Intolerance gang officially terrified of Opindia

This quote from the Mahatma is forever so relevant that the only way it could have been more awesome is if Gandhiji had actually said it.


Think back to the golden days of UPA 1. The ecosystem was thriving. Intellectuals, filmmakers, journalists, academics, etc. all flocked to the fountainhead in Lutyens Delhi. Money, fame, awards and deals for everyone! Amid the glitz, the glamor and the glare, the intoxicated party animals did not notice that the ground beneath their feet was shifting.

India was changing. Small isolated voices of dissent were springing up over this new thing called the internet. These voices belonged to regular people who were itching for an outlet for their views. These people wanted to challenge the dominant discourse. But each of these voices was very small, with not enough influence to justify a buyout from Lutyens’ Delhi. The UPA classes had all the power and all the privileges, they had their Padma decorated soldiers posted at every checkpoint on the information highway, from media to universities. What could possibly go wrong?

Could a handful of angry voices really hurt a dominant ecosystem? As a “technology demonstrator”, a prominent TV anchor once sued a poor blogger for exposing her shoddy journalism. The helpless blogger had to retreat immediately. The UPA classes were happy. No threat. These people could be shut down at will.

Meanwhile, the potential of the internet was still unfolding. The once solitary voices were all seeking out and finding each other, interacting and multiplying in strength. What used to be a dull buzz had become a clamor. The bosses observed these developments with some irritation, but they were still not sure if they needed to go for an attack. They had all the power and all the money and it was easy to laugh off the new guys.


It was easy to ridicule the new guys as some kind of curious but ultimately dumb zoo animals, a few steps below rational humanity in the evolutionary ladder.



Those who were sitting on the UPA’s gravy train were wondering : who is milking this cow? Who indeed?

Then came the fateful nine months between September 2013 and May 2014. The unimaginable unfolded before their very eyes. For the entrenched classes, this was SPARTA! They knew they had to fight. The “Right Wing Troll” was now Lutyens’ Enemy Number One!

From a variety of newly established and well funded online platforms, the war on the online right wing began.  The same scroll of liberal talking points was wired across all platforms to be printed everywhere on the internet. The aim was to make sure that daily opinions of liberals would be the first to be posted on social media. Keyboard journalism entered a golden phase as all liberal hands were summoned to deck.

Except it simply isn’t working. A bunch of amateurs volunteering their free time is beating the professional liberals hands down. It’s unfair to even refer to the online RW as part-timers, they are probably best described as “hobbyists”. Let me repeat this: professional liberals are working full time fighting some amateurs and hobbyists for a living. And they are still losing. Says something truly pitiable about intellectuals and journalists, no?

For the liberals, it was not just all hands on deck. They had to go lower. Shoddy pamphlets on right wing social media “trolls” were printed by the Dirty Tricks Department. Can you believe that “revelations” contained in these pamphlets were debated on primetime television when they came out?


The nadir was reached yesterday when Trinamool’s Derek O’Brien presented what he considered his “best speech”. No really.


In this Rajya Sabha speech, Derek O’ Brien made 3 specific claims about twitter handles @bhak_sala and @MahaveerM_  (among other accusations of making rape threats and communal threats against unnamed pro-RW twitter handles).

(1) They have been suspended by Twitter.

(2) These are paid handles.

(3) They have been invited to the Prime Minister’s residence.

You know, we in India have a tendency to outrage against the “VIP culture”. By “VIP culture”, we generally mean stuff like red beacon cars and security exemptions at the airport and so on and so forth. Granted that these things suck and give us a sense of unfairness. But what is much worse is the parliamentary privilege that allows politicians like Derek O’ Brien to make any allegation they want without providing evidence. We the people enjoy no such protection. When we ordinary people say anything, we are stepping into a maze of defamation laws, laws against hurting religious sentiments, laws against insulting women, laws against divisive speech and so on. Any one of these can be invoked conveniently to silence us. As one blogger famously found out, you will get sued. You will be crushed.

Nevertheless, I see Derek’s speech as a victory for the online Right Wing. The professional left is officially terrified of the speech of amateurs. They said “feedback welcome”. Hopefully, they meant it.



20 thoughts on “Intolerance gang officially terrified of Opindia

  1. CW good post!…..Pathetic to see that these guys not able to accept the fact that ordinary people are exposing their lies and there is no payment involved!

    Derek O Brien is the guy who stated– “I AM CHRISTIAN FIRST AND THEN AN INDIAN.”

    I wonder how such stupid statements are allowed in Rajya Sabha?….about time RS is abolished….these unelected members serve no purpose for the country!

    Only Smriti Irani Reacted To Derek O’Brien’s stupid Charges…..hats off to her!

    “As the convention of this house, I am beseeching you, kindly expunge the name of an individual as you’ve done on many occasions as the individual who cannot defend himself do so.”

