Hindustan Times Journalist abuses PM Modi on Twitter, calls him “Jaahil”

So, it’s a casual Friday. And tomorrow everyone is gonna be running around with frayed nerves because the crucial first phase of UP elections will take place. The first three phases, spanning Western Uttar Pradesh are the absolutely crucial ones for the BJP. Momentum here could become a wave across the state. So, let’s hope ūüôā

But for today, let us talk about a lighthearted story. Well, whether you feel it is really light hearted depends on you. In fact, this story is symptomatic of the deep reach of the anti-Modi brigade within the media. Here is a person I came across while taking in my usual menu (these days) of tweets on Western Uttar Pradesh.

A Hindustan Times journalist by the name of Ifrah Mufti is using choicest abuses on Twitter to describe Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


A Jaahil? Really, this is the language that a Hindustan Times journo uses for India’s Prime Minister? Incidentally, there has been a recent trend of secular liberals trying to deny offensive tweets, which is why I have chosen to include the text of the actual link in the screenshot I made.

We are just getting started. This Hindustan Times journo goes further to make a direct attack on the humble origins of Prime Minister Modi.


Wow, simply wow! A journalist for a major national newspaper calls Modi¬†a “jaahil” simply because he started life as a humble tea seller.¬†The class hatred in this tweet is too disgusting for me to separately put in words.

In fact, this “journalist”¬†appears to be participating actively in the twitter trend #JaahilPMModi by retweeting several posts on this hashtag.


For a while now, celebrity journalists, terrified of losing the narrative to social media, have been trying to run down right wingers on Twitter and Facebook by accusing them of being “abusive”. But clearly, Ms. Ifrah Mufti’s obsessive hatred of the BJP and willingness to abuse has not hindered her career within the Mainstream Media. From her Twitter bio, it seems she has worked for two prominent national newspapers.


In fact, she has reported for the Hindustan Times on highly sensitive subjects, such as reactions to the Kanhaiya Kumar episode at JNU.


Ms. Ifrah Mufti has also been reporting on issues that are of critical national security interest.


This article above discusses the early life of Zakir Rashid Bhat, the man who was touted in a video by the Hizbul Mujahiddeen as a “successor” to Burhan Wani! (see here). The article by Ms. Ifrah Mufti presents several kind testimonials of Zakir Rashid Bhat as “tech-savvy”, “talkative”, “keen student”, “eager to mingle” , “fun loving”, “outgoing” and “very friendly”.

Not too far away from the now infamous “Son of a headmaster” line…

Let’s summarize : our attitudes towards active Hizbul Mujahiddeen terrorists are being molded by¬†writings of journalists such as Ms. Ifrah Mufti in national newspapers like the Hindustan Times.


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