Our draconian media : Does journalism have any professional standards?

A few days back, Suhasini Haidar, the “Deputy Resident Editor and Diplomatic Affairs Editor” of The Hindu posted this `news’ story:


First of all, at this point of time it is kind of ridiculous to ask the Greeks about financial wisdom. You didn’t have to be so desperate Suhasini. The Congress regime has left behind a huge army of compromised intellectuals who have been happy to point out the economic benefits of Nalanda scam and the economic dangers of demonetization.

But for dynasty reporters still smarting from the loss of access to the Prime Minister’s plane, there are no limits. They’ll go anywhere for dig up sh*t.

Imagine my surprise, or rather the lack of it, when this was discovered buried deep inside the page of The Hindu.


You people at The Hindu got rebuked even by the Greeks…lol! And Suhasini, you can forget about free trips on the Greek PM’s plane, as and when their country is able to afford one.


Not one word of contrition or apology from Suhasini Haidar so far about her non-story. There is not one word from her fellow professionals demanding that she admit her fault. For the journalists on social media, life goes on as usual, patting Congress and AAP trolls on the back, enjoying each other’s company. Beyond disgust, what amazes me is how journalists can have no professional standards whatsoever. Come on, seriously, what kind of a profession is this? No, really, does journalism have no professional standards whatsoever?

It’s called professionalism, Suhasini. Look it up. You did something wrong. You should apologize. Ok, you are irritated that “RW trolls” will relish your predicament and so you want to move on. But guess what? That’s not an excuse. That’s not even a fraction of an excuse. You made a major blunder and now it is your obligation to eat your words. That you didn’t have to make this apology, that neither your colleagues, nor your fellow professionals and not your bosses at The Hindu demanded an apology speaks very poorly not only of you, but of your entire profession.


Every profession has standards, or at least is supposed to have standards. Today senior journalist Suhasini Haidar has shamed herself, her newspaper and her profession. She has exposed her profession as one with no standards whatsoever.

The shame for the media barely ends there: remember the “rapes” in Murthal during the Jat quota agitation?


The entire media is in the dock today, Rajdeep.


The police will keep doing their job. But if you Rajdeep and everyone else in the media want to preserve even a shred of the reputation of journalism as a profession, go run ahead of the police. This is a disaster for professional journalism in India. No, this is not enough.


No, prosecution is the job of law enforcement. You cannot run away by asking them to do their job. They’ll do that. You don’t worry about it. Is that how media claims to operate? Just turn their backs to a crime and say : why worry…courts will prosecute. NO NO NO. Run ahead of the police and courts just like you always do now that your own are in the dock. Set up one of your kangaroo courts and show us the action that media has taken against its own.

You said the eye-witnesses were speaking live on India Today TV. Put up a huge black ticker tape on India Today TV admitting that the Murthal story was fake. You journalists have all those Rudaali groups like Broadcasting Association this and that. Let’s see some teeth. Let’s see them crack the whip on every media organization that ran the Murthal “story” and order them to run a ticker admitting their fault.

The principal offender in this case appears to be  a Firstpost journalist. They should black out everything else on their website for a week and replace it all with this.


It’s happened once too often. First the church attacks, then the Murthal gangrapes. Lies…lies and lies! We on the online right wing throw insults at journalists all the time. But this is really serious now. Indian journalism has reached a tipping point with its lies. This time the media is really in the dock and has to show that they have some standards, any standards.

So dear journalists, drop everything else you are doing right now and demand that all the concerned media organizations should apologize for their lie. I know it’s easier right now to go on with your usual day of interacting with supportive Congress and AAP trolls. But believe me, you have a chance to actually hit the RW trolls really hard here. Let me explain.

You out of favor journos and intellectuals have been whining for the longest time about “Bhakts”. You have been whining for the longest time about social media. You have invented terms like “post truth”. The reason “post-truth” gets so much traction is that nobody is willing to stand for standards. Trolls who spread lies on Whatsapp and Twitter don’t care to correct themselves. Trolls never face any professional consequences for their lies. You “mainstream mediawallahs” have a chance here to create a clear distinction between yourselves and the “post truth trolls” you claim to despise. Take action against the liars of Murthal and the rumor mongers behind the church attacks. Demand an apology from Suhasini Haidar over the Greek minister story. Fire such journalists en masse and end their careers. Do it very publicly. Yes, those RW trolls you hate will have a great week watching this happen to media…. but once their euphoria subsides you will realize that the public is suddenly showing renewed faith in you. Otherwise, you can keep fighting your losing battle and Twitter trends will soon surpass you in credibility. Maybe they already have.


