Samajwadi Party feud : Can I say I don’t know?

So the Samajwadi Party had to make a splash at the end of the year. And tonight Modi might as well have something big up his sleeve. The whole country will be watching when he says “Mitron”. Clearly, the BJP and the SP have decided that we will have a politically heated new year. If this is not evidence of collusion between the two parties, I don’t know what is…

In this season, everyone has to be an “expert”, someone who is “in the know”. Leading the pack are alleged journos who have randomly guessed every possible political scenario at least once in the last six months. And now they are digging back into their Twitter timelines and claiming credit for that one possibly correct guess among a hundred.


It is quite another matter that the entire journalist fraternity was confidently reporting on a Cong+SP+RLD alliance less than a week ago. Some “sources” had gone so far as to give out even the exact number of seats each alliance partner was to get. Some “sources” went even further, claiming that the partners had finished discussing numbers of seats and were now deciding *which* seats to contest.

It was all wrapped up: Akhilesh was going to sweep the polls, with some reflected glory on the pampered Pappu.


And then Mulayam Singh Yadav burst onto the scene, ruling out any alliance with anyone. The frustration in Lutyens Delhi was exploding.


You know things are bad when the Lutyens cabal gets angry with the patriarch of caste politics in the Hindi heartland. I mean Mulayam split out a Hindu caste and made them vote for Muslim appeasement. What could be closer to the idea of India?

Saba Naqvi, the (un)official spokeperson for AAP, did even less to conceal her anger:


BJP game? Why BJP? Ha! Ha! So you know it too Saba! You know just as well as everyone else that this might be a fixed election between Amit Shah and Mulayam Singh Yadav. They might have made a deal for BJP to get UP this time and Akhilesh to take UP the next time, with Mayawati’s party finished forever.

But why “shameless”, Ms. Saba Naqvi? What is so shameless in striking political deals? When Laloo Yadav and Nitish Kumar made a deal, you didn’t say that was shameless. When Rahul Gandhi went on a yatra from Deoria to Dilli talking of “27 saal UP behaal” and still opened alliance talks with the ruling SP, you didn’t say that was shameless. When CPI(M) allied with Congress in Bengal, you didn’t think that was shameless. When the Commies propped up a government headed by Manmohan Singh, you didn’t think that was shameless. Now suddenly when BJP plays dirty, you begin to do research on the politics of shame? Sad to break it to you, but people like Mulayam Singh Yadav…the captains of your beloved idea of India were always shameless and always up for sale to the highest bidder. You were happy as long as the deals they made were benefitting Lutyens jackals like you. Now it seems some of your patrons may have struck a deal with your enemies and left the jackals out in the cold. The only shameless loser here is you.

Yes, so if BJP is playing dirty, I welcome it. It is about time. You play your dirty intolerance games. Don’t expect the other side to play dead.

But the honest truth is, I don’t know. That should not be very hard to admit, but it seems to be the case with most of Lutyens Delhi.  Is this a calculated move by Mulayam Singh Yadav to make Akhilesh a hero? Or is there a deal between Amit Shah and Mulayam Singh Yadav? Maybe it is both. If there is a deal, is Akhilesh involved or not? We don’t know, but we are watching. This is going to be fascinating.

7 thoughts on “Samajwadi Party feud : Can I say I don’t know?

  1. Welcome back CW. The SP drama is clearly to make akhileah hero. The split has happened just before elections, which proves that this was executed to stop Muslim votes going to BSP. Akhilesh has already given indication that,he will like to ally with congress. Sadly media and liberals will never talk about Muslim polarization , but when Hindus just give indication to support BJP, they will be lebelled as communal. If upwallas still do not understand this plot, and vote for criminals then I think they will seriously give competition to delhiities.


  2. Guys, i found one interesting comment sometime back. It says, BJP may intentionally lose up election. This may be reason why bjp has not projected any cm candidate. Because, if bjp wins, then they will have very less time to improve situation in up before 2019 loksabha elections. This may not go down well and it will affect bjp tally. But if there is no clear majority or BSP/SP gets majority, BJP can prove that there is no alternative except BJP, and so they can repeat 2014 up tally. The best scenario for this may be, if bjp gets 160 to 180 seats, and so no one gets majority. or bjp stays in opposition till 2019.


    1. Ragavan says…

      It requires tremendous level of guts and honesty to say “I don’t know” in public. You proved that you have that thing called “guts” and “honesty”, whereas so called journos do not have that. Apart from that, it really is going to be too fascinating….


  3. CW…Happy New Year….As per UP concerned I am sure BJP Vote bank is fixed and they will vote for BJP for sure… Lutein media dying for Muslim + Fala Fala Alliance but they will be prove wrong once again just like 2014 vote bank is bigger then united Hindu Vote Bank.. `


  4. Father-Son are jokers as are those who vote for them. Pretend to fight, then pretend to patch up. All the while governance goes for a toss.


  5. The issue is that Akhilesh has back stabbed and usurped SP from Mulayam. The fight is real.
    Mulayam has 2 wives. So it makes it more delicate.


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