“Idea of India” is to communalize the Army



It is about two and a half months since the Opposition was left reeling under Modi’s surgical strikes across the LoC. Why the Opposition was so angry about our military success, if not more angry than Pakistan, is a matter that will be judged by the wider public and generations to come. Nevertheless, the Opposition wiped off the egg from their faces and began a pathetic bleat of “don’t politicize the Army”.

Seems what they wanted to do to the Army was much worse. They didn’t want to politicize the Army, they just wanted to communalize it.

We know that the Dynasty has already spoken through the Poonawalla brothers. I am actually waiting for Arvind Kejriwal to wade into this with the Muslim angle. After the surgical strikes, he prudently kept his mouth shut for a week. But then, his unhealthy obsession with Modi got the better of him. He got his fingers badly burned, leading to situations like this.


But if Kejriwal’s history is any indication, he will lose the battle to keep his mouth shut. His itch gets the better of him every single time. Come on Kejriwal, you have a tremendous opportunity here to get the Nishan-e-Pakistan. Don’t let it go. Already, some of AAP surrogates have started saying it.


Wonder where AAP’s surrogates learned to speak like this? Perhaps from the piece of scum who sits at the head of their table.


Folks, this is the “idea of India” in one single bitter, poison fruit. Reduce each and every single thing to caste, religion, language and identity. Didn’t I tell you that the “idea of India” is to have no India at all, just a mishmash of identities? They in Lutyens’ Delhi like it this way, because they belong to the class of Macaulayputras who learned “Divide and Rule” at the feet of the British King-Emperor.

This is what they want. Hey, why isn’t the Army Chief a Bengali? This is an insult to Bengal. And to Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu as well. Why isn’t the Army Chief from there? What about Jat or Dalit or Gujjar or Yadav? And what about OBC, EBC, Mahadalit and any other identity that divisive secular politicians can dream up?

If you think I am stretching this, listen to Lutyens lawyer Sanjay Hegde.


Oh, so now Modi is favoring Uttarakhand. A few days earlier, another creepy crawly from Lutyens saw this threat.


Of course, the real pain was here:


What they really mean to say is this : “NSA, Army Chief, Navy Chief, Air Force Chief, RAW Chief, IB Chief…all Indians. Remarkable. Not even one Pakistani.

The day is not far when secular scum will begin campaigns promising to choose Army Chief of this caste or that caste. Or if you are superbly hypocritical like AAP, they will promise to make a Dalit the “Deputy Chief” of the Indian Army. Because we all know that no Dalit could be qualified to be the actual chief.


On a side note, notice this:


But Jains don’t count as a “real minority”, because they do not have the numerical strength for a secular politician to play vote bank politics, right?

For me, the most shameful and most sinister tweet of the day came from Prashant Bhushan. He is one of this country’s biggest lawyers. He really should have known better than this:


The worst thing in this tweet is the dog whistle insulting Lt. Gen. Mohammad Ali Hariz. Let’s say for a moment Modi is planning a war with Pakistan. Are you Prashant Bhushan suggesting that there are reasons why Lt. Gen. Hariz would be less qualified to lead India in such a war?

If you want to see Modi smack down the secular losers over their pathetic politics, watch this exchange with Digvijay Singh, which went viral on youtube a few years ago.

On the question of “how many BJP tickets were given to Muslims in Gujarat”, Modi explains : “I have a problem with this kind of thinking…. Gujarat has Sikhs, Gujarat has Parsees… did you ask? Are these the considerations on which we should be running the country?”

This is a doob maro moment for secularism in this country. Go to hell.


13 thoughts on ““Idea of India” is to communalize the Army

  1. CW good post!….You have successfully highlighted what these people are good at….pathetic communal/cast politics!!

    The way they bat for these ‘peaceful community’ makes one puke!


      1. Not to forget how Congressman Abshishek manu Singhvi was selecting women judges in private! Do these crawlers have any moral stand to question?


  2. what really gets me reading this is how deeply corrupt n dishonest the left-liberal secular cabal is. The visceral hate and opposition you see coming out on a daily basis to each and every GOI move goes to show to what extend these scoundrels will go to get power in the centre. And to imagine that we were goverened by these pathetic dolts for 6 decades only amazes me how we have come this far ? I do believe that the common people of India are more resilient and though in the past they were widely managed by MSM n local manipulations , story is not the same after the advent of SM and bloggers (thanks to CW 🙂 ).

    We cannot afford anymore mismanagement of our aspirations, economy and most importantly divisive attacks on our core societal values. I hope the common man understands n sees through the vile game being played by these forces and remembers to never vote such political parties ever again. NEVER AGAIN.


    1. These people are so blinded by hate that they cannot see how India is moving towards a new dawn. History will remember that these people only whined and complained when history was being made.


  3. I wonder how would the seculars feel if one spoke to them about the war cry of 11 Gorkha Rifles (the Regiment Gen. Rawat once commanded): Jai Mahakali, Ayo Gorkhali!



  4. The seculars will never cite APJ Abdul Kalam because he did not fit their idea of India or idea of secularism. All seculars hate APJ Abdul Kalam and everyone else loves him.
    Is this not strange ?


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