BJP needs to shepherd AIADMK

Well, the state of Tamil Nadu is in a precarious situation. On the one hand, there is a party with a clear majority. What is more, they have a tsunami of sympathy backing them. I wonder how many seats the AIADMK would win if elections were held today? 1991 type verdict? Even bigger? Tamil friends please comment and let me know what you think.

And yet, the ruling party has every reason to be nervous. And sadly, the right wing all across India needs to fear for their future.

By design, the AIADMK never had a back up plan. No Plan B. No second rung of leadership. The very existence of the party was based on the assumption that Amma is eternal. Amma was only 68 … the AIADMK workers never expected such a calamity. Honestly, neither did I. Even though she had spent over 60 days in the hospital, I was actually quite confident that she would recover and come back to take charge of the state. This was just way too sudden.

And now we have an orphaned party at the helm of a very important state. Scary.

The DMK knows that it has no chance right now. But that’s ok. Because there is no election coming anyway. The election is more than four and a half years away. That is ample time for Jayalalitha’s aides to fight bitterly among themselves for succession, to let governance go to the dogs and for the public sympathy to evaporate. This is not good news at all. If we stick to the classical rules of politics, AIADMK is getting wiped out in the 2021 polls in Tamil Nadu… 1996 style. And people of Tamil Nadu are not known for pulling their punches when punishing a government. Jayalalitha herself lost from the Bargur seat in 1996.

Worse, the wipeout for AIADMK may come in the 2019 Lok Sabha polls. Bad news again, considering that if BJP fell short of 272 in 2019, the first phone call would definitely have gone out to Amma. The second call would have gone to BJD ….and increasingly I think the third call would have gone to Hyderabad.

Fortunately, in this time of churning, our beloved Rahul Gandhi never fails to give us a morale booster.


He is our lucky charm, isn’t he? Whenever we are under a cloud, he never fails to provide a silver lining.

Well that big smile of his …which has gone viral in Tamil Nadu … made doubly sure that Congress won’t be getting a foot in the door anytime soon. Thanks Rahul, you are a natural calamity for your party.

It is time for the BJP to step in amid the churning. The Prime Minister, who has massive goodwill everywhere in the country, has to give his clear blessing to the AIADMK. And play mediator between Jayalalitha’s warring aides. The governance in Tamil Nadu cannot be allowed to collapse.

Honestly, Jayalalitha’s aides are quite simply lesser mortals, without real leadership temperament. I just don’t think Paneerselvam or Thambidurai or Sasikala have what it takes to run a state the size of Tamil Nadu. Jayalalitha taught them to follow, not to lead. We need a strong leader who can keep these aides from drowning governance in the state due to quarrels that are guaranteed to begin in a few days. I think the Prime Minister is perfectly suited for this role. Most importantly, the people of the state need to be assured that their state government has not become rudderless … and that the Center stands firmly behind the AIADMK government.

Honestly, no one else but Modi can do it. Any other BJP leader trying this would face a wall of mistrust from the people of the state. Only Modi has the deep seated goodwill and credibility to pull it off without seeming like he is undermining the regional aspirations of the people of Tamil Nadu.

At the same time, the process must begin for harmonizing the AIADMK with the BJP ecosystem. This is really a repeat of what happened to the AGP in Assam. A slow process beginning with the absorption of low level cadres, respecting the uniqueness of Tamil politics while placing it within the larger national agenda of the RSS. We must remember that a LOT of poison has been pumped into Tamil Nadu by the so called “Dravidian politics” based on false “two race theories” created by the British and fanned by the idea of India brigade. Jayalalitha, a Hindu who never appeared in public without a mark on her forehead,  played a huge role herself  in bending that flow. It’s time to take it to the logical conclusion.


25 thoughts on “BJP needs to shepherd AIADMK

  1. Very good post.Had this unfortunate event happened in the middle of last year,the fact that AIADMK has no real 2nd rung of leadership + their abysmal handling of the floods would have ensured a wipeout.Thankfully,they have time to recover.And take it from me,if Sasikala becomes AIADMK’s candidate for 2021,their performance will be very similar to Cong’s performance in 2014.People really dislike her.


  2. TN desperately needs a good 3rd party.TN BJP is a force only around Kanyakumari(they won a LS seat there) and seem to have gained in Coimbatore but apart from that,BJP is a non entity in TN.The only good BJP leader from TN is Subramanian Swamy.He should be given a greater role in TN BJP.BJP should try doing what TMC did in WB.They inducted a lot of celebrities in their party and it really worked.BJP should try to replicate the TMC model and induct many Tamil celebrities.


  3. I think if AIDMK able to keep away the clout of Sasikala form Govt and Party slowly Slowly then it could be possible to retain Position in TN Politics else this Lady will destroy everything.. Sasikala is Anti PM Modi because she believe that PM Modi Only person who alerted AMMA to keep aware of conspiracy of Sasikala. I have gut feeling that Sasikala only Reduce Amma Life more then 10 year by doing slow poison in long term strategy way…It might be Untrue.. But I doubt.. on this…


    1. Something very disturbing about Sasikala. This earthquake in Tamil politics has messed up all the equations. Honestly, I think it’s curtains for AIADMK. That’s why BJP should begin preparations to absorb AIADMK slowly into their system.


  4. P Sudarshan, prof in the (commie) HR dept of IITM answers thus:
    Q: There is also talk that the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) will take advantage to establish itself in Tamil Nadu.
    A: … (some generic stuff)
    Tamil Nadu is a strong Dravidian state and people do not like the State interfering in their religion.

