even I agree with this view almost up to 50%!

But please hear me out.

I think Jaggi’s view begins from a default sense of awe and fear of the left wing and their power to push a narrative. Jaggi fears that by picking up the Gurmehar issue, the Right has given a chance to the powerful left wing to paint them in “worse colors than the situation warrants”.

In itself, this fear is not unjustified. The left liberal establishment is a powerful beast. In fact, the whole purpose of this blog is to chip away, however slightly at the power of the liberal establishment.

But should we really be so scared? How many people actually watch NDTV? A few Delhi liberals along with Arun Jaitley and Ravi Shankar Prasad. Yes, they have a phenomenal network of “intellectuals” and “journalists”. But so what? Would Narendra Modi really have been PM today with 282 seats if the right wing had feared the narrative of the liberal establishment?

Jaggi seems to suggest that we should bat on the backfoot all the time. If that is the case, why have a BJP government with a comfortable majority in the Center and as many as 10 states? Jaggi’s  cautious approach possibly derives from spending a lifetime around the liberal elites. He has feared them his whole life. He is in awe of them. In other words, he has mental  baggage.

It’s similar to colonial baggage, really. My eldest uncle is 79 years old. He always says that we Indians will never be a tenth of what the British were. Incidentally, he is also the most vocal Congress supporter I know, so take that 🙂

I have no baggage. I am not so scared of the power of the liberal elite. I have been around social media and I can confidently tell you that the picture is vastly different from the narrative that NDTV is pushing and Jaggi is fearing. As I pointed out in yesterday’s post, Gurmehar Kaur’s FB post got 3000 shares in 5 days and a counterview on Opindia had 24,000 shares in 2 days.

The mainstream media may be pushing their agenda, but I don’t think the right wing defenses are that weak. The battle simply isn’t going the way the media thinks it is. In fact, I think Gurmehar Kaur is doing decidedly worse than Kanhaiyya Kumar. Because people have seen this movie before. The liberals cannot release it again to the same effect.

Perhaps its a generational difference. People like Jaggi grew up seeing the liberal narrative as unshakeable as the sky. Ever since I was old enough to understand politics, I have actually seen BJP win more Lok Sabha elections than the Congress! So my attitude to the power of the Congress establishment is different.

Let me come to the point where I disagree heavily with Jaggi. Let’s look at the same extract again.


Naive and possibly idealistic? No No No No… a thousand times no! I am sorry I cannot dismiss her as “naive and possibly idealistic”. Again, this could be because I am much closer in age to Gurmehar Kaur than to Jaggi and so I cannot bring myself to dismiss her rubbish as “youthful indiscretions”.

But I think the real reason, again, is the company that Jaggi keeps. He has interacted with too many liberals. He may not be a liberal himself, but at some level, he sees them as good people with good intentions. Maybe he sympathises with them at some level. I don’t. I don’t see them as “naive and idealistic” at any level. I see nothing naive or idealistic about Commies. Because Communism is pure evil. When the fans of Stalin and Mao claim to be in support of free speech and democracy, I do not believe for a moment that they are idealistic fools. I see the Commies only as deliberate liars who represent pure evil. 

You know… 45 million people were massacred by the Commies in China alone. No youthful idealist growing up in a democratic society falls in love with the idea of massacring 45 million people. Only evil psychopaths do. AISA is not a youthful indiscretion. You know…the CPIML (of which AISA is a faction) was founded by Charu Mazumder and Kanu Sanyal, two dreaded terrorists from Bengal. 

Long time readers of this blog will know that I am an outspoken fundamentalist on the issue of free speech. I am happy that Gurmehar Kaur and her friends are speaking. The more they speak, the more the public at large will know how evil the Commies truly are. It would be a tragedy for civilization if these people couldn’t speak their minds. Because then people would forget the absolute evil of Communism. And I don’t want that.


Yes, dear AISA, please spill out on Delhi streets in largest possible numbers. Tell us how proud you are of the massacres of Stalin and Mao. Tell us how awesome Pol Pot and Kim Jong Il were. Tell us how thrilled you are that Communists massacred 30,000 people in West Bengal. And finally, don’t forget to tell us how you plan to put people like me in concentration camps if your “revolution” succeeds. I already know what you want, but I would like everyone else to hear.

Remember, freedom always wins. This land of Bharat shall not go under the Communist yoke.

I have confidence in my democracy. I have confidence in the ability of the right wing to fight back the leftie narrative. Let the ideological wars begin. Bring it on…bring it on…


19 thoughts on “Should the right be so scared of the left?

  1. real problem of RW is that they just bark, they cannot bite. unless guided by highly institutionalized organisations and leaders they are nothing.


    1. Disagree. RW does bite. But the bites are in isolation. Do you think that with the bite that the RW is capable of, the Left and the Congis would have left the Hindus as Hindus?

