BJP workers are dropping like flies in Kerala

This is a sad story of how a valiant BJP unit in Kerala is fighting against a fascist state government to lay a pro-Hindu foundation in the state. The BJP workers of Kerala are the real forgotten people, bold dissenters against a Communist regime, forgotten by a partisan mainstream media and worst of all… abandoned by their own leaders in Delhi.

You know things are bad when even journalists are beginning to say this. You have to appreciate the courage of Dhanya Rajendran, editor of The News Minute.


More power to you Dhanya for listening to your conscience. Sadly, you have probably doomed your career with this one tweet. And this being Kerala, you might have actually physically endangered yourself and your family.


Which journo? Does she/he have a picture of Rajdeep Sardesai on their office desk? You know Rajdeep is sort of a legend for explaining why the person who was murdered in Dadri was more dead than Prashant Poojary who was killed in Mangalore.



And this follows an (unsuccessful) attack by CPI(M) workers on a very dangerous 10 month old baby who was clearly an RSS-Zionist-Modi agent (on Jan 5, 2017).


Infants can do a lot of damage! The CPI(M) workers, who incidentally are atheists, are deeply scared ever since they heard about what the infant Krishna did to the Rakshasi Pootna. Further, Kerala being “God’s own country”, the Commies decided not to take any chances.

So, you better watch out you damn 10 month old baby! You may have escaped this time, but the idea of India mob will find you and punish you and put an end to that venomous anti-Nehru rhetoric you have been putting out. Indian secularism has deep roots and this dangerous baby will not be allowed to stand in the way.

Sarcasm apart, this is the daily grind for RSS-BJP workers in Kerala. While the cocktail class gets to make national headlines with fake attacks from Gau Rakshaks, the RSS-BJP workers lose their lives, their children, their limbs, their homes every single day. Fighting to reclaim this slice of coastal India for the Hindus of this land.

And what is the worst part? They are totally ignored by the BJP leadership at the Center. Because the political crop in Kerala is not yet ripe for the harvest. How much would it take to make the persecution of Hindus in Kerala a national issue? Very little actually. One visit from Amit Shah to Kerala would force the entire media to cover it. From the Prime Minister’s level, even less would suffice. If @narendramodi made just one tweet condemning the murder of a BJP worker in Kerala, the entire country would be talking about it. But “they” don’t want any trouble.


The way RSS-BJP workers are… one day I am sure they will succeed in Kerala. The way they are standing up to the Communist dictatorship, that day will come sooner rather than later. Perhaps by 2021. That’s when the Central BJP leadership will finally take notice.

This is the problem with the Indian Right. It seems to be all about a political party. And political parties only care about elections. In the same way that corporations care only about their bottomline. What is missing in the Indian Right is the wider civilizational push. You can see it on the Left. For them, it was not just about winning elections. It was about crushing India itself. The Communist Party is almost finished electorally. The Congress has been reduced to a rump 44. But the “dead hand” of Nehru still strikes hard. See the media, see the popular culture, see the wider political spectrum. See the parameters of public discourse. Nehru’s “dead hand” still holds the reins. Speak to the so called educated Hindus and listen to how they speak. You can hear the echos of Nehru, you can see them struggling to distance themselves from their Hindu roots. And what will we do about that?

20 thoughts on “BJP workers are dropping like flies in Kerala

  1. That baby part boils my blood.Who the F**k does this shit?Are these people retarded?and i agree,We blame the media but the party leaders themsleves only pay lip service to their workers and don’t create noise.It’s not enough for these goons to be arrested,they have to be showcased for everyone.

    BTW,CW what do you think about the remarks that the Sakshi Mahajan made yesterday?


  2. Till Yechury faces the heat in Delhi this will continue. The Delhi Unit of BJP is so pathetic that sometimes I am at loss of words. The Central leadership has to show some as spine and tell the Left that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Article 356 must be invoked


    1. The problem is Modi the fruitcake. That fraud who we got upon ourselves thinking he was the Hindu Hriday Samrat.
      He is an ideological fraud.


  3. It is sad that the BJP is neglecting the civilizational part and focusing only on winning elections. People voted for the BJP mostly for the civilizational part and less for the Vikas story. While Vikas is there, it is slow and will take a long time to set the misgovernance of 70 years right.

