Last nail in AAP’s Punjab coffin

I believe any talk of Punjab polls should start with a salute to Praveen Patil. Back then everyone was predicting 100 seats for AAP. And the RW had already begun to go through the various stages of grief over AAP’s impending Punjab sweep. I’m not mocking anyone, because I was certainly one of them.

It was then that Dr. Praveen Patil dared to stick his neck out and tell us all that AAP will end up a poor third in Punjab. I didn’t believe him, I thought he was mixing his personal hopes with the survey data. But he was right. I was wrong. And that makes him awesome 🙂 Congratulations sir!

We all know AAP had been blundering in Punjab for a while. Most of it was due to Kejriwal’s sense of insecurity. His own paranoia became a double edged sword, except that both edges hurt him and only him. On one hand, his paranoia would force him to dismiss any AAP leader who developed even a shade of popularity. The most notable victim of this was Sucha Singh Chotepur, the former AAP convenor in Punjab. He was replaced by one comedian called Ghuggi with zero experience of any kind of politics. Just because Kejriwal is scared of his own shadow.  On the other hand, his paranoia makes him refuse entry to anyone who can be a leader. The best example here is Navjot Singh Sidhu. We all thought Kejriwal would spring at the opportunity to take Sidhu. But he couldn’t. He was scared.

So what kind of minion did Kejriwal entrust his Punjab campaign to? A shady loser like Sanjay Singh who got the party into the whole “broom on Golden Temple” fiasco.

We have a farmer who regularly uproots and throws away the green shoots. The garmer does not even like to plant high quality seeds. It’s simple : this farmer isn’t going to harvest anything.

The ranks of AAP in Punjab were regularly purged of talent. The opinion polls began to put them somewhere between No.2 and No. 3. But it is yesterday that Manish Sisodia hammered the last nail into AAP’s Punjab coffin.


No, Manish Sisodia didn’t say that. He said people of Punjab should vote as if Kejriwal is going to be CM, because Kejriwal would always be the boss of whoever becomes  the AAP CM of Punjab. But, guess what? That’s not what the media reported. I checked the evening news on all channels yesterday and they didn’t allow for any nuance. They just said reported that Sisodia has announced Kejriwal as the CM candidate. The media is lying and cheating as always, except that this time the tables have turned on AAP.

Dear AAP, this time you are caught in your own web of post-truth. You have excelled so far in lying and deceit. And every single time your deceit was lapped up and praised by the media. Because they hate Modi. But in Punjab you are not facing Modi. You are facing Congress… and the media will be loyal to Madam’s son. The Dynasty has been feeding them for 7 decades…the media will greedily take the 526 crore worth of sweets AAP has given them, but they wont forget whose salt they have eaten for 70 years.

So yeah…that’s what got reported and that’s what the voters in Punjab heard. Live with it.

The best part here is that AAP has fallen exactly between two stools. Neither here nor there. If they had owned up and said that Kejriwal does indeed plan to become Punjab CM, they could have campaigned around that. It’s very doubtful whether the plan would succeed, but you never know… Punjab is an urbanized state. Also, relations between Hindus and Sikhs are cordial enough that Sikh voters might just be okay with Kejriwal.

But AAP stepped into this swamp of denying and backpedalling.


But the doubt in the mind of the voter has been cemented. If they had announced a Punjabi as CM candidate, they would have clarity. As things stand right now, all sides are doubting Kejriwal. Those who want Kejriwal as Punjab CM are unsure whether he actually wants to move. Those who don’t want a Dilli/Haryana guy as CM are suspecting he does indeed plan to move. And AAP’s clarifications promising a remote controlled CM in Punjab will surely not make anyone feel better. Does Punjab really want to welcome a serial liar who always runs from responsibility? Everyone remembers the slogan in Delhi : “5 saal Kejriwal”. This is savage:


Before Kejriwal figures out how to answer that one, don’t forget there is a third pole here:


Delhi is watching too. Kejriwal has done it once. He ran away. You can’t blame Dilliwallahs for thinking Kejriwal wants to do it again. The worst thing for Kejriwal is that he can never prove them wrong. Why? Because he is going to lose Punjab anyway. That’s when Delhi will say: he wanted to run away, he just couldn’t find the escape route. How is that going to play out in the MCD polls?