    These guys have tried everything to stop OpIndia!…..more power to OpIndia!….Keep it up OpIndia !

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  2. Dunno if folks saw this but @bhak_sala wrote a letter today withdrawing from social media for a while. We forget that ultimately, behind the keyboards, is a human being with a job, family, wife, kids….goons like O’Brien and TMC will stoop to any level to defame and threaten and the street level lawlessness that exists will take a long time to be purged.

    Kudos to Smriti Irani for countering it in Parliament and asking the @bhak_Sala record to be expunged. I agree with the general vibe here, the Lutyens birdcage is rattled. They realize that the force is multiplying and that they are getting beaten at the information game. They will not go quietly however so we have to continue countering them.


    1. One thing I forgot to add….assuming you all are fans of Mediacrooks as well. Read his narrative on Modi – while I don’t agree with all the points, he has made a number of really good observations and Modi, Shah, and co really need to up the ante in WB and Kerala.


  3. While BJP jokers will give interview to NDTV. Sorry guys, mediacrooks fellow has given u a name. ModiSlaves. I used to call Modi cheergirls.
    Modi is a fraud. I realised in 2015 itself. First giveaway was Happy BDay Nawaz Sharif.
    No more frauds.


  4. Dear Chaiwallah,

    I am glad that you are in such an upbeat mood this morning. For me, I am simply disgusted with the entire BJP gang, starting with the 56-in chathi-wallah who appears to be busy trying out new bangles.

    Here is a private citizen Rahul Raj, living in the land of TMC goons and ISIS goons, threatened openly by the TMC “Member of Parliament,” and the entire BJP top brass has gone off the air. As DallasUS said, behind every twitter handle there is a real person with family who must be scared out of his wits right now. It has been left to Smriti Irani to defend Bhak_sala and to get his name expunged from the records. In the process Smriti Irani has shown that she is the best “man” among the BJP “leadership” (if it might be so-called).

    That effing idiot Venkaiah Naidu, who I am embarrassed to say is from my home state, jumped into the fray to ask Vasundhara Raje to offer protection to Bhansali, but is silent when BJP workers are butchered in Kerala. All of this makes one wonder just whom these idiots are trying to please.

    I for one am tired of making excuses for the total and utter lack of action by NaMo on all manner of Hindutva-related issues. What about repealing RTE, releasing Hindu temples from the clutches of the government, etc.? One could perhaps argue that the BJP doesn’t have the numbers in the Rajya Sabha. But it does not require a majority in the Rajya Sabha to condemn the butchering of BJP workers everywhere. So what is stopping Modi and Co. from doing it? Are they STILL busy drinking champagne out of Burqa Dutt’s slippers?

    Leaving its supporters to fend for themselves. and get slaughtered in the process, is a MASSIVE act of betrayal by the BJP. There is no possible justification that anyone can offer. I will wait to see what if anything the BJP does in the remaining two years. If the same non-performance persists, I am staying home in the next election.

    In short, I agree with both posts of DallasUS. While Ravinar of Mediacrooks does tend to go overboard, on THIS issue I agree with him too!


    1. Prof. Vidyasagar wow!…very well voiced frustration on ‘the entire BJP gang, starting with the 56-in chathi-wallah’!…..I too wholeheartedly agree.

      BJP has allowed themselves to be destroyed on social media.

      This incident on Twitter will make all BJP supporters vary as their security is at risk.

      BJP will slowly loose all the social media support on Twitter. 


    2. Agree with Prof. Vidyasagar that Modi and Shah should pay more attention to the interests of Hindus if they want to win 2019. The socialist approach of taxing the rich and giving it to others (that Jaitley seems to have perfected) can be done by any party. Hindus did not come out in large numbers and vote for Modi to get socialism (or fake socialism), they have been having it in some form or other for decades. At any rate it will take decades to undo the misrule since Independence and socialism is not going to work overnight miracles.

      That said, not participating in elections is not an option. The BJP is currently the best we have in that they will atleast not introduce new anti-Hindu acts (even if they do not repeal existing ones like RTE) The alternatives (including Derek O’Briens) party are far, far worse. The optimal course of action is for voters to weed out all the leftist parties and then create space for new parties to emerge that would keep the interests of the majority at heart.

      Modi should take a leaf out of Trumps book atleast as far as abiding by election promises go. Whatever the criticism of Trump, atleast he is doing what he said he would do and not ignoring those who voted for him after coming to power.


  5. The more I see the trickery and clamoring of Mamata and TMC leaders opposing furiously everything Modi does makes me every confident that Mamata and other TMC leaders are guilty of corruption in various ‘chits’ scams. They are doing that so that they can claim vendetta.


    1. Don’t worry P. B. Josh! Modi and Jaitley will ensure that their misdeeds won’t be pursued and punished, just as they have already given an “abhaya hastam” to PC and baby chor, and the Marans, and ….