    Agree with you that the BJP in Kerala will eventually win the day. This is because Indian civilization has strong foundations and sooner or later recognizes the communists for the fiends they are. EVEN the people of Bengal eventually threw out the communists. In few years they will be done and dusted in Kerala.


    1. Throughout history, state by state, district by district, BJP has been built on the blood of Hindus. But somehow it ends up in the hands of ideological frauds and demagogues like Vajpayee and Modi who like Hindu blood spilled for votes. and when they attain the PM post they do teresa cheer leading and sharia banking and all sorts of despicable stuff that congress does.
      after seeing this modi fellow, i am convinced that the VHP needs to start a Bharatiya HINDU Parishad, and no ideological fraud should be tolerated in that party. let that party NEVER attain power on its own. but it will be more effective. its not that the PM or CM of the ‘sekoolar’ gang is a muslim. but ideological sincerity is essential.


  4. While it is not my intent to “explain” the (in)actions of the central government, I believe they are hamstrung by the fact that any invocation of Article 356 will not pass the Rajya Sabha. This is another “dead hand” phenomenon. Perhaps if and when the BJP has a majority in the Rajya Sabha they would begin invoking Article 356. One can only hope.

    On a related note, Modi has not done anything to debar foreign ownership in Indian media. Even the biggest “democracies” in the world do not permit foreigners to invest in domestic media. But in India there are no such regulations thanks to Santa Sonia, and almost all news outlets are owned by Christian outfits. Here too, I am hoping that a law will be brought in once the BJP is in a position to have it pass both houses.

    I also wonder why the facility of a joint sitting of both houses (where the NDA has a majority) has not been pursued at all. Is it the incompetence of Venkaiah Naidu as Parliamentary Affairs Ministers? Other than “begging the opposition with folded hands” he seems to do precious little!


    1. About the joint session,i don’t think it can be used unless very absolutely necessary.Also the President seems to have to recommend it,so that’s another problem.

      Also Venkaiah Naidu is not the Parliamentry affairs minister now


  5. I am sick and tired of the inaction on murder of BJP/RSS worker by this BJP majority Modi government!

    “I would tell the Hindus to face death cheerfully if the Muslims are out to kill them”…advice of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi !!

    Is the same advice that this BJP government is trying to tell their own people who are being murdered by commie goons!,so that they can have clean face!

    This kind of murder of BJP/RSS worker is happening too often in the last two years…the silence from this government is deafening!


  6. It would take time for BJP to do everything. The tide is with BJP but not the complete power (as Mr.Vidyasagar explained). People are with BJP but not the Estates. Modi can not weed out all in one term. I always said and believed that it would take at least 2 terms for BJP to get all the things done. There are some great ‘secular’ sick hindus in our population. This junk population takes pride in living together with minorities and nonsense like that. This group would play a vital role in elections and they believe the press. So BJP and Modi are careful.
    With regards to Kerala, I see changes there. I am somewhat associated with BJP unit at Mangaluru. And any major meeting of Kerala BJP is held at Mangaluru BJP office. Let me tell you that these Kerala BJP guys are a feisty lot. They swear by Hindutva and are all set to put up a fight no matter what. In a couple of meetings that I attended I was impressed by the fact that they hardly complained about anything. They were just robust in what they would be doing. And things are changing at ground level. A colleague of mine traveled with his family to Kerala on the eve of elections to cast votes. Thats 2 votes for BJP – his and his wife’s. Other Malayalees living in Mangaluru did the same too. We only hear of trainloads of ‘peacefuls’ travelling to their native place to cast vote for ‘secular’ parties.
    It is a pity that central government is not able to help these hard nosed Kerala BJP workers. But beauty is these guys are least bothered whether anybody is helping them or not…. they would carry on their fight. Just last week a rally of BJP at Kasaragod (north Kerala bordering Karnataka) was stoned by CPI(M) and many BJP supporters ended up in hospital. The police ended up lathi charging the participants of the rally itself!!! No one touched the communist stone pelters.


    1. Dear Mr. Naik,

      The fact that Kerala BJP workers are a feisty lot is nice to hear. But that hardly excuses the total lack of action by the BJP. Though fully justified, especially in the case of “Waste” Bengal, invoking Article 356 is not an option in the current scenario. Similarly one could (just barely) argue that NaMo cannot condemn the killings because he is the PM of every Indian. But what is preventing Amit Shah from issuing a statement? After all, he is supposed to be the President of the BJP, and does not owe any allegiance to anyone else. This silence makes me wonder whether this gang is also trying to smooch up with the Lutyens brigade, just as Vajpayee and his gang did.

