Nation ignores as priceless cultural treasure is lost

Let me ask you a series of questions. See how many you can answer:

(1) What are the names of your parents?

(2) What are the names of your grandparents?

(3) What are the names of your great grandparents?

(4) What are the names of your great great grandparents?

(5) What are the names of your great great great grandparents?

Obviously you can do (1) and (2) quite easily. Myself, I would fizzle out at the 3rd question. And hats off to you if you can name even 2 of the 32 people appearing in Question 5.

But these people existed. They are part of who we are even though we have never heard their names. And what of our ancestors from generations ago, from hundreds of years ago? This nation belonged to them just as this nation belongs to us now. We hold it in trust so that we can pass it along to the next generation. It’s a pact between generations. For we all must pass. But Eternal Bharat lives on.

But how do we remember this pact when we cannot even name our ancestors from 5 generations ago? How do we recognize who we are and what is our place in this world? We recognize them by means of cultural symbols. It’s in the symbols of Bharat, it’s the languages we speak, it’s the stories we tell. With his eyes wide open, a young child listens to his grandmother narrate  the fascinating tale of Krishna driving Arjuna’s chariot. Then, he goes out and sees the same image carved into a rock wall from thousands of years ago. He understands that thousands of years ago, his people used to tell these same stories. He understands that this land and its people are forever his.

Symbols like this :


It’s the Dholkal Ganesha, sitting on a 13000 feet high hilltop in Dantewada in Chhattisgarh. Right there, suddenly in the heart of the forest, there is the mark of the ancestors from 1000 years ago. It’s one of the faces of eternal Bharat. They can come with a hundred lies about Aryan invasion, they can send a hundred JNU professors with fake narratives of tribal separatism, but they cannot deny this. This silent stone figure is mocking them and their lies. O sons and daughters of Macaulay, come hither and deny this…

They couldn’t deny it. So in frustration they had to do this:


The Commies did it just like the savages they truly are. This empty spot where the idol stood for 1000 years shows what Commies always do.


Destroy and move on. Leave the land barren and leave the civilization orphaned. In a nutshell, this empty hilltop is the future that liberals want for our nation. This is their “idea of India”. As I always say, the “idea of India” is that there is no India at all.  

No, this was no fashionable “church attack”. So no one cared. Last I checked, they were busy saving some posters of some movie or something. Yeah, please keep vigil for those valuable paper posters of PK. Those are priceless artwork. Meanwhile, pay no heed to this 1000 year old Ganesha statue that was just destroyed by the army of “Azaadi”. It’s not like this one was irreplaceable.

What is more disturbing than the liberal silence is the Hindu silence. Let’s get this straight. We have to grow up and stop referring to the liberals as hypocrites. The liberals are not hypocrites. They are just enemies. Why would they care about this Ganesha statue? It symbolizes an eternal Bharat that they want to wipe off the planet. Things are going their way. If there was a war between India and Pakistan, would you care about the losses on the Pakistani side? Of course not. Because that’s your enemy. The question is why we Hindus are not speaking up about the loss of our civilization. If we go silent, liberals will cleanse this Bharat of every symbol of our nation. The pact between generations will forever come to an end. No one in this land shall speak of Krishna and Arjuna ever again. It will become a land of empty hilltops and a lost people.

10 thoughts on “Nation ignores as priceless cultural treasure is lost

  1. A Stoic outlook to life is the Hindu way which the Commies and the so called Liberals are taking advantage of.

    We would only get to read this in the statements that could get get issued by the Commie brigade for this event

    ” Much as we respect the cultural and religious diversity of our Nation, we would put this squarely at the doors of the HIndutva Brigade for having created a scenario that brought this about

    It is the Hindutva Brigade, which by its actions created this environment of hate and violence.”…..

    I think the time has come to unite and speak up if we are not to be gobbled up for good.


  2. I am starting to think we are no better than the worthless descendants of Aurangzeb.
    Where is the outrage on our part?
    Where is the anger?
    Why is it that even though the foreigners have left we still have our heritage vandalized and our people harassed?
    We have no self respect and many of us take know pride in our civilization.That is why such things fly.
    Terror has no religion they say yet for some reason in the subcontinent all the targets of terror are Dharmics.
    The maoists (they call themselves after those rude and iconoclastic Chinese,what can we expect?It is moments like this I wish there were Nehruists in China) scared of the revenue economic capabilities of the Murthi.Maoists are basically a business just like the church.They feast and thrive on misery.The murthi had the capability of reducing the misery hence like any smart businessmen the Commies destroyed it.It is as simple as that.