18 thoughts on “Last nail in AAP’s Punjab coffin

    1. Actually, I am not fully thrilled. After looking sure in Goa, BJP is creating confusion again. Congress will win Punjab. They will probably win Manipur too after that tribal divide created by Okram Ibobi Singh. Only Uttarakhand is an absolute sure shot for BJP. If Cong wins Goa, Punjab, Manipur and forms a winning alliance with Akhilesh, 2017 might be the year BJP will get a rude reminder that the real enemy is not the Twitter wala AAP. The real enemy is Congress.


  1. The problem with all the opposition parties in India is that they have no vision and are not able to propose and set a positive agenda. They are all just responding negatively to what Modi does . They do not understand that Modi must be getting lot of feedback from his party and from the ground before making a decision thus ensuring the public support. So when AAP or TMC opposes something, Indian public are left scratching their heads and wondering if these parties are so stupid.

    Most of the opposition parties will die off. They do not have the internal culture to provide anything positive to the Indian people. The days of Mai-Baap politicians are over but these dinosaurs wont understand this.


  2. CW, wonderful words … “this time the tables have turned on AAP” – so be it – finally the inevitable turning point arrived – after all no one under the Sun is capable enough to fool around every one far too long…


  3. A little off-topic but Sonam (@asyounotwish) has a theory about the communal riots in Waste Bengal. She thinks that Kunal Ghosh has handed over a CD to the CBI that incriminates Jehadidi, and she is trying to provoke the Modi sarkar to take action so that she can play victim. I don’t think it will work. She is just stupid enough that she wouldn’t have even covered her tracks well. Whatever one might say about Santa Sonia, at least she knew how to avoid any incriminating evidence.

    Is anyone here old enough to remember the Nagarwala case? Just curious.


    1. I pretty much agree with Sonam Mahajan. Mamata is waiting for Modi Sarkar to arrest this Imam. Today, a TMC leader called Narendra Modi SOB. She is playing various cards to provoke Modi Sarkar so she can play victim hood card. My suggestion to Modi Sarkar is, if by CD or any other form, if they got any proof against Mamata, they should publish that proof for everybody to see and then arrest her (of course, I don’t know if that is legally allowed).


    2. Hmmm…Nagarwala… I have definitely heard this word somewhere. Was it about a rape?

      Bengal is actually going great for BJP. Didi is handing over the state on a platter. Most of my secular Bengali friends actually accuse Mamata of being hand in glove with Modi. They say “Didi – Modi” are together. They can all see that Mamata is offering Hindu counter polarization on a platter to BJP.


    1. Also about Arvinder,it doesn’t seem to me that Media is obfuscating what Manish said.I think Manish was directly hinting that Kejriwal is gonna be the CM,maybe to check what the reaction is going to be.Or maybe it was done to help Congress,after realizing they have no chance

      Whatever the case,i really doubt that this was not intentional,but nevertheless obviously a stupid decision. Also this goes to show that AAP seems to have abandoned Goa and focusing all energies on Punjab


    2. Truly disappointed with Arun Shourie. I do think he is justified in feeling somewhat slighted at not being offered a cabinet post or ministry or whatever post-2014 – I fully expected him to. He is not just a good politician but also has global experience as well as strong pro-India and pro-Hindu views. However, whatever grudge he had against Modi personally, I never thought he would stoop so low as he has in this interview. He sounds more like the Kapil Sibals of the world who want to only accuse the government, no matter what, so if facts don’t exist, you fabricate stories. Sad to see him go down that path.


      1. Shourie is a smart man and I learned a lot from reading his books. But I guess jealousy has driven him mad. On the other hand, his views on Ambedkar were simply too inconvenient for Modi.


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