    This is as bad as a commie propaganda as it gets. This is what BJP will be up against in TN. All parties in TN which dabble in religion freely (against Hinduism and for everything else – it’s not ok to say Diwali greetings, but it’s ok to wish on Christmas and Ramzan etc) are supposed to be non-religious while BJP interferes in personal religion.

    There was even one guy who blabbered that because the dravidian parties are atheist and rationalist they chose to bury JJ and not cremate her. Really? Burial is atheistic and rational? That too for a woman who freely admitted that she was a Hindu Brahmin.

    This is what BJP will go against. To arrest this, they need a leader that people can look up to. NM has a great following, but they need a charismatic local leader. TN politics has always been personality driven. Anna, KK, MGR, JJ et al. Stalin is emerging as that next person in DMK (if only KK would step aside and stop dragging in Kanimozhi and such), but at the age of 65 and with KK still casting his shadow.

    How BJP will find such a person is tough to see – unless they rope in Rajni and cultivate him in politics.


  5. Hi CW,
    I have been following your posts for sometime now.
    This is my first response however

    As resident of TN, I can tell you that after knowing that AIADMK is under that family, you can mark my words that it is going to be a disater for the party and the state as well.

    After the sympathy subsides and when the elections happen, irrespective of what happens in between , DMK will be back. I am saying this because people always look for strong leadership. Also we cannot forget that DMK lost the election by a whisper and that too because of the extra luggage Congress.
    IMO BJP should nurture a state level leader if it wants to grow rather than siding with ADMK which is anyway set to lose the next election, come whatever may

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    1. Welcome to commenting on this blog Aravindan 🙂

      I have to agree with you. I see very little chance of AIADMK winning the next election. My post was more like searching for ways to get them a fighting chance. In normal course, AIADMK staring at 1996 like wipeout.


  6. There is an urgency which Hindus of Tamilnadu should not miss and Hindus of rest of India should not flounder. Otherwise, we do not deserve to be free and prosperous.
    Hindus of Tamilnadu should unite for their survival and learn to work as team under a staunch Hindu party or existing BJP as against their disasasterous natural individualistic way. Select the leaders and elect the party in the best interest of Tamil Hindus and rest of all Indians, as Hindus are the best bid for non Hindus everywhere in the world.


  7. After reading so many comments (and frankly many other news outlet), if Shashikala is so bad, why JJ kept her so near? What does that tell us about JJ’s political judgement?

    One ray of hope I see is, Karunanidhi will be gone soon and after he is gone there will be major quarrel in that party too. So there will be some nullifying effect.


    1. I think it’s unlikely that DMK will have much of a fight. Maybe there will be a split, but it will be more like 99% vs 1% split. Alagiri is the clear loser in the family battle. M K Stalin clear successor.

      I think Jayalalitha cultivated followers, not leaders. Sasikala was just an aide.


  8. Hi CW,

    as a resident of TN & chennai from birth and an avid follower of politics, I agree that it is a tough time for the AIADMK and Iam sure it will not survive. if karunanidhi also passes away(he is still very cunning), even DMK would be splitting and that is when there is a chance of national parties trying to get some foothold in the state. the so called dravidian politics and tamil pride is more so a creation of the xlamists who want to keep the hindus feel bad about themselves and deprive them of any self-confidence. many of the so called tamil nurturing institutions are actually a cover for soul harvesting. there ate christian versions of bharathanatyam, christian versions of carnatic music and so on coming up. come and visit chennai and you will find that every church now has got a ‘kodimaram’ , a large pillar that is traditional in all the hindu temples. the churches light ‘kuthuvilakku'(lamps) nowadays. like people go to tirupathi/palani wearing saffron dress, nowadays xtians are asked to walk to velankanni wearing saffron!!. there is a matrimony service called as christian brahmin matrimony service helping brahmin converts to find able christian brides/bridegrooms. Unfortunately, Cho also passed the very next day. of course, he has not been active too for the last few months. None of the so called BJP state leaders in TN have any self-confidence and thye never went and met people. But, RSS is definitely popular in most of the villages and small towns too and that is the route BJP has to take. slowly, the foot soldiers of AIADMK have to be made to realise that only BJP is the future and just like in AIADMK where any person can become a MP or a MLA unlike DMK where you need to be close to the power center, in BJP also it is possible by citing the chaiwala(modiji) example.
    but habits die hard and hence BJP also has to play tamil card only. tarun vijay (uttarakhand MP) was doing that and he was accepted by all the so called tamil nationists party too like DK, PMK, DMDK etc., the irony is that most of the leaders who head the so called tamil parties are not tamilians at all. I wanted to write more on these things, but for later.


    1. Concur totally. Chances of AIADMK survival appear slim. I don’t think DMK will have a big problem after Karunanidhi. There might be a “split”, but that’ll be more like a 99% vs 1% split. Alagiri is the clear loser and Stalin the obvious successor.


    1. AS, it looks like you got your wish. Govt has disallowed Islamic banking.

      Personally, I am against the decision. “Islamic” was just a name here for a form of banking that is actually not bad. It’s arguably more stable than the speculation based economics of the “banksters”.


      1. U have no clue of Islamic banking my friend.
        Leave aside its financial functioning aspects (which is a joke) its a major conduit for terror funds.
        And last but most important, anything ‘Islamic’ not acceptable. I suggest people get out of their silly ‘development’ mania.


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