Mangalore placed under lockdown as Sangh protests Communist Kerala CM

The hypocritical outrage of Delhi based Communists surrounding free speech is now a staple for the so called national media. The latest circus is at Ramjas College of Delhi University. Now, the ABVP has no place to give out certificates of nationalism. But, by the same token, one might well ask how the Communists … of all people … have been given the moral high ground to serve up sermons on democracy!

This “moral high ground” offered to Communists by media and the liberal elite is but a facade, a curtain to hide their actual crimes. The reason this faux outrage has risen to a fever pitch is to drown out the screams of the real victims.

Right now, Mangalore in Karnataka has been placed under a 36 hour lockdown.


In recent times, Kerala has seen some of the worst political violence against the cadres of the BJP and the RSS. In the brutal atmosphere of Kerala, even a baby that is 10 months old can have enemies. This innocent child was paying the price for the political affiliations of his parents.


That was last month. But there is no need to go back even that far. It has been barely 2 weeks since this happened.


It has become difficult to keep track of all the murder and violence that BJP and RSS workers have been facing in Kerala. Here is another instance, this time from Palakkad.


Thrissur, Palakkad, Kannur … any time you see a town in Kerala trending on Twitter these days, you can be sure of two things. First, some RSS/BJP worker has suffered another act of unspeakable violence, usually murder. Secondly, you can be sure that the keepers of India’s conscience aren’t going to sit up and take notice of this act of intolerance.

In India today, we have achieved the ultimate Orwellian jugalbandhi : Communists sitting in Delhi play free speech music, while Communists in Kerala pitilessly eliminate their opponents.

And while the free speech orchestra plays in Delhi, BJP and RSS workers in the south face a triple tyranny. The first tyranny is the “tyranny of distance”. The second tyranny is that of the Communist government in Kerala. And the third tyranny is that of the Congress government in Karnataka.

In October last year, an RSS leader Rudresh was murdered in broad daylight in Bengaluru. The killers had actually received formal training in Kerala how to kill with one stroke.


A daylight murder at the heart of India’s cyber city that failed to shock the nation. The free speech and intolerance orchestra kept playing in Delhi as if nothing had happened.

Most of the online right wing will remember the death of Prashant Poojary, slaughtered in broad daylight in Karnataka’s Moodbidri (near Mangalore) in late 2015.


Oops! I forgot to mention that he was “murdered for role in shutting slaughter house”. Nice headline there from Firstpost, possibly giving us a timely warning before we get too sympathetic towards this murder victim.

In fact, prominent liberals such as Rajdeep Sardesai came perilously close to saying so upfront when constant social media outrage forced them to open their mouths on Poojary’s murder.


One wonders if the same liberal elite will buy the same “there is a political context” argument in the case of clashes between AISA and ABVP at Ramjas college. Will they care to examine all the violence that Communists have self admittedly used against their opponents? I don’t think so.

The Sangh right now in Mangalore has taken to the streets, demanding justice. Kerala’s Communist CM is visiting town, allegedly to speak at a rally for communal harmony. In reaction the Congress government has imposed Section 144, locked free speech inside a box and thrown away the key. Nothing to see there. Pass me the remote so that I can watch another TV debate on Ramjas College…


10 thoughts on “Mangalore placed under lockdown as Sangh protests Communist Kerala CM

  1. Yes CW ,we need to keep on repeating and reminding the whole of India and the world of the murders of BJP-RSS…….which actually is Hindus being killed in their country ,only country for Hindus…….all this atrocities only due to their beliefs!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. But Modi the Great should not be questioned!
      Rajnath Singh does not do anything because he can’t do anything.
      That fraud Modi and his sekoolar Burkha Duty friends run the Govt


  2. The message to us Hindus from these criminals is very clear “Dogs and Hindus have no rights”.
    We should stop pointing out this hypocrisy.We think it is hypocrisy on their part because they claim to be liberal.In reality they are just lying in order to reach their goals or fulfil their contracts.Our actual complaint should be that our leadership is sleeping.Instead of wasting time lamenting and fuming against the left,we should be expessing our discontent and anger with the BJP.
    Should we abondon the party?
    Absolutely not.
    But at the same time we should not let them take us for granted.


      1. I am from Gujarat and have two good school friends who are Muslim and have at least a dozen other acquaintances (small traders, kirana shop owners in our neighborhood etc.) who are Muslim and to this day, swear by Narendra Modi. There are two things NaMo did in Gujarat that is the core of why our entire political and media establishment reviles him with a passion:

        1. Unification of Hindus
        2. Integration of Muslims with mainstream

        These are both anathema to parties and ideologies that were formed with the sole purpose of dividing voters along the lines of caste and religion. They are also anathema to the numerous NGOs, activists, “intelligentsia” who have made a living out of fueling this discord. Keeping Hindus and Muslims separate fuels an entire cottage industry. Is it any wonder they hate him? To use a hindi phrase “NaMo unke pet pe laat maar raha hai” hence the revolt.


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