Modi with Jallikattu : PM takes a stand


You know that people have done something right when the anti-national media outlets come up with something like this :


I am not angry. I am just laughing. It means liberal HQ has taken the matter seriously and is worried. It’s not just about jallikattu. In this age of instant communication, the whole country has noted the modus operandi and the successful execution of the protests. This could be Maharashtra tomorrow demanding that the ban on Dahi Handi be lifted. Marina Beach could be anywhere in India tomorrow. If the template spreads as I am sure it will, decades of work by anti-Hindu forces might be laid to waste.

They had to play the caste card. They just had to.

Let’s analyze what went down here.

As the fury of the Jallikattu protests took Tamil Nadu by storm, two clear schools of thought emerged at liberal HQ. We’ll call them the far sighted faction and the short sighted faction.

The far sighted faction consists of those who understood the potential of what was going on and how it was sure to spread. These are the types, who cynically started playing the caste card. It’s a tried and tested tactic for hitting Hindus and has a solid record 0f success.

The short sighted faction are more idealist and therefore more foolish in their choice of goals. These are the people who still see the disintegration of India as a viable possibility. (Incidentally, I have the ill fortune of knowing of these losers personally). These people approached the Jallikattu issue differently, using it to dream up an “Indian vs Tamil fight. Of course “Indian vs Tamil” is a contradiction in terms, but that’s not how the hopeful idiots saw the situation. They will, of course, remain losers forever.

This gladdened my heart :


This is people power my friends. Please understand that ultimately politicians want votes. They go with the pulse of the people. To get the politicians interested, people have to dangle votes before them. And if Hindus can gather together and protest for their traditions, nobody can turn them down. Firstpost can go suck a lemon on this one:


You know what’s a dangerous precedent? A dangerous precedent is when a  foreign funded NGO strikes a deal with Break India forces. A dangerous precedent is when democracy is subverted and the judiciary begins to rule the people against their will.

The peaceful and disciplined protesters at Marina Beach didn’t set a dangerous precedent, they were just there to take their democracy back.

It is also funny to see the outrage driven media outrage against outrage 🙂 Didn’t  media driven outrage on “church attacks” create an “undeclared emergency” in India? Then, we didn’t hear about the downsides of outrage. Now suddenly, when the people begin to outrage, it’s a problem. People’s outrage is dangerous and media outrage is sacred. Right? You need a BA in journalism in this country to earn the right to outrage, isn’t it?


Thank you Prime Minister.

This might be the first time Narendra Modi took a clear stand for something Hindu since May 16, 2014. It’s a valuable lesson. Elections are important, but the real power always rests with the people. We will not get things unless we demand them. If we Hindus are silent about our rights, we will be taken for granted. Even by Modi. This is really not about specific persons. It’s just the way the world is. No one will just give us the things we want. We have to stand up and demand them. And when there is sufficient will power, things move quickly in our direction. A group of young Tamils did something amazing at Marina Beach. Let us give them the big hand they deserve! Well done, folks… we learned a big lesson here. We will remember this.

12 thoughts on “Modi with Jallikattu : PM takes a stand

  1. This is not the first time he has taken a stand on Hindu sensibilities. When he praised ‘Mother Teresa’, a rabid and most dangerous conversion vulture, he took a stand. When he does NOTHING on Hindus being killed in Kerala or Bengal, he took a stand.
    That is the same stand as that of Congress or all other secular parties.
    Lol, that is why Maa Ganga had called him.


    1. This is an example of love crusade.
      I have always insisted that these Soul Imprisoning scavengers are just as dangerous as peacefuls.Actually even in more.Hindus think they are benign but they actually engage in a lot of lobbying and anti-national activities.Just look at the Nagamese Church or the nuclear plant protestors.This zombies basically infest the Coasts of the south.


  2. ‘A group of young Tamils did something amazing at Marina Beach’….very true…Hats off to them and a standing ovation for them!

    ‘A dangerous precedent is when democracy is subverted and the judiciary begins to rule the people against their will.’…Great point..The collegium judiciary does not know that “WE THE PEOPLE ” are above the Indian constitution….the Tamil people want jallikattu!…period!


  3. My only concern is if centre intervention is similar to shahbanoo intervention by Congress ruled centre and there is a trap to neutralize rabid appeasement crimes of 70 years culminating in shahbanoo intervention. I am not familiar to know about similarity of 2 ordinances except one was direct central ordinance and another supporting state ordinance, but other similarities could neutralize appeasement Crimes? Remember, for a short period first time BJP had foolishly obstructed Parliament functions, just before winning majority, giving excuse to rabid non performers of 70 years to obstruct functioning of parliament? We are immature and we easily get confused to miss material objectives of dismantling of non Hindu establishment and economic system in media, entertainment, political dynasties and illegitimate anti national politicians giving reasons for many to rage against nationalist but immature party.


  4. Things that the world needs to learn from Tamil Nadu’s Jallikattu revolution :
    1. Students & youngsters can create a world of difference.
    2. Silence & non-violence can be extraordinarily powerful.
    3. 6 months olds to 60 year olds can inspire you.
    4. Police & protestors can be friendly.
    5.Women can feel safe even at 3 AM.
    6. Religions and castes can be united.
    7. Someone always gives you food and water.
    8. Anybody can sleep on the road or footpaths.
    9. No politician or national media will make a difference.
    10. Even a bull can create HISTORY.


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