Peaceful forces on the verge of snatching Bengal

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You don’t need to stand up for anything except for the truth. I have put in boldface the names of all the provinces that have been wholly or partly snatched from us in 1947. Gone forever with no possibility of recovery. If any possibility remains, it is that they will come back for more and more until nothing is left of Bharat.

As our illustrious leaders agreed in 1947, what is theirs is theirs. What is ours shall forever be negotiable. Until of course our entire existence is “negotiated” away and a black veil of “peace” descends over all of this ancient land.

Less than two months ago, a Hindu cycle repairman Indrajit Dutta in Bengal’s Mallarpur was lynched to death for refusing to contribute to Muharram observances. But Bengal isn’t Dadri and there was no chance here of blaming the crime on Gau Rakshaks. So for our media and our elites, there was no reason for concern. Life went on at the usual pace, “intolerance” was reported from many parts of the country… angry tweets from online Bhakts continued to be the biggest issue facing the nation.

I have wanted to write about the recent events in West Bengal for well over a week now. However, I have a principle of never writing about something unless I can back it up from two or more sources. As an added layer of protection, I prefer sources that are ideologically opposed to me (such as NDTV or The Hindu or The Indian Express), so that nobody can challenge me on the facts. I am not a journalist. That’s why I have standards.

I have waited and waited, but the events in Dhulagarh near Howrah in West Bengal have been blacked out so completely by mainstream media that they have left me with no option but to go with stuff circulating on social media. So, some of the photos and videos below may be true and some may be false, while others could be misrepresentations or exaggerations. Read at your own risk. As I said, I have standards. Because I am not a journalist.

Roughly, it seems that this is what happened : On Eid-ul-Milad day, a procession of peacefuls attacked Hindu homes and shops in Dhulagarh near Howrah.

Please understand that this is not a remote village in the rural hinterland. This is Howrah, home to Kolkata’s massive Howrah Railway Station. This is Howrah, home to the iconic “Howrah bridge”, a symbol of the city of Kolkata. This is an area where every square inch is densely covered by a mob of TV channels. This might as well have been happening in the backyard of India Gate in New Delhi.

And yet, the persecution of Hindus continues unabated in West Bengal, hidden in plain sight of a thousand media eyes. I guess this is what happens when you wear the full veil over the face, you can’t see anything even though it might literally be inches from your nose.

There are recordings circulating on social media that claim to be calls from angry citizens calling up media houses demanding that Dhulagarh be covered. I can’t confirm this, but the voice does appear to be that of Rajdeep Sardesai in this one.

In fact, Rajdeep was really angry at getting to hear from common people. Idiots all of them. Don’t they know that Rajdeep only does the truly hard hitting news stuff? The idiots should stop calling him… what if Madam calls him to take another hard hitting interview and his phone is busy? The “interview of the century” might go to another “reporter” and Rajdeep might forever miss out on being the person who broke the story of which color is Sonia Gandhi’s favorite..


The Bhakts want Bengal riots “covered” and they are calling Rajdeep? Don’t they know he only does “cover-ups”?

Here is another “idiot” who supposedly called NDTV:

Yes, this is no Barun Kashyap story to deserve a prime time billing. Nor are these “church attacks”. Why would anyone care?

In conclusion, I would like to point something out, which I think is most important here. Yes, the so called mainstream media blacked out the story. But, more importantly, you know who else blacked it out? Hindus themselves. In Bengali, we say that unless the baby cries for attention, even the mother will not give it milk. This story got blacked out because Hindus didn’t care and did not want to care. There are a billion Hindus in this country and if a good number of them really cared about the issues facing Hindus today, there would be a hundred million voices speaking about about this tragedy. There would be no need to feel bad about a blackout by Lutyens crooks.

But Hindus don’t care. We refuse to learn from history. We watch as history repeats itself but we say nothing. From Taimur to Taimur, we make a virtue out of surrender.


9 thoughts on “Peaceful forces on the verge of snatching Bengal

  1. What a miserable feeling it is to see Hindus getting such treatment in their own land and added to it you have the media ignoring and the GOI doing nothing!

    I wonder when such things will stop?


  2. Well if the so called Hindu Hriday Samrat turns out to be a wannabe Sharia Banker and a Teresa fan boy, not much to say. BJP is the most dishonest party and its leaders truly p!mp$. They do khoon ki dalaali of Hindu blood. And moronic development cheergirls shamelessly follow the fraudster Modi.
    I now seriously believe that either VHP or Hindu Mahasabha should contest elections and Shiv Sena should be supported by Hindus. At least the family of Bal Thackeray doesn’t do shameless ‘strategic appeasement’.
    If we are blaming ‘Hindus’ then can we blame ourselves? When we ignore sellout by Modi and still do his shameless cheer leading.
    This guy is an out n out fraud.


  3. i visited Chandni Chowk and GIP Mall Noida today. Salesmen from Religion of Love were singing christmas carols, distributing phamlets and idiot Hindu middle class families with their kids were both spectators and participators in the show. I may be biased becoz i am a right wing sanghi as liberals would dismiss me asking what possible harm can singing a few carols make ? Well my miopic thinking tells me as a kid one is very influenced by what they see and santa giving chocolates and everyone making merry is bound to stick to a kids memory and growing up he/she is bound to brand the things we Hindu celebrate as stupid and why we all dont celebrate christmas.

    Point of my ranting being Hindu’s are a lost cause. We are divided among ourselves, we don’t value our own culture and practices, we have no sense of unity and most pathetic we are not even sensitive to pain faced by Hindus in our immediate neighborhood. So when shit is going to hit the fan in Bengal, Hindus are to blame for it. Those who don’t stand for themselves don’t deserve to be respected and in the modern era not even exist [read Germany].

    On the bright side for me today, there was a small stall selling ‘Gita As it is’ inside the mall. I got a copy maybe it will give me some much needed peace.


  4. When I was in high school, I remember a Sloka in our Sanskrit textbook. The Sloka described eleven ways why one would not see a thing, like if the thing is too far, or too near to your eye-balls or a wall is in between you and the thing so on and so fourth. I guess this falls under both too far for some and too near for some. For Mamata, it is too near. She can see long bank lines in Delhi, but not this.

    There is a book written by a black man (I forgot his name) for black people and he advises the black people that unless you love who you are and proud of who you are, you will never be happy. I wonder if Hindus like Mamata, Rajdeep, Barkha etc can ever be happy hating who they are?

    On a separate note, did I see a spat between Sonam Mahajan and Mediacrooks? They both should be on the same page. We RWs are few and far in between. We can’t afford to fight among ourselves.


  5. Nailed it..i m not i have standards….
    Hindus r more or less responsible for their situation…when theae RoP has shown their real colours every now n then….then why does stupid hindus keep including them in their fold..why cant hindus stop them…why try to be secular…now hindus r celebrating Christmas…have u ever seen Christian celebrating diwali…


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