Why can’t we humiliate Dr. Manmohan Singh?

The Congress, as a rule, is used to demanding respect without giving any.


There is something significant in the way the Congress reacted to Narendra Modi’s “raincoat” jibe. Taunts and jibes fly all the time in politics. Every politician needs a thick skin. But the Congress did not counter Modi with jibes. Instead, their response essentially was:

“How dare you?”

It is only the latest symptom of the sense of entitlement of the Congress party. They refuse to internalize the fact that the Congress enjoys no preferred position in Indian politics. They are not royalty and they haven’t fully understood that yet.

No party enjoys criticism of its leaders. But the Congress has a slightly different approach. When criticized, they don’t react with anger, but with a sense of disbelief. Because the Congress party conflates its own icons with the nation itself. They are still stuck in the mindset of “Indira is India and India is Indira”.

Of course, this has something to do with the lag effect of being the ruling party for over 55 of the 67 years since India became a republic. But it also has to do with a certain class bias. “Doctor Saab” is the England educated Prime Minister. His ministry was full of people who went to Doon school and Welham boys and St. Stephen’s College and enjoyed whisky with the British in their ballrooms. They lived lives that were (only slightly) modern adaptations of Jane Austen novels. These people actually wake up each morning and turn on the BBC, believe it or not!


On the other hand, there is the tea seller and his government (who can forget how Mani Shankar Aiyar attacked him for that?) There’s Smriti Irani, who dropped out of college and got a job cleaning floors at McDonald’s to support her family. There’s Rajnath Singh and Nitin Gadkari, born into humble farmer families. When Modi speaks English, it is with much difficulty, with little eloquence, often ungrammatical and with an accent that Queen Elizabeth II would never admit to understanding. A lot of BJP leaders are like that.

It is this class bias that plays both in the minds of the Congress and the elite media. The BJP leaders with their “servant / driver type accents” can be humiliated without second thought. It matters little that the BJP now has 282 Lok Sabha seats or that the wedding of Gadkari’s daughter had 50 chartered planes coming in. It’s not always about power and money you have. In the minds of the Lutyens classes, there is something funny about being the first in your family to achieve money and fame … like watching a village bumpkin step onto an aeroplane for the very first time. As Rajdeep would have said, “You have money but no class“.

Class. It matters.

This is why the Congress party feels at liberty to call Narendra Modi as “Maut ka Saudagar”, “Khoon ka dalal”, “Gangu Teli”, “Hitler”, “Bhasmasur”, monkey, frog and pretty much anything that came to mind. But should Modi make fun of “Doctor saab”, it is intolerable. How dare a servant/driver type person speak like this?

That is why disrespect towards BJP leaders is taken as a matter of course. Someone called Smriti Irani a “jhadu pochewali”? Of course, what else are they supposed to call her? So Smriti Irani showed Tehseen Poonawalla’s horribly crass and sexist tweet on CNN News 18.

The reaction? This:


You have to understand what Rohini is really saying here. What is “unbelievable” here is not what Tehseen did, but the fact that someone dared to call him a sexist for it. Did a “jhadu pochewali” really dare to talk back?

But dear Rohini, dear Tehseen and dear Congress, times are changing…  We will not shy away from humiliating Manmohan Singh for what he was : a PM who presided over the most humongous corruption scams in Indian history (and possibly world history). If Dr. Singh feels he was only a figurehead whose good name should not be insulted, he should take up the issue with his boss at 10 Janpath. Not with the man who won 170 million votes to occupy 7 Lok Kalyan Marg. On a side note, can you believe they changed the name of  Race Course Road to something in a desi bumpkin language? How will this new name ever roll off the royal tongues of the Queen and her courtiers in India?

11 thoughts on “Why can’t we humiliate Dr. Manmohan Singh?

  1. Modi made a very mild jibe about Dr. Mumble-mumble Singh. The real insults that the good doctor had to endure were from the royal family of Chinese Gandhis. They treated him like a doormat, misruled the country from the backrooms and let him take the blame for anything that went wrong. And most of them did go wrong. A tractor mechanic friend from Palwal has put it in a typical Haryanvi fashion: they ate and he carried their baskets of s***. Now that’s real humiliation.