26 thoughts on “Our draconian media : Does journalism have any professional standards?

  1. Donald Trump has the best response to the media. He uses every opportunity to pubically call them liars,crooks and biased. The American media is in a state of shock and has lost the respect of the people.
    Perhaps our PM needs to be more assertive with these scumbags.

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  2. Good post!…..waste of time advising these a@# h@$!&!!

    There are no professional journalist…. they are Professional liars,opinion givers,uncouth and thick skinned…..they cannot give actual plain news!

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  3. Expecting our journalists to own up their mistakes is like ‘kutte ka dum sidha hona’. They are a species who are determined to commit suicide.


  4. CW, are you serious? You expect the MSM charlatans to admit their sins and issue a public apology??

    These scoundrels have sold their souls a long time ago, at the feet of the Italian mafia God-Mother. They are bereft of any conscience, remorse or morality. None of us should expect them to accept their incessant lies and crooked stories and repent for that, because that would give them a lifeline to resurrect themselves. Let them remain in the hole that they have dug for themselves and in time, be buried within it. Society will be a better place without these swines.

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    1. He he… but it’s more fun beating them democratically, don’t you think 🙂 Frankly today I was thinking …what if BJP wins every election till 2019…politics will get boring…lol.


  5. This Haider lady’s defense? When US supports Demonetisation, you guys (Bhaktas) jump up and down. Why complain when a foreigner is criticizing Demonetisation? Lady even refuses to accept that she totally lied or manipulated what the Greek official had said.

    To my complete dismay, I read that lying and fired for lying reporter Tariq Anwaar got employed somewhere else even after admitting that he completely fabricated the story of gang rapes.


  6. Can anybody clarify on this.
    I saw few videos and write ups that say that whole India is under Illuminati and this demonetization effort is to surrender India to Israel and Illuminati. Is this true?
    Another info is that Govt has ordered to use all the Central Food Reserve. So, in case of crisis, there would be no food or money left in people’s hand.
    Also they ask a question. If both husband and wife are daily laborers and they have saved Rs 10 lakh in past 10 years for their daughter’s future. Also, they do not have any bank account (and it is not illegal not to have a bank account). How can they prove that Rs 10 is white money and not black money?


    1. Hope not!…..cant say!…where there is money and gold,these set of people are like fly which gets attracted to……

      These are the same people who owned East India Company….who looted gold and jewelry from Indian temples, who forced Indian farmers to grow opium which they smuggled to china!(Illuminati aka Neocons,empire,bildberg club,elite,‘Rockefeller’ and ‘Rothschild’etc etc.)

      They say their wealth is more than 500 trillion,they own world media through which they control human perception,they have the US govt under their grip and the Federal reserve!

      They exercise their power through the world banking empire, which is almost entirely controlled by them.


    2. I think these are just rumors. Your concerns about proof in peculiar cases such as laborers saving Rs 10 lakh in cash inside their house are justified. I have to admit such people are basically screwed.


  7. Newspapers like Hindu are nothing but outlets for Communist fiction and daydreams. The silver lining – Such acts of lying has made people lose all trust in both newspapers and TV channels. This is hastening the demise of traditional media which is all but dead in the developed economies and will soon be dead in India also thanks to news manufacturers like Suhasini Haider and Rajdeep Sardesai.

    Here is a stat Chaiwallah. I have read every article on your website. I have not read a single article written by Suhasini or Rajdeep. Ever. Forget about trusting their articles, I dont even trust their tweets.

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    1. “Here is a stat Chaiwallah. I have read every article on your website. I have not read a single article written by Suhasini or Rajdeep.”

      Wonderful comment 🙂 Much flattered 🙂


    1. Correct. They mocked him every time he tried to do something new. And now he is doing something big and they are still mocking. Total negativity. Not one new idea coming from the critics.


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