Donald Trump : Why crying wolf doesn’t work for liberals

Okay…I’ll admit it. Although I haven’t blogged about it, possibly since November, I haven’t been able to take my eyes off Trump.

I have made this point before and I’ll make it again. I wasn’t a fan of Trump to begin with. I think there is a lot of basis to the accusation that he is racist and sexist and bigoted, but I am supporting him purely out of spite. During the Vietnam War, radical black Americans refused to go fight for their country. They asked why they should fight for a country that treats them like animals. Their famous slogan was:

“No Vietnamese called me nigger”

Obviously, I despise the Commies of Vietnam, but I understand the sentiment expressed there. For a black American, the Commies of Vietnam are a world away, but the white Americans who insult him everyday are not. Why should he make common cause with his racist white neighbors against an enemy in distant Vietnam that he barely knows?

I’ll say the same about Trump. He may be a racist, but he didn’t hurt me as a  Hindu. America is half a world away from the little town in India where I was born. On the other hand, the globalist left is in India, it is in my little town trying to destroy my religion and my country and my history. Why should I join hands with the globalist left in opposing their enemy in a distant country? If Trump hurts the global left, if Trump cuts off their funding, it will weaken the anti-Hindu war of the global left in my country. On the other hand, if people like me support the global left in their battle against Trump, will the left spare my country and my religion? No they won’t. Trump on the other hand, isn’t fighting a war on Hindus. So dear leftists, I hope he sends you all to hell.

Yes, I know I sound zealous. Because I am angry. Why shouldn’t I be, given the relentless assault by the left on the Hindus of India?

Here’s what happened to liberals. Once upon a time, they began a moral crusade against racism and misogyny. Which genuinely made the world better. The world is a lot better today because people of all races have the same rights (in democratic countries). The world is a lot better today because women can vote, can own property and so on and so forth.

But once these causes were achieved, the liberals were left with a vast army with nothing to do. A lot of people were making a lot of money in lucrative NGO jobs of the worldwide protest industry. You couldn’t just tell these people to go home. Protesting was the only profession they ever had. What were they going to eat?

The problem for the liberals was that there wasn’t enough racism around to sustain their industry. So they had to invent it. They had to show people how racism is hiding in the shadows, invisible to all of us. They came up with things like “cultural appropriation”. Basically if a white person likes things from a non-white culture, it’s somehow racist. For example if a white chef is making a Vietnamese soup, he’s a racist. I’m not kidding. See here.

The same went for feminism. When there wasn’t enough misogyny to go around, they had to go around looking for it. Who would believe America is this lawless?


The desired alarm was created by appropriately changing the definition of “rape” to anything feminists wanted it to be. Most of the “rape victims” identified didn’t even know they had been raped. It is the feminists who interpreted the experiences of the women and let them know for the first time that they had been “raped”! But such fake figures are needed to keep the liberal industry running.

The left kept getting away with this nonsense. They realized that words like “bigot” and “racist” and “misogynist” were powerful words. By throwing these labels around, they could get whatever they wanted. So they began to use these words all the time. They kept Crying Wolf.

Until these words lost their power.

That’s when the real wolf came along. He was called Donald Trump. They tried calling him bigot and racist, but people simply laughed those labels off. Don’t they call everyone a bigot and racist and misogynist nowadays?

And yes, this made me glad. It filled me with dark joy:


So Donald Trump decided to ban people from 7 dangerous Muslim countries from entering the United States. Now I will be the first to admit that this adversely impacts millions of completely innocent people.

But you know what? For the first time in decades…literally… I see someone actually shaming the Muslims. I have always wondered why “diversity” only means inclusion of Muslims. When Trump goes to a Diwali meet of Hindu Americans, it somehow means he is siding with “upper caste oppression”. But when a Pakistani Muslim is celebrated at Hillary’s convention, why isn’t it automatically an insult to Pakistan’s Hindu minority? What about them?

I am an upper caste Hindu. I didn’t discriminate against anyone in my lifetime because of her/his caste. But the global left wing machine is constantly grinding me to the ground because of caste injustices. Why do they shame me? What did I do? The one thing closest to my heart is casteless Hindu society that stands together as one single rock. But the globalist left shames me everyday for injustices that I did not commit and injustices that I condemn every single day. Why do they do that? Because the single point agenda of the left is to destroy the Hindu culture of Bharat. Would they ever dare to ask similar questions to their darling community over their treatment of non-believers and women? Never…

But finally, the boot is on the other foot. Trump is shaming the Muslim community worldwide because of Islamist terrorism. It’s about time.


13 thoughts on “Donald Trump : Why crying wolf doesn’t work for liberals

  1. Clear outcome of this presidential election …..MSM has lost total credibility!!

    “We will seek friendship and goodwill with the nations of the world – but we do so with the understanding that it is the right of all nations to put their own interests first”…..part of Trumps speech….hope he sticks to this!

    Trump has started fulfilling all of his Election Promises from Day One. What a difference!

     For decades we have watched each new president go through his 100 days and emerge subservient to the deep state. This time we see the same battle being waged in public rather than behind closed doors.

