Jallikattu : Something magical happening in Tamil Nadu

Let’s forget Modi/BJP for a moment. They are just instruments. Here is the real uprising.

This is beautiful. Tamils are standing up for their traditions. It’s become a mass movement. Sometimes they ban Durgapuja in Bengal. Sometimes they ban Dahi Handi in Maharashtra. They always have some excuse or other to stop this or that on Holi and Diwali.

We Hindus are a problem for everything. We use too much water on Holi. We make too much noise on Diwali. Our Durgapuja processions hold up traffic. Our Kanwariyas are apparently leaving a trail of death and destruction in the states they pass through… you know like a plague


When we have Rakshabandhan in our homes, we are oppressing women. I guess we breath too much air as well. Even when we die our burning ritual causes damage to the environment. We Hindus are literally the scum of this earth.

But someone has decided to take a stand. And it is the Tamils. Congratulations folks…we are with you!


It’s become a mass movement without a script. Every corner of the state is erupting with spontaneous protests.


Some say 5000. Some are saying 20,000. Since the mainstream media isn’t really touching this subject for obvious reasons, we have to rely on social media inputs. This is how it has to be done. To save the traditions. Let us see what answer the liberal elite has to this outpouring of grievance?


I am almost at a loss for words. Are these really children of Bharat standing up for themselves against the elitist boot of the Nehruvian state?

Something tells me this ban on Jallikattu is going to die. The public support is tremendous and there will now be a competition among political parties to grab the credit by standing up to the out of control Honorable Supreme Court.

This is how you get things done. This is why no one messes with the M community. They know how and why to put the interests of their community above immediate distractions thrown in their direction.  The liberals will cry and bitch and moan and whine, but the people have to stand together. This battle in Tamil Nadu can prove to be a Waterloo for Indian liberalism.

Tamils are drawing the line. Thus far and no further. Is Bharat on the cusp of beginning a fightback against the forces of colonialism?

Dear liberals, this is YOUR fault. You kept choking us and as we retreated, you choked us more and more. This moment had to come sooner or later when a population, with its backs firmly against the wall, begins a pushback. You know I was reading this just yesterday, this “report” by one Fai Haider of the Hindustan Times.


See? As usual, we Hindus are standing in the way. This time, the damned mangalsutra has become a problem for security at airports. Yeah, it is that mangalsutra gang of terrorists that we need to be really really scared about. Who carries out the biggest terrorist attacks ? Jihadi men. Who is the biggest hurdle for airport security? Mangalsutra and sari wearing Hindu women of course.

One wonders why burqas don’t pose a problem. Especially, now that CCTV camera networks are a crucial component of national security. Mumbai has a whole smart system of CCTV cameras now connected with fiber optic cables. If Kejriwal took even one step towards fulfilling his 15 lakh CCTV cameras promise, he would know too.

Each of these individual sacrifices might seem small. But taken together, the idea is effectively to choke the traditions of Bharat. The Tamils have been the first to realize it and do something about it. Will the rest of the country follow?


18 thoughts on “Jallikattu : Something magical happening in Tamil Nadu

  1. It is about time to stand up and be counted. This does not mean that the H will take the route that the M have taken. The sheer number of H when they stand up can be more lethal force that the violence that can be unleashed by M.

    I have a theory that some of the centre or right of centre judges/bureaucrats/politicians (in non-BJP parties) force themselves to act such as to be seen more as left, lest their true RW colours are seen. By doing so, their actions are causing immeasurable harm to their own core beliefs. E.g. VN Gadgil of Congress, Nitish Kumar of JDU and innumerable bureaucrats and private corporate honchos too.


    1. Royenlawyer…you are right!

      ‘The sheer number of H when they stand up can be more lethal force that the violence that can be unleashed by M.’

      There is a saying as follows:
      “Today when a patient and tolerant Hindu gets outraged and decides to retaliate, rivers of blood flows on the streets”


  2. CW….Super!

    Glad that a mass movement on ‘jallikattu ban’ has started and glad that people have realised the real reason for the ban!!

    Tamilians protest against jallikattu ban…..kudos to Tamilians!

    Hope they throw out off India the no good Anti Hindu PETA!


