Academic cockroach from JNU fears the kitchen light being switched on

Friends, you may not think that today’s post is about a “big issue”. However, I would like to say that the *real* obstacle to Bharat are not the evils at the top, but the smaller evils embedded in the system at each level. There are electoral waves and counter-waves and those at the top get tossed out and swept in by turns, but each time it is the creepy crawlies at the lower levels who are the *real* infestation.

A man-eating tiger may seem more scary than a cockroach or a housefly, but if you really think about it, these carnivores hardly pose a threat to us. We figured out long ago how to scare the big cats to stay hidden in the wild, far away from our population centers. But how many of us fall sick and/or die due to diseases spread by  cockroaches, houseflies, mosquitoes …and if you want to take it to that level, due to E Coli or HIV? It’s these little monsters who pose the *real* threats. One day, we might figure out how to make a Congress mukt Bharat, but what will we do about the little pests?

Today’s post is about one such pest, one history professor from JNU by the name of Janaki Nair. Here she is, venting in



Okay, so her article is a typical mishmash of left wing grievances against the Modi led dispensation elected by the people. Yes, 2016 was the year that being a traitor got less cool and that certainly sticks in the craw of the Commies. Some of her other grievances appear to be more of a personal nature and we will leave them alone. What sets her article apart from the usual left wing drivel is an unusually frank expression of leftist entitlement that slipped out in her writing. I am talking about this:


So what is the “vice” in the new Vice-Chancellor appointed by the Modi government? What insufferable fascism did he impose on JNU? For a day…for just one day… he invited school students to come and see how JNU academics work!

That’s it? Really?

Oh the humanity! Oh the horror! Oh the horror that the delicate geniuses busy with their big ideas at JNU should have to be around eager young minds for even a day!

Dear Prof. Janaki Nair, show us what big work you were doing that the presence of school kids at your campus for a day has caused such deep disquiet within you. No, I refuse to buy your silly excuse that your hi-fi research has been interrupted by a couple of school kids. If that has indeed happened, you are just a bad researcher.

I’ll tell you what’s going on. You anti-national “researchers” know well that you are parasites, living off the hard earned money of the people of this land. You know well that if people really found out how you and your friends are plundering us, they would rise up in revolt against your privileged existence. Now, the school kids who spent one day on campus couldn’t possibly have discovered your secret. But such is the nature of guilt that you fear the slightest ray of sunshine. You are paranoid about anything leaking out of your campus because you know what you are doing and you are terrified of getting caught. You academic cockroaches in the anti-national humanities departments are terrified of the kitchen light being switched on. 

Let’s just take a moment to reflect on the sea of irony here. These are the academics at JNU who supposedly spend their lives reflecting on the plight of the most dispossessed people of this land. This is JNU which prides itself on producing savage critiques of how the modern Indian state heartlessly ignores the last man in line. And this is the same JNU where academics paid with public money in one of India’s most pampered universities complain about their privileged campus being thrown open to school kids for a day…JUST ONE DAY! Being exposed to eager young minds makes these privileged academics feel cheap and degraded…like “lab animals” as Janaki Nair says. How can Janaki Nair submit to the humiliation of being in the presence of ordinary people for even a day? How will she think about the dispossessed tribals of Jharkhand unless she is in the lap of luxury away from the teeming millions?

Not to mention the curious class hatred in this part:


What? The new Vice-Chancellor might have the “tunnel vision” of turning JNU into an IIT! What a tragedy that would be, right?

Janaki Nair is scared. Very scared of JNU turning into an IIT. And IIT Delhi to be specific. As she mentions, it is already bad enough that JNU is adjacent to IIT Delhi. And now there is a real fear that it might become similar to IIT Delhi. I mean… what do IITs do? They take young students who excel in science and give them a world class education. These IITians work for corporations, they found corporations, they do research and innovation in India and abroad. In short, IIT is a ray of light. And academic cockroaches fear the light more than anything else. If every institution in India starts helping bright young scientific and technological minds realize their potential, what will happen to the privileged Lutyens kids and the backbenchers who came to JNU after flunking math and science, ready to be turned into Communist zombies? Who will raise slogans of Bharat ki barbaadi?

Turning JNU into an IIT will bring in bright kids with bright futures. They are actually going to want an education rather than an indoctrination in systems of thought that have an established record of colossal failure. And what will Janaki Nair do then?