  6. Gentleman… Gentleman. Just calm down. I know we are very upset and frustrated because of the news coming out of Kerala and Bengal. But please..please don’t stay home during next election. Because no other party will protect Hindus more but there is a big plus side for us Hindus with the BJP government. As far as punishing corrupts, Modi Sarkar or any Sarkar for that matter in India can only drag the corrupts to the court and that is all. I hope Dr. Swamy is successful in NH case, but I am losing confidence after hearing about Maran after Maran !


    1. So corruption fighting is Swamy’s responsibility.
      Hindu safety is our own responsibility.
      So what did we vote this guy for?
      To suffer his psycho babble on Teresa bhakti?
      Or see him suck up to Arabs?
      Why did he come to Varanasi saying Maa Ganga ne bulaya hai? For this?


    1. The Italian sniffed every record on him for 10 years. Couldn’t find anything. Because he didn’t do anything. He just reaped the awards.
      It was Togadia and VHP.


  7. CW,normally I find your writeups quiet original and incisive.
    However sorry to say I find your above blog too self congratulatory and your gloating on the Lutyuyens demise by the RW to be delusional.
    Lutueyens are alive and kicking the livingdaylights out of the RW who are being bullied in Parliament,killed in Kerala,west Bengal,Tamilnadu,right under
    the nose of cowardly,indifferent BJP govt with biggest massive mandate in recent times.Luteyens media is being courted and feted by Modi govt,it has come out in RTE query that the present govt has given Rs 15 crores to NDTV in last 2 years on form of advertisement.Plus see the moronic acess being given to the BJP election war room given to Barkha
    Look at how Trump is carrying out the election promises he made and contrast the defening silence of the govt on all the issues dear to RW.
    Is the RWs unreserved support to the present dispensation justified?


  8. Dear Mr. Srinivas, Mr. Kannan and Mr. Ramesh,

    The reason why I got so agitated is that the BJP top brass simply ABANDONED Rahul Raj (Bhak_sala) and left him to his fate. Can anyone imagine how terrified he and his family must be?

    And why do people feel the need to be so defensive when praising Donald Trump? Modi is no Trump, and that is a fact. Whereas Pres. Trump is busy delivering on his campaign promises, not in 100 days but in 100 hours, Modi is busy ducking all of his campaign promises and hoping his supporters will make excuses on his behalf. When rioters at the University of California at Berkeley prevented Milo Yiannopoulos from speaking (on Tuesday night), Pres. Trump reminded them that the university gets Federal funding which can be cut off. What has Modi done with JNU?

    Things like support on social media can quite literally turn on a dime, as the Americans say. I don’t know whether the folks in charge of the BJP (like Amit Shah) realize what will happen to them if their vocal social media supporters decide to call it quits. Perhaps they are so arrogant as to think that they don’t need the social media support. Tarun Vijay’s disgusting tweet poking fun at Hindus is an illustration of their new-found arrogance.

    In short, if the BJP does not stand by its supporters, it will lose the next election. But unlike Vajpayee, who had a shaky victory in 1999 and lost in 2004, Modi will have no one to blame but himself for the up-coming fiasco.


  9. Dear Prof. Vidyasagar,

    Smriti Irani’s statement could be interpreted as support for Rahul Raj. If anything happens to him, the next blogger can be provided Z-class security and that will be a big slap for TMC. The BJP has already provided security to BJP leaders in Kerala.

    I dont think TMC will target Rahul Raj in particular. Seneca famously said – Why weep over parts of life, the whole of it calls for tears. Similarly, why weep for one Rahul Raj, let us weep for all the citizens of West Bengal.


    1. Dear Mr. Kannan,

      With all due respect to you, I hope you realize how your comment can be interpreted. Would you want to see Rahul Raj made a “bakra” so that “the next blogger” (your words) can be given Z-class security? Why not Rahul himself, right now!

      If BJP “leaders in Kerala are already being provided security,” then why are they being killed like flies?

      You and I are helpless citizens. All we can do is to “weep for all the citizens of `Waste’ Bengal.” But presumably we elected a government to take care of ALL Indians; or didn’t we?

      I was glad that Smriti Irani exposed that bastard Tehseen Poonawallah on national television. Vijay Goel has tweeted in support, but the big effing idiot Venkaiah Naidu (and I will continue to call him only that) has been quiet, as have been all other BJP top brass.

      I agree that the Modi government has not introduced any fresh anti-Hindu legislation, and that it has not witnessed any large-scale corruption. But it is also clear that the Modi government has been shielding corrupt practitioners from the previous UPA government, and that it has ZERO interest in undoing the various anti-Hindu acts of its predecessor. So the improvement over the UPA, if any, is quite marginal.

      As I wrote above, we need to stop defending this band of “Brihannalas” in various public forums. I have taken a vow to do so myself.


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