Om Shanti

I don’t think that it would be appropriate to talk about anything else today, other than pay a tribute to Selvi Jayalalitha.


I have to admit that I feel kind of lame writing this post. The main reason behind this is my near total lack of understanding of the pivots of Tamil politics. So if you find my thoughts naive and somewhat funny, please excuse. If you spot something that you feel is blatantly ignorant, kindly point it out.

I always had a soft corner for the AIADMK. I have always been very uncomfortable with the whole idea of “Dravidian politics”. To me at least, it sounds perilously similar to the “idea of India” school of thinking. Essentially the whole “idea of India” is that there is no such thing as India.  The so called “Dravidian politics” is just one of many attempts to deny the oneness of the nation, seeded in deliberately false theories spread by the British and coddled by Indian liberals because of their potential to divide the Indian people.

And I have always felt that AIADMK has played an important role in preventing Dravidian politics from breaking away from the nation’s Hindu core. It must be mentioned that AIADMK collected bricks for the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. Bricks collected from the deep south for a Ram temple in the deep north. Ha! This is precisely the kind of activity that reveals the uniqueness and oneness of the Hindu nation. This is precisely the kind of thing that will make an “idea of India” liberal gnash his teeth in anger.

Reminds me of the time in Parliament when Sushma Swaraj made Somnath Chatterjee squirm in his seat by reminding him that his parents named him (a Bengali) after a temple in distant Gujarat! Deny the oneness of India all you want, Mr. Communist, but the evidence is all around you. I made a brief attempt to find the video…but did not succeed immediately… one day I will post it for sure.

In fact, Jayalalitha’s passing and the possible disintegration of the AIADMK has just opened up a huge hole in our ranks. The Religion of Peace and the Religion of Love are fancying their chances. The deep south is now in peril. It is hard to tell whether Paneerselvam or Thambidurai have the temperament to fight the way it has to be fought. Unless a pro-Hindu force emerges rapidly, Tamil Nadu could become yet another broken arm of Bharat. I cite to you the 10 disastrous years of missionaries preying freely in undivided Andhra Pradesh. Elections will come and go, but wounds like these become open sores for generations to come.

In short, this is a difficult moment. And for the departed, Om Shanti.

37 thoughts on “Om Shanti

  1. Hello. This is the first time I am replying to your articles, though I appreciate many of them.
    With the fall of Jayalalitha, the AIADMK party will likely disintegrate in a short time and a big chunk will merge with DMK, which is a cadre based party.
    This is a huge opportunity for BJP to establish itself in TN. The next elections are 4-1/2 years away (theoretically). Of course, the local unit of BJP is very weak. But Modi has a good visibility now and the party needs to find a few good local leaders to project. Luckily, movie stars have less charm now-a-days than before. Else it is only dynasty politics in TN.


  2. Amma is no more….May her soul attain salvation.

    The last protector of Dharma in TN has died. 

    It will be a free hand for all Xtian missionaries and their NGOs in TN. 

    Tamil Nadu has lost its great leader who has proven her excellence through her great administrative skills and one of the best chief ministers TN ever had.

    Her sad demise is a great loss for Hindus. One of the other main reasons AMMA was liked and admired by most people was she was one of very few political leader in the state who was NOT Anti-Hindu or Anti-India.

    She being a Hindu wonder why they are talking of burying….being a Hindu it is important to cremate.

    I liked her, even more after she screwed mental and physical midget K Tapar in a interview!


    1. protector of ‘Dharma’? She attacked Hindu religious institutions and leaders. gave money to christians for haj to jerusalem. supported islamists in the past. some say she was a closet christian. hence ‘burial’.


      1. It’s all relative, AS. Compare to the boastfully anti-Hindu politics of the DMK. They used to ask: “Who is Ram? Which engineering college he went to?”

        It is Jaya who pushed Dravidian politics into the Hindu fold. You should know that ADMK has always had Ram Temple in its manifesto. The only two other parties that do this are BJP and Shiv Sena.


        1. I also know that the BJP PM is a Teresa fan.
          Except Bala Saheb Thackeray and Advani and Uma Bharti there hasn’t been an honest Hindu leader.
          Enjoy the coming Republic Day with an Arab Dog and his sharia banking.

          I am sure Maa Ganga is happy.


      1. Cho Ramaswamy was a rare journalist, who could criticize all politicians and still gain respect from them. He was close friend of Jayalalitha and both had acted together in quite a few stage dramas.