    He has about 100,000 neocon/deep state creeps working against him, and there is just one Trump, but he has them surrounded…..hope he succeeds for the good of the planet!

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  2. The Leftist ecosystem never cared for democracy and is trying to systematically oppose elected governments by the use of lies. The Leftist ecosystem is basically a parasitic ecosystem that feeds or even thieves on the produce of others. In India the Leftists survive on two pillars – The NGO industry and the media industry (there is also the Maoist extortion industry in some parts of India). You wont find Leftists in technological industries or any other economically productive industry. That is too much work and when have Leftists ever shown themselves capable of real work ?

    Modi has effectively choked the NGO industry. The media industry choked itself by losing all credibility because of their false and inventive reporting. Without these two industries, the Leftist ecosystem is doomed. Hence the big backlash against Modi and Trump.

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    1. Modi’s style of working is rather subtle. He is choking the NGOs.
      At the same time, he is keeping the ultra RW on the tenterhooks by seemingly not doing the RW agenda. But the RW is ignoring the other hints Modi has given to further the Hindu cause.
      The Char Dham Road circuit is an example. But the RW are impatient.

      They have already internalised that RW governments at the centre are a one term wonders. There is no long rope being given to Modi. The only way the Hindus will be able to fight the deep pocketed Chrislamists and communists is by filling our own coffers.


  3. Dear Chaiwallah,

    I am genuinely disappointed by this sentence: “I think there is a lot of basis to the accusation that he is racist and sexist and bigoted” Would you be so kind as to share the “lot of basis”? No, a ten year-old tape recording of a private conversation won’t do it, I am afraid.

    The Trump haters have shown themselves to be as clueless as our Indian fiberals. Trump undoubtedly has an outsize ego, as any successful businessman must. But he wouldn’t have got to where he did (even BEFORE he ran for President) if he had been “stupid”, “mad man” etc.

    On Inauguration Day itself, both Time and CNN were caught peddling fake news: Time that the bust of Martin Luther King had been removed from the White House, and CNN that Nancy Sinatra objected to her father’s song being used at the inauguration. That should put to rest any residual credibility that the American MSM has!

    I think Trump is willing to engage persons who hold quite different views from his own, e.g. all those generals who have told him that torture doesn’t work, to give just one example. For all his professorial appearance, Obama was quite closed to others’ ideas. And as for Hillary, the less said the better.

    I don’t agree with the premise of the article. I doubt Trump cares two hoots about “shaming Muslims.” But he does genuinely want a safer America, and if he has to throw political correctness overboard towards that aim, he is willing to do so. I think that is the right lesson to learn. If tomorrow lots of Indian illegal immigrants were to try and sneak into the USA, he would ban Indians from travelling to the USA. I don’t think it has anything to do with religion or culture. I am waiting to see what he does about H1B visas (the single prism through which NRIs measure any politician), but wouldn’t be surprised if he were to heed the IT sector and exempt “qualified” professionals. In any case, now that Trump has scrapped the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), the door is open for India to negotiate a trade deal directly with the USA. I hope we seize that opportunity.


    1. Dear Prof. Vidyasagar,
      It’s not about the tape at all. But I look at his advisers like Bannon.

      Indeed, when I heard that Trump is planning a 20% tax on imports from Mexico, I thought exactly this way. This could be a BONANZA for India if we play our cards well. Trump can’t go soft on Mexico. He can’t go soft on China. He can’t go soft on Muslims. For appearance sake, he needs at least one non-white country on his side. Huge huge opportunity for India 🙂


    2. I have to disagree with you and have to agree with CW here.

      It’s not just 1 or 2 Tapes,you need only look at his public speeches,his advisers,his nepotism etc to really grasp his incompetence or his rhetoric.

      Now,I agree with CW that i really don’t care what happens in US or what kind of leader trump is.But all his decisions are not necessarily based on effeciency.

      About his Ban on Muslim countries,it may reduce some immigrants who may be potential terrorists but the numbers don’t seem to support this.Also,the majority of “terrorism” that USA faces is because of public shootings rather than Radical Islam,and the Republican’s pro-Gun Lobby stand is just gonna worsen that.

      Plus,Developed countries like USA face a significant challenge against radicalisation of their own youth,as is evidenced by “jihadi attacks” and many such cases in the West.

      Well,let’s just see how things unfold.One thing is certain,it’s things will remain interesting.His attitudes towards Pakistan and us will be likely positive so we’ll see.

      I think that with reduced Tensions with Trump,we may even see some historic partnership of US-Russia-india


  4. I wish Mr. Trump had included countries involved in 9-11 attacks and which countries gave shelters to the 9-11 terrorists in the ban. As is, the citizens or migrants from the countries he named in the ban have not participated in terrorist attacks in America. For a guy who did not care for hurting anybody’s feelings, why he is shying away from hurting Saudi Arabia’s feelings?


    1. Please see this interview:

      “When interviewer David Muir asked Donald Trump about Pakistan, Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia, the three countries not included in the list of seven states who were suspended from adopting a US visa by the president’s executive order, Trump stated that there would be ‘extreme vetting’ in their case.”

      So it is a little too premature for citizens of these countries to start celebrating — or for us Indians to start criticising Pres. Trump.


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