Bengal going well for BJP

Not surprisingly, I know a whole bunch of Bengalis. Again, not surprisingly, this means I know a lot of people with a deep and pathological hatred of Hindus. More than once have I been told that Durgapuja should be banned because it causes traffic problems. Incidentally, the same people on my Facebook timeline couldn’t sleep for a week when Burkinis were banned in beaches of distant France. I have learned a lot from these people, foremost among them being the fact that working for multi-billion dollar corporations by day and preaching Communism by night is a great way to pay tribute to the idea of India.

But these days, such people are anxious and irritated. They shake their heads and complain about Mamata Banerjee. Not because she gave the final touches to Bengal’s ruin after the Commies had done their part for 35 years. They don’t care. They found themselves a better future in free capitalist societies outside Bengal long ago. No, they are angry because Mamata Banerjee is handing Bengal to BJP on a platter.

At its heart, Communism is a religion. So, while the Commies ruled Bengal, they would go only so far to appease Islam which after all is a rival religion. All this changed when Mamata Banerjee came to power. She turned the state government into an openly Islamist entity, distributing lalbatti cars to Muslim religion leaders, paying salaries to Imams and Muezzins, allowing Islamic leaders to control the countryside by means of mobs.

One member of my family (a certified communist who jumped for joy when BJP lost Bihar) recently came back from our ancestral village in Bengal. His report : this year the local peaceful community put up loudspeakers to abuse the baby Krishna on Janamashthami. There has been no violence yet in our village, but no one quite knows what’s coming next. They are not quite sure if they should risk celebrating Janamashthami again this year. Story of terrified Hindus in rural Bengal.

At it’s heart, Bengal is a deeply “communal” state. It was the 1905  partition of Bengal that gave the greatest impetus to the two nation theory. It is through the “Great Calcutta killing” that the Muslim League showed its might on “Direct Action Day”.  This is where the absolute worst riots happened during independence. And it is also where RSS founder Hedgewar learned his politics, as a student at National Medical College in Calcutta. Not to mention that Bengalis were never particularly taken by the soft, weak-willed and feel good secularism of Gandhi and Nehru. Maybe it had something to do with Subhas Bose but Gandhi is openly mocked in Bengal all the time. Modi ji should not release in Bengal those pictures of himself with thread and a charkha… will backfire big time.

The Communists ruled over Bengal with an iron hand much like the British did, keeping the communal cauldron from boiling over. But beneath the heavy lid, it was always boiling, in fact it was boiling much hotter than traditional Hindutva states like UP or even Gujarat.

Once Mamata Banerjee took over, the pressure cooker was opened. From Malda to Dhulagar, the M terror was given a free run. From smartphone to smartphone, videos of Muslim cruelty are doing the rounds of the state. This is the latest in the government’s insanity.


But I am here to tell you that it’s not all gloom and doom. The M terror in Bengal is so blatant and the government sides with Muslims so openly that the narrative is going completely in BJP’s favor. Here is the position of the 294 member West Bengal Assembly as of today:

TMC (210)

Congress (44)


BJP (3)

But Mamata Banerjee has handpicked the BJP as her principal opposition. And the BJP couldn’t be happier about this. The TMC’s incessant attacks on the BJP are allowing the party to punch far above its electoral weight in Bengal. In Congress and in CPI(M), those who are opposed to TMC but are frustrated by the weakness of their own parties are joining RSS and BJP in droves.

It is not like Mamata Banerjee does not understand this. But look at her incentives. The TMC, the CPIM and the Congress are all “povertarian” parties, with no real brand distinction. Mamata Banerjee uprooted the left by going further to the left of the left 🙂 Tomorrow, the left might go even more to her left and blindside her. The povertarian vote can move seamlessly between CPI(M), Congress and Trinamool. For Mamata Banerjee, this is hardly a comforting thought.

But the BJP is different. Entry of the BJP into Bengal gives her a clear cut brand distinction. The ~30% M vote in Bengal is not going to float towards BJP.  Presence of BJP helps Mamata consolidate her own votes. That’s why BJP is her favorite opposition. And that benefits BJP too. Right now, the two parties are feeding off each other.

The other thing Mamata has in mind is that she wants to be Prime Minister. This puts her on a direct collision course with BJP.

Now for my personal judgement : even though the two parties are feeding off each other, I feel this benefits BJP much more than it suits TMC. For one, BJP starts from ZERO in Bengal. So everything is a gain. TMC on the other hand is maxed out in Bengal, they can only defend, there is literally nothing left for them to conquer.