      RW is a strange fellow in India. It is the RW which mocks the Hindu the most. Calling Hindus cowards, sleeping for ages, not united, segmented in castes etc. etc. Also the narrative that the Hindus have been ruled for 1200 years is a victim/sympathy card to play. The fall of Delhi during Prithviraj Chauhan’s time does not mean the fall of India. Well, thats a subject for another time.

      What I want to say is that RW plays both the aggressor as well as the victim as needed. If one was to detect this ability with a detached mind.

      And no, RW does not need highly institutionalized organizations. One RSS is enough as an institution which has a militaristic approach. Other institutions of the God fathers, Babas, Mutts, etc give a befitting reply to the LW and anti-Hindus. But their work is below the radar and it should be so.

      The RW bite is actually worse than the bark and the bite bleeds the other side.


        1. I Clarify that the militaristic approach is in their uniform, chain of command and discipline (in regards to following of instructions). RSS lost the sting it had during the partition, J&K attack of 1948 and Goa liberation in their militarism. The LW are goons – wolves hunting in packs nothing more.


  2. Completely agree CW.In fact,i would go even one step forward and say we have already won.

    Just look at the response to Rana Ayyub from Phogat.Left her speechless.

    All the LW’s are on the backfoot since Viru and Randeep entered the arena.Not to mention people are scarcely interested in this fiasco,compared to the Kanhaiya episode where they were able to get more interest.

    Instead of being a major incident,this scenario has just reduced to being a sideshow that people have even refused to entertain.As you say,this is just a crappy sequel with the same script being repeated.No way the effect will be the same

    The Crying wolf tendency of media is just getting old.First was the “intolerance” drama.Then came the Kanhaya and JNU drama.Now,people have stopped responding to their claims of a wolf coming in the village.

    I think the Left is falling in Media’s traps.If you would notice,all the claims of Modi’s “communalisation” by the Kabristan speech have virtually disappeared.Because the media has realised they were scoring self goals
    I think Modi is just waiting for the right time to focus on the “core” agenda.Now that Media has discredit itself thoroughly,will come the real Big bad wolf!

    I am fully expecting there to be some major Right wing measures initiated by the Modi Govt next year,with the General elections just around the corner.And just like the story where no one believed the child when the wolf came,no one will believe the media when the actual RW measures come,and 2019 will be sealed

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  3. CW…..I totally agree with you…..Any crap by these libatards should be dealt on the front foot and always smash hit to achieve sixers!

    Being defensive and on the back foot ….what for?

    ‘In fact, the whole purpose of this blog is to chip away, however slightly at the power of the liberal establishment.’….Exactly CW…..please continue the good work….expose and attack ….big or small issues!

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  4. I feel Jaggi is wrong here. Nothing is insignificant as far as the Leftists are concerned. Each and every occasion is a battle that has to be won.

    Let me take a chess analogy here. Anatoly Karpov was famous for getting minute,even insignificant advantages with every move. In a game of 60 to 70 moves, the advantages added up to a winning position.

    Every battle with the Left is like a single move on the chessboard. However small, the advantage has to be seized. There are also not many moves left for the Left. The fact that they had to “use” a martyr’s daughter is a sign of desperation. So it is time for the Right to press home the advantage and destroy the Hydra that the Left has become.


  5. My appeal to Modiji is to chart out a ‘Swatch University’ program urgently before they produce prospective terrorists instead of Engineers and professionals. The cleaning has to began with some faculty members who are no less than naxalites. Today’s commie leaders are all born and groomed in such universities. That is their nest to breed more criminals.


  6. Secular-liberal stalwart cum Congi mole Javed Akhtar jumped into the debate with trademark contemptuous remarks. That’s a great boost. Whatever doubts general public had regarding the Ramjas college flare up, will now evaporate in a flash.

    In his abject hate towards the govt. Akhtar overplayed his hand and given the game away. We, the nationalists, are gonna win this round, hands down.

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  7. Dear Chaiwallah,

    You are right and Jaggi is wrong. There is nothing naive or idealistic about Gurmehar Kaur. She is merely the next kite, after Kanhaiya Kumar, that the left-media nexus is trying to fly. Unfortunately for them the kite never took off. Whereas Kanhaiya flew high for at least a few weeks, this girl crashed within one week. Perhaps the fact that she kept lying about how her father died hastened her downfall.

    Your diagnosis is also right. Jaggi and other journalists like Minhaz Merchant have grown up during an era when the left-liberal cabal ruled the roost. So the only way they could survive was, at the very least, to pretend outwardly that they sympathise with and admire the left, even if they occasionally disagree with the left. Such tendencies get ingrained over time, and Jaggi is unable to shake it off. Minhaz Merchant has largely shaken it off, and I admire him more than I admire Jaggi. On the same line, one person whom I used to follow but have since come to loathe is Kanchan Gupta. He sees himself as a “right wing intellectual” and feels smug and superior to all the other right wing spokespersons, be they the RSS, or BJP members, or even people like us. So now I just ignore him.

