[Analysis] : How Islam hacked modern civilization

In mid 2013, on the occasion of “Gujarat day”, then Chief Minister Narendra Modi was supposed to address non-resident Gujaratis in the United States. There was only one problem : Modi did not have a US visa (yeah…remember that? LOL!)


What visa? Narendra Modi “visited” the USA and addressed his US audience right from his home in Gandhinagar. In fact, he saved himself the time, energy and expense of a long haul flight halfway across the world.

Let us ask : what is the purpose of the whole regulatory regime of visas and passports? It’s easy : sovereign governments want to exercise control over activities that happen inside their borders. But the system  of visas put in place for exercising this control has an inherent weakness  : it is built tightly around the notion of physical presence. Once video conferencing became available, this system of control through passports and visas was found dead as a doornail. The internet made it possible for everyone from politicians to activists to terrorists to common citizens to solicit support seamlessly across national borders.

The important thing to realize is that the same goes for ANY system. Because every system is built on choices and assumptions. And these assumptions lead to inherent weaknesses. Notions of “good system” and “bad system” are mostly nebulous because it is always about trade-offs. Which are the issues that we value above others? Once we make that choice and we have to make those choices, we leave weaknesses. And if someone were to understand those weaknesses and how to exploit them, they could take us down. We would get “hacked”.

In this post, I just want to apply the same thinking to the setup of modern society. Let us isolate the assumptions and choices that we make in modern democracies. And I will explain to you how modern society is getting “hacked”. This is not to say I am objecting to the values of modern democracies (god..I love modern democracies!), I am only acknowledging the existence of the weaknesses. And I feel it would do us a world of good to talk about these weaknesses.

Let’s see. Modern society is based around the individual. We talk about individual rights, about individual freedoms, individual choices, individual property and so on. In matters of obeying laws, paying taxes, etc, we talk of individual responsibility.

Individual, individual, individual …

But people exhibit two different kinds of behaviors : individual behavior and group behavior. But laws in modern societies across the world generally don’t see groups : there is hardly any notion of “group rights”, “group property” or “group responsibilities”. Unless the group in question is a very narrowly defined bunch of individuals who have voluntarily entered into explicit legal contracts with each other, such as a corporation. But there are many other groups : racial, linguistic, religious, etc.

And such groups influence behavior of people and the fate of societies in very significant ways. But our system is simply not set up to regulate them, in the same way as visa systems are simply not set up to control the flow of ideas around the internet.

And there’s the weakness! That’s how modern civilization is getting hacked and primarily by Islam.

Look around the world. Muslims are a minority is nearly every democracy. And you will notice that in these countries, the Muslim minority speaks the language of individual choice. In France, the burqa is all about choice.  Muslim minorities in India, in the United States, in Europe, in Australia and Canada, are deeply obsessed with religious and cultural freedom. However, this obsession with religious and cultural freedom is magically absent in most countries where Muslims are a majority.

The same religion whose followers are most vocal about individual liberty in one part of the world are the least bothered about individual liberty in another part of the world. Instead of treating this as an amazing coincidence, it is clearly more useful to explain it as strategic behavior by Muslims as a group.

Islam has spotted the weakness in the modern democratic system and hacked it. Our laws simply do not see group behavior. Demographic and cultural invasion is a real thing, but our laws are not set up to address it or even see it. Quite simply, because we cannot blame one individual for the acts of another. That’s just how we have agreed that modern civilization should be.

For example, Durgapuja, Diwali, Dahi Handi and Jallikattu are all cultural treasures. When rising populations of certain groups threaten the observance of any of these, or an imperious judiciary imposes curbs on them, something has been lost for sure. Except, we cannot call the cops because no one individual owns Bengal’s Durgapuja or Tamil Nadu’s Jallikattu. These cultural treasures are group property and that simply doesn’t exist on paper.

So, we see that Hindus were violently expelled from Kashmir, the only large Muslim majority region in India. And we also see Muslim leaders on TV every day explaining the importance of tolerance to the Hindu majority in all the other states of India. We understand the hypocrisy. We see that there is a connection there. But there is nothing we can do about it. Because it’s group behavior. And we cannot blame a person in say Maharashtra for what a different person did in Kashmir.