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  3. Firstly, we as a nation should say sorry to those who carved out the Ganesha with primitive tools and a lot of labour.

    Our ancestors carved the Ganesha out of love for future generations and as a cultural gift. We have let those ancestors down by allowing a bunch of goons to destroy their gift. We are not worthy or deserving of that gift. We are not capable of protecting our culture and our heritage. Sorry.

    The story of the Ganesha statue being broken is also the story of Maoism and Communism and Leftism.

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  4. @Kannan: I will disagree with you on your assessment that “We are not worthy or deserving of that gift. We are not capable of protecting our culture and our heritage. Sorry.” It is precisely this accommodating, self sympathizing sermon that we Hindus self inflict that is the root cause of our pliable nature. Yes this requires outrage on our side and we better show it. By outrage i dont mean the commie or ROP types which is a blatant display of true hegemony and intolerance. What we Hindus need to show is a different path, a path which is less traveled and more arduous. Again I am not proposing the gandhian way of showing the other chick only to be slapped. What i am proposing is we simply proclaim that such bs will not be tolerated anymore and we wont go silently into the night without a fight.

    If commie scumbags distort history and come out with alternate version of “Padmavati” we simply will not watch it. We will not allow our kids to watch it.

    We will make sure to make time to tell our kids the true history of Bharat and its immense cultural richness which is a powerhouse unmatched to date. For that we will make time to read our own history so that we can impart to our kids.

    We will engage with our kids to impart them true role models taken from our history and inculcate the feeling that we indeed are part of something which is truly magnificent.

    We will not leave our kids education solely at the mercy of the left infiltrated disillusioned education system which is hell bent on peddling “inferior complex” by projecting Hindus as aggressors and uncouth brown skinned male chauvinist society.

    We will make sure that our kids spend time with their grandparents. That they listen to stories of Krishna and Arjuna. That they understand the importance of our cultural uniqueness and that it is their responsibility in turn to impart it to their kids.

    Once we are able to do this where our kids generation simply rejects this commie propaganda machine, we will successfully push back these “enemies”. At the end of the day propaganda works only if people buy it.


  5. The other day a penalist in a debate was saying the real reason real estate market is in trouble is due to unemployment and under employment. As a result there is no disposable income to invest in real estate. The profiteering can not develop real estate. Similarly, there is no disposable energy for Indians at the present time. All the avenues of energy should be developed. The enemies of India are providing negative energy. Look how much vigorous protest a fake church or mosque attack generates. The lowest and temporary source of energy is gross bribe, the highest is inspiration. 70 years of enemy rule would require herculan task to come back to square one and we don’t know dirty politics.


  6. During my visit to an American city Philadelphia, in a museum, I was aghast when I saw an old Vishnu temple, complete some thirty feet high and forty feet across at the bottom. The guide of the museum informed us that in a village of India, we found this temple pretty much abandoned. So we gave the village chief enough money to build a new temple and we dismantled this temple piece by piece, gave each piece a number and re-constructed this temple.

    My question is, can we bring this kind of treasure like this Ganesha statue and bring them up in a safe area where we can protect them?


  7. Believe me or not. I have a feeling that bigger Ganesha idol with a big temple will come in the same place in near future. Right now, only few hundreds know about this Ganesha. But we are going to see thousands of devotees coming to Bastar mountain top temple. We will thank commies for making this temple popular.

    Somewhat off topic regarding attack on Sanjay Leela Badmashi. I still remember this incident in Chennai in year 2008. I am not sure how many MSM gave any importance to this.

    At that time it was DMK in TN & UPA at Centre


    1. I agree. Exactly what is going to happen. Information about this Ganesha statue has gone viral and Chhattisgarh government has sworn to rebuild the idol from its pieces. The restored idol will be a symbol of Hindu resistance against forces of Communist barbarism.


  8. Only a sick b!@#$rd could have destroyed such a beautiful 1000 years old Dholkal Ganesha!…..that too for money.

    Hope these guys who did this meets a horrible end!

    What a senseless thing to do!


  9. CW,

    Reading your posts after about 4 months. Lots to catch up. i shared this post with my 18 year old daughter today and tomorrow with the 20 odd young students i help on weekends.

    Gaurav Kumar


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