Political murders in Kerala and the hypocrisy of Scroll.in

In the upside down world of Indian politics, it is not unusual for Communists to blame BJP for having an undemocratic agenda. It generally matters little that Narendra Modi got 170 million votes while Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, etc. killed close to 170 million people. In an age of social media, it happens once in a while that the Communists end up spilling too much blood. The sympathetic media mop up crew can’t do its job fast enough and some unflattering information about the CPI(M)’s bloodthirst begins to filter out. That’s when the spectacular hypocrisy has to come out.


This is nothing short of amazing. When Communists massacre dissenters, Scroll moves quickly to insulate the top leadership of the CPI(M). The violence is not happening because of the CPI(M) leadership, but presumably due to naughty Communist boys who won’t listen to their wise elders.

And what is the CPI(M) leadership doing? Well they just have only one “ambitious plan”


How saintly of Hon. Chief Minister. Shri Pinarayi Vijayan!! All he ever did was come up with an ambitious plan to end the violence. But his party’s naughty boys won’t listen to him. What has he ever done to deserve this?

Meanwhile, Scroll is quick to point out who are the really sinister ones here, playing all sorts of cards..


Clearly, the BJP is complaining like a spoiled child. Such is their sense of entitlement that they think they have a right not to be murdered. Now the entitled BJP is putting pressure on the Kerala government by making the attacks “a huge national issue” and “projecting itself as the victim”. The entitled BJP is acting like the whole nation needs to care about the murder of BJP workers in Kerala. Even if the nation gets involved, this should be no more than a “small national issue” instead of a huge one. The nation has bigger things to worry about, such as “church attacks”. And just because BJP workers are getting massacred does not mean they are victims; the BJP should stop projecting them as such.

Look who is using “pressure tactics”


A nationwide debate? That too over a few insignificant lives? We can’t have such pressure tactics in a democracy.

And look who the real “prey” is :


The poor poor dears in the ruling CPI(M). First their own boys won’t listen to their “ambitious agenda” of universal peace. And now they becoming prey for vicious Sanghis who are on the prowl, looking to get murdered. Right?

How much time do we have before a BJP worker gets murdered and a media outlet says something like “Commie boys will be boys”?

6 thoughts on “Political murders in Kerala and the hypocrisy of Scroll.in

  1. CW.. Good post!

    Scroll is filth!

    Pathetic effort by scroll to white wash murder!

    ‘How saintly of Hon. Chief Minister. Shri Pinarayi Vijayan!! All he ever did was come up with an ambitious plan to end the violence.’….what a joke!…this the same guy advocating to copy the elimination processes adapted in CPI(M) WB !!

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  2. I also recently wrote one column based on this. Experts who interacted with me pointed out that the EC should use its power to look into this political violence and so should the SC. Sometimes, the court issues statements without any PIL on the matter. They are silent on this and so is the BJP’s top leadership.

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