Oh! Got her MA from  JNU as well? This Janaki Nair seems well and truly a creature of the swamp, for the swamp and by the swamp.

Friends, this academic cockroach is just one of many festering in the cesspool of the humanities. This is just one example of the kind of filthy creature that awaits to infect young minds at India’s most pampered universities. The diseases they carry are anti-nationalism and Hinduphobia. These people are the *real* danger.

15 thoughts on “Academic cockroach from JNU fears the kitchen light being switched on

  1. Since I am from one of those tunnel visioned (pun deliberately intended) IIXs, I would like to say the following about ‘Open Days’:

    1. The concept of ‘Open Days’ is to inspire the young minds in many ways. Some get awed by the cutting edge research projects and some get attracted by the wonderful campus and facilities. In a very vague sense, you could say that it is a way to give a ‘preview’ to curious, impressionable minds.

    2. ‘Open Days’ provide researchers (most of them being Doctoral-students/PAs/TAs/RAs and NOT the professors themselves) an opportunity to teach by demonstrating (notice that I have not used the word ‘lecture’). This experience is highly invaluable by all counts.


    Regarding the case of Ms. Nair, she would do much better for herself if she could finally accept the fact that JNU’s has a new VC (and that he is a Scientist/Engineer). Like every other scientist, Prof. Jagadeesh Kumar would demand greater rationality, objectivity and transparency then a regular Humanities guy. For him, natural curiosity, passion to give back to the society and sense of urgency is important.


  2. CW …you have successfully destroyed the pathetic article and highlighted the narrow mind of this female!

    JNU , den of anti nationals and communist criminal…..should be unceremoniously closed down or totally revamped….or else it will remain a parasite, and create more academic cockroaches!


  3. I agree with Sri mmsrinivas. JNU must be closed down and quarantined for a century and then bulldozed. There is no hope of communist criminals of JNU ever reformed. Even JN as incompatible as he was to Bharat must be turning in his grave with the name JNU just as past Hindus of Tamilnadu must be turning in their graves with the name Hindu given to an anti Hindu newspaper.


    1. We the people paid for JNU. We should not close it down. We have to get rid of the stinking Commie nests and bring in new blood and new hope. I think the new VC is doing the right thing by changing things. Let the cockroaches run.


  4. This will most probably be deleted but Malayali people are the worst group of Indians.Just because a lot of them are educated,it doesn’t mean that they are intelligent.That place is infested with Hindu hating leftists.All that coconut oil fries their grey cells.Many of them boast about leftist Kerala but work in capitalist Dubai(usually clean toilets at the airport).And they have the nerve to spew venom against capitalism and Hinduism and Modi Hey,if Kerala is so great,why are you guys working outside Kerala.Oh that’s right,because Kerala is a sh!thole.They know it deep down.


  5. All the lectures of JNU ((and all institutes of high learning) classrooms of all courses be recorded and uploaded on the internet (preferably unedited), Science quotient in the JNU should be increased and funds for humanities especially socialsciences be decreased. Transform JNU.


    1. This is actually the real way to destroy the Communist cobwebs at the institution. Boost the science and technology schools at JNU, divert funds to them…give them grants…bring in great new staff. Shine a light and the cockroaches will run away.


  6. I actually agree with Janaki Nair here. Who in his right mind will want bright, optimistic kids to meet JNU professors from the history department ? Prof. Jagdeesh Kumar’s intentions were right no doubt. But he should have thought a little before exposing kids to the venom from JNU arts professors.

    Or maybe it was an inoculation of sorts for the kids. Expose them to one day at the arts department so that the brighter kids stay away from the arts department forever. If this was the VC’s intention behind the open day, then the VC should be applauded. Maybe the idea should be taken further and UGC should telecast a days worth of JNU lectures and make it compulsory school viewing. Most of the kids will go “ugh ugh” and avoid the arts department the way we avoid a garbage truck.


  7. There is a difference between IITs and JNU. IITs produce scholars who become the leaders in corporations while JNU prodeces scholars in organizing strikes in these corporations. JNU produces experts in arranging Rail-Roko organization. Many of the JNU students spend their youth years on scholarship and assistant-ship and in their ripe old age go become leaders of unions.


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