    The same phenomenon that afflicts Jaggi also afflicts academics. The only way to survive in the useless departments in Humanities and Social Sciences is to toe the party line. Nowadays even the hiring process excludes anyone who has a different view of things. In my view (and I speak as someone who has been an academic since 1969), the deterioration of the Humanities and Social Sciences is a worldwide phenomenon and India is not alone. We should simply shut down all non-science departments in government-aided institutions. The professors in these departments are pure parasites who survive by peddling the idea that they offer a “rounding out” to traditional science and engineering disciplines. In my experience, these faculty are narrow, stupid, bigoted, closed-minded, and superficial (with a few honourable exceptions like Makarand Paranjape at JNU and Vamsee Juluru in the USA). In contrast, almost all engineering professors are well-read, logical in their thinking, articulate, and open to new ideas. Have you noticed that private colleges and universities don’t have Humanities and Social Sciences? There is a good reason for that, namely: These departments don’t add any value.

    As for people like Virendar Sehwag, Yogeshwar Dutt and Babita Phogat, these people have achieved success the hard way. No one gave it to them on a platter. By the same token, a handful of lumpen leftists can’t take away their success either. That is why they are fearless in expressing themselves. But we should nevertheless admire them for what they did.

    The one who has pleasantly surprised me is Randeep Hooda. I don’t watch moves (not even Telugu movies, with the exception of Baahubali), so I do not know whether he is a big hero or not. But it takes real courage to express himself the way he did, in a setting that is totally controlled by Dawood Ibrahim and gang.


  8. Just one more thought (the previous post was already too long). There is no such thing as choosing one’s battles. The left lib-turds must be made to realise that there is nothing too small for the nationalists to ignore. Only in that way will they learn their lesson. People like Jaggi are the journalistic equivalent of Jaitley. They want to maintain their good relations with all sides. I am sure no one on this forum cares about that.


    1. Well said.And i completely agreed.At least Kanhaiya got some publicity and press,although most of it was negative and not sustainable.

      This girl has failed to elicit anything but jokes and dismissals.As CW very cleverly said,her post had only 3k shares.I don’t know what’s the number of shares now,but the episode is already over and people are already bored of this drama.She also has decided to stop this “campaign”(yes,that’s the word she used)

      The more i think about it,the more i dislike this girl.She was clearly intending to use her father’s name for politics,even more apparent given her links with AAP. DIsgusting. That BJP MP said it right:”atleast Dawood didn’t use his father’s name so shamelessly”

      And the Lutyen’s circlejerk was expecting the “Martyr’s daughter” angle to be an instant hit,but sadly no one bought the bait.I don’t think they can produce anything more convincing,but i expect them to stoop to any level


      1. In his over zealousness and abject hate towards the BJP, Javed Akhtar has left the game open, bros!

        Now we will overrun this round, comfortably, have faith and fun!


  9. Some times I wonder if Jaggi has taken upon himself as a journalist for diluting publication’s political philosophy? When he was at First Post, his views were somewhat on right side while the whole FP is totally left in political philosophy. Now that he is in Swarajya, his views are on the left side of Swarajya’s political leaning. After spending some time in FP, has Jaggi developed Stockholm Syndrome?

    Luckily, the more leftists reveal their hypocrisy, the more “Right” thinking people are joining hands in voting against their candidates in elections. If Virendra Sehwags and Randeeps of Right Wings had stayed silent, we might not have had chance to witness their rank hypocrisy.


  10. I will have to agree with your analysis. I also agree with your assessment of psychology of people who are awed by past century so called leftist intellectuals. The people are taking lessons in killing people without evidence as in Kerala are protected by these snakes hiding in various universities as students or professors. Let us expose them, let them exposed by their behaviour, like JNU professor Vivek Kumar was exposed by singer Abhijit and other penalised. Vice kumar was screaming, whinning, cursing when he was exposed of his love for terrorists under the cloak of FOE.


  11. The evil commies shouldn’t be given any space to operate and propagate freely. We should vow to fight them in the way Churchill promised to fight the Germans. We will fight them in Bengal, in Kerala, in Tripura, in Delhi and everywhere else. We will never surrender.


  12. Jaggi is a 3rd rate pseudo Hindu who wants to be part of Burkha Dutt circuit.
    The ‘mighty’ left ecosystem is full of bhikhari journalists and professors.
    All the Augusta Patrakars would have been in jail if the wannabe sharia banker was honest.
    A one man army Swamy brought Raja, Jaya, Sasikala to jail.
    BJP won UP on Ram Mandir. It was kicked out for being dishonest when came to power.
    This liar was created because of 2002.


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