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  2. CW …. you are so right!…it is about these guys are brought down from their high horses!

    Who is MMS?…..he is somebody who kept silent when the country was being looted! Forget our country men giving respect …world over people did not have respect for him!…..known as weak PM.

    Your last para says it all!

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  3. Thank God, Narendra Modi did not call MMS “Dehati Aaurat” otherwise these Congressis would come out of their nooks and crannies with forks and knives in their hands to kill the person who abused MMS just as they did when somebody else abused him like that.

    As I mentioned before, MMS reminds me of the dummy male horse for sniffing to find out whether the race mare is in the heat or no. If she is not in heat, she kicks the hell out of this dummy horse but as soon as the mare is in the heat, he is taken away for the real race horse to take his place. Unfortunately, in this case the real race horse is worse than the dummy so they bring in another mare to campaign in UP election.

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  4. This is all over Twitter this morning. It shows the Australian Prime Minister brutally taking down the leader of the opposition.

    On the other hand, the Twitter account of Sonam Mahajan (@asyounotwish) got suspended, just as she predicted. The unholy nexus of Yugpurush Krajiwal and rabid India-hater Raheel Khursheed (big shot at Twitter India) is systematically kicking out all right-wing voices from Twitter.

    Is it possible to build an alternate platform? It doesn’t have to be as efficient as Twitter, so long as it permits us like-minded people to share views. This forum is a good example of what I am talking about, or Ravinar’s Mediacrooks blog.

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    1. I am pretty active on Twitter and follow Sonam Mahajan. I am not sure about an alternate platform as it will be a long time before it gains the popularity that Twitter has. In my mind, is there a way to get Raheel K kicked out of Twitter India is the question? It took the MSM community a while to realize that the old mediums were no longer used for information exchange – they are now trying to monopolize a public medium and we can’t let that happen.


  5. CW, Your title should have been “Why can’t we speak the truth/say the facts about MMS?” The facts humiliate MMS themselves.

    I have said this before and I will say it again. His hands are tainted whether he took money or not. Under his watch, he allowed SG to run a super govt, he allowed scam after scam , and watched the very country he swore to protect taken to the path of ruin. That is the definition of corruption.


  6. How long can we rest on laurels of Modis2014 victory,when that massive mandate is evaporating in front of eyes with BJP likely getting drubbing in UP,Punjab and may be scraping thru in Goa and Uttarakhand.
    As a Modi supporter,I no more delight in lampooning of Manmohan Singh,or his raking up of Congress scams,or his attacks on Gandhi family,these cleaver words sound utterly hollow,mere words for scoring debating points or for vote garhering,because none of his hyperbole has been converted in action,not a single charge sheet filed against any of so called scam tainted Congress ministers,Vadra roams free to taunt NDA govt.
    Almost 3 years of Modis NDA rule are over,there are no major achievements of the govt.which will regain Modis credibility among disillusioned masses.
    All Modis plans are very long term well into 2022 or 2029 based fructification.
    He should have planned for short term goals of 2 to 3 years for job generation etc with real changes visible on the ground along with long term goals which our illeterate masses cannot understand.
    I have a sinking feeling that all talk and no action may mean no repeat mandate for NDA in 2019.
    My worry is that it will be a Vajpayee storey once again.


    1. The answer is in your reply, if simple analogy can stir such a hue and cry just imagine when they will be roaming free after getting favourable verdicts from a well entrenched eco-system in all three wings what will be the consequences. I some time wonder why the people who claim to be supporters of NAMO can not see through simple things and go on ranting on forums that no action has been taken. The system is being tackled brick by brick,
      we have to be patient. I do not know the people who can suffer for 60 yrs get restless in 2 and a half year. Are they really supporters?, The threat given by them that NAMO will lose in 2019 it self shows that they are not core supporters who can think and see beyond the designs. they are ready to get screwed after 2019 then who can help them. the problem with them is that by this ranting they drive away some people who can not think and gleefully take your views as a convenient plea for not voting again.


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