This is not to say we should do away with individual freedom. I’m a big fan of individual freedom : I am strongly in favor of total religious freedom,  near absolute freedom of speech (except specific and plausible threats of violence), robust individual property rights and the like. I want government to be as small as possible and not interfere in individual choices (whether personal or economic) except as an absolutely last resort.

Let me give one last example. What if I told you that we as a society have all agreed that we are okay with lots of murderers and rapists roaming freely on the streets? You’ve agreed to it too!

You are probably asking : huh, when? No way…

Yes way! You probably believe in the legal standard of “innocent until proven guilty”. The burden of proof is upon the state to prove the accused person guilty “beyond all reasonable doubt”. Otherwise, the accused walks free. Naturally, this means that a lot of criminals will go free because we can’t find the evidence against them. We never actively chose to let the guilty walk free. It just follows as a logical consequence of the basic choice we made in the legal system. We have made a choice that it is better to let a guilty person walk free than let an innocent person suffer in jail. Of course, I support this choice and I think you support it too. But we have to be aware of the trade-off that exists in making that choice.

All I am saying is that we should be aware of the trade-offs we make in choosing our modern democratic values. As a modern society, we have chosen to make it all about the individual and rarely about the group. It’s a weakness that will be exploited. We are being hacked … and we better be aware of it.


9 thoughts on “[Analysis] : How Islam hacked modern civilization

  1. CW could not agree more with you. M junta seem to understand this tradeoff all too well. They use arguments of oppression and no rights in their home M majority countries to gain entry into the western countries. Once in, you would expect given the circumstance they choose to run from their country to be averse to Sharia law and in general speak against Islamic terrorism. But no, you will find the same oppressed heading in droves to the local Mullah Imam, joining protests first to demand burqa and finally as one can see in Europe protesting to establish Sharia Law. All in all i see the refuge migrant issue as a well planned Trojan Horse attack on the western civilization and thanks to Left Fiberal and Ultra Feminism bullshit it is working wonders for the M community.

    Interesting to note is the fact that there are 50+ Islamic countries. Not a single country has stepped to take even a single refuge, not a single! And to add to the insult, Saudi Arabia tell Germany it will pay to build mosques for the migrants. And you could almost hear Merkel Saying: Ohh yes sir plz do, first invade us with ur trojan horses, destabilize us demographically in a few yrs, then build stables for them where all of them can congregate to be further upgraded into ‘Misguided Youths’, ‘People with no economic opportunites’ so that they can ram trucks into our ever apologetic native population.

    I have ranted enough but i guess i cannot stop myself from writing these things which are just too obvious and in plain eye sight but somehow eludes the elite scotch sipping head in their asses Leftist morons.

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  2. CW unusual but good analysis!

    ‘modern civilization is getting hacked and primarily by Islam.’…true but it is mainly funded by crypto Saudi royal family as Wahabbi/ Salafi funds.

    Since you have touched ‘Jallikattu’,I am sure everybody must be aware by now the reality!…..still giving my two bits!

    Jallikattu Ban is a Ruthless Conspiracy By The West To Hijack India’s vedic cows And Spoil our Health by consuming A1 toxic milk by western cows.

    Peta(People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) who is trying to ban ‘Jallikattu’ had hired 13 senior sc advocates and rest juniors ..in total 80 lawyers…spending two and half crores per sitting!

    All this to eliminate our Indian breed of cows which gives healthy A2 milk!


      1. A2 milk produced by humped India cow is good for health.

        A1 milk produced by the humpless western cow is toxic for health.

        A2 milk:
        A2 milk of Indian humped cows is more beneficial, as it has micronutrients like cytokines and minerals
        which enhance the immune system (A2 beta-casein protein).

        The humped Indian cow has a unique Surya Ketu Nadi on her back . This is the main reason why her blood has gold salts which produce miracles. We get copper from cow’s urine because of this nadi.