  3. Well,I live in TN(though I am not from TN) and though she had a lot of flaws,she had a load of positives as well.She was good at heart.May her soul rest in peace.


  4. AIADMK and BJD are the only non-NDA parties that aren’t anti-Hindu.BJP should bring them into the NDA fold.Especially BJD.21/21 LS seats in Odisha guaranteed for NDA if BJD joins.BJP and BJD were allies till 2009.


  5.  Fully backing the construction of a Ram temple at Ayodhya, the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, Jayalalithaa, today(July 29 2003) declared that

    “if we cannot build a temple in India for Lord Rama, then where else can we build it? It should be built.”


  6. CW Thanks for the perspective you have brought to the role of Ms. Jayalalitha and ADMK. Being part of state our views get impacted by so many issues we face on daily basis. However, the bigger picture you have brought can put the rest of issues to insignificant status. I guess we are going to face a much bigger challenge “unless a pro hindu force emerges rapidly”. Being from a Brahmin family and a lady it takes colossal courage to have reached where she has reached. May her soul attain salvation. Hope a pro-hindu force emerges rapidly


    1. Indeed, I am really worried about Tamil Nadu now. The missionaries will be emboldened with Jaya’s passing. She used to keep these people at bay. Pro-Hindu forces have to make sure the missionaries cannot exploit this hole.


  7. CW, wonderful post. I have to admit I am on the same boat as you are. My knowledge of Amma herself and the entire landscape of TN politics is very much based on what I have read in media etc. I may not agree with her style of politics (the doles to the poor etc. at election times) but there is no doubt that she was one of the most influential CMs of her time. I have no evidence to back me on this but given that she was CM for 50% of the time since the turn of the century, she must have had some role to play in TN emerging as a manufacturing and services hub in the country. And the biggest reason I admire her is that she has unfailingly put India first (please read her statement in the Parliament in 1984 when she talked about J&K – 30 years ago – the BJP does not talk about it that way even today).

    I seriously share some of the concerns raised here about the implications of her passing away to TN from a polity perspective. Finally, om shanti.


    1. Dallas, you are quite right! TN emerged as a manufacturing hub, especially an automotive manufacturing hub, entirely due to her efforts.

      She was against the forces of conversion and staunchly pro-Hindu, which I don’t believe her party colleagues are. She was also an able and efficient administrator. So it is not just the religion of love and the religion of peace that are fancying their chances — there is also the religion of loot! The last time she was in the hospital, Buddhu air-dashed to Chennai to work up an alliance of sorts, and who knows whether the new guy (Panerselvam) won’t oblige him. Jaya had enough self confidence to repel these kinds of overtures but the new guy would be inexperienced and insecure, and thus vulnerable. So we cannot rule out the possibility of TN turning into another Kerala. In Karnataka the BJP will sweep in 2018 behind BSY if he is allowed to contest. He would be past 75 but NaMo and Amit Shah would have to make an exception in his case. In residual AP Naidu is is a mature and stable ally, so no worries there. The smoke signals emanating from Odisha after demonetization show that with a little persuasion, the BJD can be enticed to join the NDA. But TN is poised on the edge and could go in any direction. I hope that Amit Shah is silently working behind the scenes.


      1. Tamil Nadu is a fairly well developed state. The huge danger now after Jayalalitha’s passing is that missionaries are eyeing the place. If DMK had come back to power in 2016, they would have aggressively pushed missionaries to change the demographics. But now AIADMK might disintegrate. BJP has to reach out determinedly to ADMK to keep them united, absorb some of their leaders if needed and in general make sure DMK style anti-India politics cannot make a comeback.


    2. I have to say TN defies my deeply held principles in many ways. The dole economics of TN drives me nuts. On the other hand, there can be no doubt that TN is one of the more developed states in the country, with decent standards of living and substantial manufacturing base.


    1. I was expecting this and was not surprised at all when I saw it happening live yesterday. This joker was grinning standing behind his mom when congress lost in 2014 as well.He does not even has basic knowledge of things happening around him. He was just attending a ‘function’ you see. For him JJ was just another lady who passed away and he HAD to attend the ‘function’. MORON.


  8. Om shati for Jaya. I do not know much about tamil politics, but I always has sympathy for Jaya, since Karunanidhi was worst. I do not endorse her schemes of dolls. CW, you raised a very important point. There is no mass leader in TN except Karunanidhi, Vijaykant as far as I know, but they are useless. I hope TN does not become second Kerala. May be its time for BJP to act aggressively.


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