    1. Thr fact that this female is a CEO just proves that NGOs are an industry.I hope they start taxing these miscreants the way they tax other corporations.
      The whole problem with the activism industry is that 90% of the time the people who the wanted reform effects don’t want the so called reform.The activist sees the world from the narrow western perspective and tries to impose their twisted and hypocritical moral code on the rest.
      Look no further than the feminist movement.How come a so called womens rights movement has hardly any support among women?It is because it is actually a whining campaign run by a bunch of females obsessed with being Men.They hardly ever address problems faced by the average woman.Instead they complain only 1/3rd women worketc.So now not only should women take care of the house and family ,she should also go out and work.They are disturbed that a woman is fine with being economically well taken care of by a man.(I am not against women working outside.But if she is in a financially sound position and chooses to stay at home then no one has the right to call her opressed)


  3. This is great news.Bit by bit Hindus are going to stand up.This denigrating our practices has been going on far too long.
    I hope Hindus elsewhere also start putting there foot down.
    We are witnessing the waking up of a long sleeping civilization.
    Further the people protesting can’t be called Hindu extremists.The protests are peaceful and civilized.The sheer numbers is what will frighten the Pigerals (I am assuming that our left also finds Pigs unclean.)
    And about this moron complaining about Sarees and Mangalsutra, I suggest the whole right wing challenge him to show one,just one proven case where we Hindus were involved in terror activities.If he points it out we will stop opposing the Pigerals.If not,he will have to write an article on burqa wearing,the security threats and health problems it causes.Of course this Pigeral Peaceful won’t accept the challenge as he knows he has got nothing on us.


  4. Hey CW you are awesome today .. you write all my feeling which I feel everyday but coul dnot write as my English is not good.. I see my feeling in this Post. Salute you CW…I copy pasted this to my FB…Cheers…


  5. Lets applaud the Tamils on this one.Tamils have collective pride and a sign of that is Tamil Nadu threw out the liberals long long ago. They dont have a foothold there and they never will. No liberals = Good things happen.


  6. CW, this article inspires, even a timid Hindu. We must be secular only when we deal with Hindus. We must learn to be fanatics with anti-Hindus. We are being pushed too far by Christlamist funded crooks and their foot soldiers. Time to kick their butts and shoo them away. Really happy for our Tamil brothers.


  7. Tomorrow when TN Chief Minister goes to meet Narendra Modi, all he has to do is suggest that he will take responsibility for conducting Jallikattu under a strict control so that wild crowd does not hurt the bulls. If the bulls really don’t get hurt (as claimed by Jallikattu’s supporters) and Jallikattu gets performed, that will be a win-win situation all the way around. The law makers who made these animal welfare laws will be happy, SC judges who interpreted those laws will be happy, the main litigant (All India Animal Welfare Board) and the sub-litigant PETA will be happy. And of course, Jallikattu supporters will be happy. Obviously, no side wants bulls to get hurt.


  8. Oh, by the way, I was told that as per Indian laws, a foreign NGO cannot be a main litigant and obviously can never be the only litigant. ( It is better if somebody who is more familiar with this aspect throw more light on it).


    1. This is an important point. Poorva J is a US citizen. PETA is using a foreigner as a CEO, taking foreign funds and then going to court. At best they should be petitioners. A lot of such NGOs have to be stopped from being litigants.

      And the sheer force of NRI/PIOs who are against India and Hinduism continues to stagger. PETA has nothing to say about slaughters during ‘peaceful’ festivals but cries because some bulls are injured (even while people are injured/killed).

      And the courts that cannot force rules on critical things like water, food etc has no issue running blanket bans on a traditional sport quickly.

      I am glad that the Tamilians are showing their solidarity in a peaceful manner and refusing to take this lying down.


  9. Agree with all the comments here, particularly from Usha Kiran.

    CW – I like your starting line “Let’s forget Modi/BJP for a moment”. As I said in an earlier post this week about WB, there is a greater civilazational push/uprising that is needed outside of what any politician or political party can do for us. Proud of the way TN has stood up against the hypocrisy of PETA and the Nehruvian ecosystem. I hope this is the watershed moment for us as a country.

    And, since I can’t refrain from commenting on the political ramifications 🙂 – when TN CM meets Modi, I hope he grabs this opportunity with both hands and passes an ordinance stopping the ban on Jallikattu. It will endear him to TN in a way nothing else can or ever will.


    1. Speaking about “civilizational uprisings” in Waste Bengal, please see this video, where people are shouting “Modi lao, desh bachao” in the presence of Jehadidi.

      Jehadidi has introduced plans to ban Saraswati puja in Waste Bengal schools. See here:


    2. So far BJP/Modi has not shown any inclination of grabbing this opportunity /momentum.
      They have failed to address Hindu issues so far in general including Kashmiri Pandit rehab.
      Hope it is not too late already.


  10. Gr8 CW. Kudos to you for writing such blogs and kudos to all tamilians for showing the liberals and especially SC the strength of hindus. This really teaches judiciary and especially PETA a lesson that, they will never touch hindus henceforth.


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