        This nadi causes all secretions of purity, whether it is milk or urine or cowdung . The nadi absorbs energy from sun and the universe as per our ancient ayurvedic texts written by our seers .

        The beta casein in A2 milk contains proline at amino acid 67. 

        A1 milk:
        The beta casein in A1 milk contains histidine at amino acid 67 .

        The inflammation from A1 milk casein causes lymphatic congestion and metabolic suppression.

        A1 milk worsens acne, eczema, upper respiratory infections, asthma and allergies.  

        It causes digestive problems, and not because of the lactose, but because of  massive histamine release from casomorphin.  

        Ear infections, bronchitis , tonsillitis are driven by A1 casein, and in adulthood, the same immune-disruption manifests as other inflammatory conditions.

        The various problems associated with humpless cow’s toxic  A1 milk are:
        – Autism,
        – Diabetes-type 1
        – Sudden death Syndrome in infants
        – Ulcerative colitis,
        – Cardiac problems
        – Multiple sclerosis,
        – Mental disorders
        – Parkinsons 
        – Schizophrenia.
        – Obesity
        – Arteriosclerosis
        – Intolerance bloating

        Jallikattu is what’s keeping our native breed of cows from going extinct which is a huge problem for western cattle industry. They want to make money by selling us western cattle, bull semen, medicine, etc and our bulls are in their way. And they used PETA to get rid of them.

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  3. Friends,

    When I read this on the Internet I simply could not believe what I was reading:


    First of all, this Afghan “migrant” *beheaded* a woman. For that he got a mere TWELVE year sentence! The “civilized” European countries don’t believe in capital punishment you see! Then he was set free after serving just six years, BUT the Dutch government did not revoke his citizenship, but allowed him to keep it. So this murderer could “legally” enter the UK where he continued to perpetrate his mayhem.

    And the fiberals are surprised that the British voted in favour of Brexit!

    Getting back to Chaiwallah’s analysis, governments are elected to protect collective interests, not individual interests. The presumption is that when the government protects the collective society, individuals can take care of themselves. European governments have clearly lost sight of what their function is.

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  4. I am with PETA all the way as far as Jallikattu is concerned. If one day of torture converts ordinary bull into a super bull, I am queen of England. Without this one day of torture, nobody is preventing owners of the bulls from taking care as they are being done right now. And if such ‘sports’ converts ordinary bulls into super bulls, we should encourage conversion of ordinary cows to super cows by similar treatment. Questions should be raised, if such super bulls are produced this way, why only a small, minuscule portion of India applies that technique. PETA was only one organization in the court against Jallikattu. The main was the central governments’ Animal Welfare Board which argued against Jallikattu, in addition to other Jiv Daya Mandals. Jallikattu is celebrated in a very small region of India and should not be treated at par with real Hindu cultural events like Diwali.

    Every time I visit Lord Shiva’s temple, I worship Nandi bull and watching all videos of Jallikattu, I cannot in my life support this sport and also cannot imagine it can be made less cruel by laws and regulation because inherently the bulls are forced to do everything against its normal behavior.

    India is a different country. There are more vegetarians in India than rest of the world combined. Our 5000 years of culture is full of compassion for all God’s creatures. Granted we have used bullock carts through out our history and other similar uses of animals, but necessity and entertainment are two different thing.

    PETA or any other animal welfare organization cannot go out and try to prevent every cruelty to animals everywhere and just because some cruelty is going on somewhere, PETA should stay silent on what we think OK is unreasonable.


  5. The trade off. That is given. That is the challenge before mankind. Unfortunately, most of the time, most of the people fail in this challenge. That failure to combat this challenge has made western countries miserable. That is the challenge at last Trump is trying to address, but clumsily. That is the challenge Modi is addressing meekly. That is the challenge morons like animals never comprehended in most of last 70 years in India. That is a challenge even a cook understands when cooking so that it does not remain raw or under processed or overcooked and become lumpy and mushy.
    An individual freedom and an individual responsibility without injustice is what non Hindus and soft Hindus of slave types have never balanced. It is either one or the other, non at all or both without justice.


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