“Team Idea of India” changing horses as BJP leads in Uttar Pradesh?

Not too surprisingly, I have received a bunch of comments asking me to give my analysis of Uttar Pradesh so far. First of all, I am touched by the faith my readers have in me. But I am also amused and I must point out that I am just a guy with a keyboard and a screen. I don’t have really have any “sources” who can give me exit, nowadays generally renamed as “ground reports” to satisfy the ego of a power mad Election Commission. I have to go with the mood on social media and the “shifts” that I have noticed in the tweets of the seculars  from mainstream media.

So, here is what I gathered. It’s my impression and yours may be different. I believe that BJP has done quite well in Phase 1, though not up to its hopes, possibly because of the splitting of the Jat vote. However, in Phases 2 and 3 in the Yadav heartland, the SP has performed really really badly. Some of this can definitely attributed to the communal violence in Bijnor on Feb 10 and a lot of this probably has to do with Shivpal Yadav, who has tried to sabotage his nephew. Uttar Pradesh is a massive state and Akhilesh effectively formed a new party a little over 2 weeks before the election. There was bound to be rampant ineffectiveness in the organization. Worse, many of the booth workers were probably Shivpal’s men who would deliberately sabotage his party.

This has left the idea of India brigade deeply deeply worried. Sometimes you can observe  (and enjoy) their creeping desperation almost in real time.


From the big Akhilesh wave of a week ago, they are shy of giving him even a 51% chance. But what happens to this same journo just a few hours after this tweet is simply precious.


Funny meltdown this. No clue at all? I remind you that this person has been smugly predicting elections for months, spewing his “Jan ki baat” in the Navbharat Times in column after column. Look, dear NBT, this is what you got for your money. You got someone who admits he has “no clue at all” 🙂

And don’t forget to notice the quoted tweet of Shivam Vij, another secular slave of the dynasty. “Difficult to read” means things are not going their way. Everyone knows that much.

Here’s the mood on social media at least as far as I see it :

RW supporters : gung ho!

Seculars : Circumspect and nervous, second guessing themselves repeatedly.

The only logical conclusion is that the secular brigade from MSM, which is talking to politicians and likely also has access to exit poll data, is not getting the information it would like to hear. You can see Sharat Pradhan and the Aaj Tak crew openly talking about a change in Akhilesh’s manner ever since phases 2 and 3.


Remember guys, that’s Aaj Tak. My guess is that they have access to Axis exit poll data. Meanwhile, Rajdeep has been quite upfront in admitting that BJP is winning Uttar Pradesh.


It’s also massively likely that Rajdeep has access to Axis poll data.

Another symptom of nervousness is when the “idea of India” looks to change horses. When journos get disturbing information, they tend to go to their comforting “safe place” of the late 1990s. And they come up with the age old, outdated “wisdom” of bleating about how “BSP is getting underestimated”. When they bring up this old bogey, like Bhupendra Chaubey did yesterday, you should read it as a collapse of confidence.

When even Samajwadi Times (also called ET) reporters start hedging their bets, it’s time for Akhilesh to start worrying.


Didn’t I tell you that BSP is the emotional safe space for secular journalists? When they see defeat written large on the wall, their favorite thing to do is convince themselves that there is a silent BSP wave 🙂

The secular media changing horses midway is excellent news from the BJP point of view. It will add to the confusion of the M voter. And that serves the M voter right because the M voter isn’t voting for progress or hope, but merely with a negative agenda to defeat one specific party.

The BJP this time around has done an excellent job of creating “hawa”, something that was sorely missing during Bihar. Maybe this “hawa” does not match the situation on the ground. Who knows? But the importance of “hawa” is that it often turns into a self fulfilling prophecy.

Like almost all RW, I also regularly follow the “ground assessments” of Dr. Praveen Patil. And I won’t lie : I am thrilled by his findings so far. However, it is very important not to take the findings of any one exit … sorry … ground assessment too seriously. You have to look at all available exit … sorry… ground assessments and only take whatever is the consensus view. Thus far, India Behind the Lens (IBTL) seems to have findings that match Dr. Patil. This is different from Bihar, where IBTL and 543 had findings that disagreed with each other. There are other people too. Can’t elaborate on this out of fear. After all, I live in a democracy. We don’t have a right to free speech.

Here you may ask a valid question : why should we believe you Chaiwallah? How do we know you are not as clueless as a dumb journo?

Good question. The answer is that I am not a journo or a pollster. I don’t get paid for my political insights.  I don’t claim to have professional expertise in predicting elections. I am just a guy with a keyboard and a screen who enjoys talking to friends 🙂

15 thoughts on ““Team Idea of India” changing horses as BJP leads in Uttar Pradesh?

  1. You predicted Assam sweep for BJP based on your key board/screen based observation. Your confidence level then was taken by me by a pinch of salt. And all of us know the Assam results!

    Since then, I have stopped wasting time on twitter & other blogs, and solely started depending on your observation for election ground reports. When you invest your time on key board/screen, why we should waste our time? Thanks a lot for your efforts.

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  2. Hey CW.. Thank you to give such a Positive sign from UP.. I am too addicted to your blogs. no blog on Sunday.. I was checking three to 4 time to see your blog on sunday..

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  3. BJP did brilliantly in the 4th phase in Odisha as well.Hoping that they do well in the 5th and final place also.By the way,do you think that BJP will win the BMC election?


    1. Timely question Enigma and a key one. I have a gut feeling that they will because:

      1) Uddhav is no Bal Thackeray and he committed a monumental blunder by first tying up with Hardik Patel and then by forming an alliance with the Congress. For a party that was formed on the basis of regional pride, the dilly-dallying and lack of confidence is out there for all to see and I think he will get punished for it.

      2) Devendra Fadnavis has by and large done a really good job as CM of Maharashtra, bar a few minor faux pas. Between large industrial deals, the APMC re-jig, Jalyukta Shivar yojna, he has done credible and visible things that will help him in the BMC elections.

      Let us wait and see.

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  4. CWji,I don’t really agree with the publication of exit polls.
    Now ideally it should be allowed but realistically speaking it is a bad idea.
    The last thing we need is peacefuls getting data on which way to vote and that is exactly what exit polls do.
    Now minus “seculars” if we were to have elections I would see no problem with them,but in the current scenario,seculars are trying to hold the democracy of the Hindu country ransom and it is in our best interest to take steps to prevent it.

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  5. Great analysis as usual, CW. I feel the UP election and results are critical in more ways than one – if the BJP wins, it will be a tight slap on the faces of the Lutyens media that has tried to prop up Akhilesh and co over the last few weeks in the run-up to the elections (backed very obviously by Her Master’s Voice and their funds). It would completely erode the viability of a Mega-maha-thug-bandhan for 2019 and it will be in-your-face, irrefutable proof to the MSM that they no longer control the narrative, even in the heart of rural India.

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