      Ultimately the TINA (there is no alternative) factor won’t win a second term for NaMo, just as it didn’t for Vajpayee. We DO have an alternative — we can stay at home on voting day. Amit Shah and Co. would do well to remember that.


      1. u will probably take more time to realise, but Modi is a fraud. Hindus have been shafted. again. better to cut losses and figure out whats next.


        1. You are right,advancement if India is basically the shafting of Hindu’s.After all,better governance is useless unless Mother Teresa is not mentioned by the Prime Minister


  7. Didn’t I read that in a by election, both seats were won by BJP in Kerala? I wish the central government would warn the CMs of states like Kerala, W. Bengal and inform them that if they cannot take care of all citizens, a central force will have to be deployed in their states.

    At the same time, we should be very careful in our reactions for Modi Sarkar not doing every little thing that we expect it be doing. The last thing we should adopt is, “I will die but will make you a rand (widow)” attitude towards BJP.


    1. At the outset, let me say very clearly that the inaction on the part of the central government with respect to Kerala is infuriating and unacceptable. I would go as far as to say that it is probably one of Modi government’s biggest failures (I include WB as well in this, where also there have been many acts of violence against BJP workers).

      Having said that, I agree with P.B. Josh here. It is very easy for us to read a news item and comment on why “X” is not being done but very difficult to monitor every single thing at the macro view from Delhi. I am assuming many of us here have worked at large (1000+ people) organizations. How many line unit managers at such companies have direct oversight from the CEO? And what if one of those line managers is an absolutely terrible guy who runs his team ragged, doesn’t pay them well, and has high attrition rates? My point is while the BJP may not do all the things we want it to do, it is a) too early to judge, b) too big an ask and c) probably not even a priority for them as they are first and foremost a political party.

      Preserving our heritage and culture is not just a political agenda. Some accountability and responsibility lies with us as well, whether we do it by how we raise our own kids to volunteering in the community etc.


  8. This is a stimulating post CW Ji. Thanks for writing.

    In my opinion, communists have realized that BJP has arrived in Kerala and they are fighting back desperately (by using all the means known to them). I strongly feel that loosing Kerala to BJP would be a death blow to ideology of communism in India.


    In 2014-LS elections, Shashi Tharoor won by a narrower margin (than earlier). He was given a great fight by Mr. O Rajagopal from BJP (who managed to increase his vote share by almost 21% as compared to the last election; Tharoor lost approx 10% vote share). This happened right in Trivandrum – the capital of Kerala.

    When the election results came out, communists were visibly shaken (I saw extremely frustrated faces at University of Kerala). And mind you, this was not only so because their guy finished third, rather, because they realised that the BJP has arrived.

    I just hope BJP’s top bosses do not miss achievements like these ones. People like Mr Rajagopal are valiant soldiers and should be supported (sad that he is 87 already). Their time, energy and skill has to be utilized extremely effectively given we may be looking for very strong leadership in Kerala in the next five years.


    1. Even though Kerala may look very bleak for BJP right now in terms of seats,with no seats in Lok Sabha and only 1 seat in the state assembly,looking at the vote share they have been steadily increasing,In general elections they got 10.3% of the vote,and in the 2016 elections they got 10.6%.More importantly,they seem to have found a good partner in Bharat Dharma Jan San,which got around 4%.adding some more smaller partied,and their total for NDA is roughly 15%,a far cry from the usual 5-6% vote they used to get before.

      Compared to Tamil Nadu and West Bengal,BJP is surprisingly doing better in Kerala.The Central leadership of BJP should give more focus to these states,as they are necessary for Congress or Left Mukt Bharat.

      The most surprising i found was TN,where BJP got barely 2.9% vote this time.Was there a deal done between Jayalalitha and Shah?even in West bengal i feel it is the case.I think while these deals may yield short benefits,they are ultimately harmful for the party’s interests.


  9. I’m from kerala. Now that there is increased media / country attention in kerala, the local media has started to portray the situation as if it is the equal fault of both sides. Statements like “an eye for an eye will lead to this”. These are propagated by congress leaning media (congress is the main opposition in kerala).


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