Secondly, what are the chances that Mamata will successfully unseat Prime Minister Modi? Maybe 5% and likely even less. But what are the chances that Mamata targetting BJP will make the BJP the principal opposition in Bengal? More like 95%!

There is a reason my secular Bengali friends are so irritated these days.


11 thoughts on “Bengal going well for BJP

  1. “Secondly, what are the chances that Mamata will successfully unseat Prime Minister Modi? Maybe 5% and likely even less. But what are the chances that Mamata targetting BJP will make the BJP the principal opposition in Bengal? More like 95%!”



  2. People of two communist ruled States Bengal and Kerala seem to be abnormal. They are well educated, clever, hard working and what not, only when staying away from their respective States. When they get an opportunity, they seem to chose wrong parties to govern. Both Bengalis and Keralites possess deep emotions and creative talents for movies, poetry, art, stories etc., but when it comes to real life, they both seem to be stupid. or are they both infected by ‘Liberalizm and Secularizm’ beyond cure?


  3. This is great news.According to me,BJP should:1)induct lots of Bengali celebrities and follow the TMC model and 2)WB has borders with Jharkhand and Assam and BJP rules these states so it must concentrate most on growing into the areas of WB that border Jharkhand and Assam and after that’s done,focus on areas that border the areas that they have expanded into and keep repeating till the whole state is covered.What do you think?


  4. CW, fully agree on the political ramifications of what is happening in Bengal.

    Beyond personal political affiliations, though, I am seriously concerned about the situation in WB and Kerala as a citizen. At the rate MB is going, WB will be folded into Bangladesh long before BJP or anyone else has the chance to do anything about it. The demographics are shifting as we speak and the M proportion of the state population will only continue to grow – particularly if the media continues showing a blind eye toward Malda and Dhulagarh type incidents. A Kashmir style ethnic cleansing is a frightening possibility now and please tell me if I am simply over-reacting. As you yourself so aptly covered in one of your other blogs, we need to think of the broader civilizational push beyond mere political considerations and WB is one of the bedrocks of our identity having given us greats like Tagore, Bose, Vivekananda etc. Losing it is not an option.


  5. Sometimes I wonder whether BJP in WB are like dog chasing car? Just like the dog, if he catches the car then don’t know what to do with it. Similarly, if BJP wins in WB, will it be able to govern it?

    I have a friend living in WB. He was telling me that engineers are roaming without jobs. They are ready to accept 4000-5000 Rupees job. Many engineering seats in colleges go for begging. Potatoes in WB are going around ten-fifteen Rupees per Kilo because of the supply and demand as compared to eighty Rupees Kilo in Bangalore.

    It is shame what we know and proud of Bengalis has gone down the drain right in front of our eyes. Normally such ‘Poribartan’ takes two-three generation.

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  6. But in case if BJP ever wins in Bengal, the development cheergirls of Modi would brand it as his victory. Watch the words of that fruitcake Piyush Goyal on Times Now on the day of Assam results. He uttered this filthy word development 5 times and fithier word Modi 3 times in his opening sentence.
    Everyone knows why BJP won Assam. It was not Modi or his development nautanki.

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  7. Mamta knows that from where she is currently, she is only going to go downwards. She is terribly insecure because of this knowledge and hence is ranting against everything including army routine exercise and demonetization.

    Mamta is also really powerless although she is CM. The economic condition of Bengal is bad and she has no option but to ask the Central government for more funds at some point of time. BJP has made inroads into Assam and has started chipping away at Bengal. Mamta does not have a similar option of chipping away at some BJP stronghold.


  8. Friends,

    The RSS has arrived in Waste Bengal. Please see here:

    and the video therein. Given that the BJP was founded by a Bengali (Shyama Prasad Mukherji), this is a natural and welcome development. I guess Momota’s goons will be let loose upon these RSS cadres, and I hope they know how to take care of themselves. I find that until now the BJP dispensation at the center has done bugger all to protect their cadres — this is totally inexcusable.

    I do share the worry of Dallas US that by the time the BJP is ready to take root in Waste Bengal, the peaceful population would already be over 40% in reality if not on paper, and that would be enough to perpetuate their hegemony. Thoughts, anyone?


    1. This is beautiful to watch Prof. Vidyasagar. Long long ago, when my mom was working in Kolkata as a doctor, one of her technicians was a man we would call “Santosh babu”. He was a dedicated RSS worker. At that time, BJP had 2 seats in the Lok Sabha. Santosh babu would tell us that a day will come when the whole Parliament will be filled with BJP members. That day came in 2014. Santosh babu was an old man. Perhaps he has passed away by now, who knows? But he would have been happy to see these RSS swayamsevaks at Brigade Ground in Kolkata.


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