Modi is lucky to have enemies like these

I think we can all agree that Narendra Modi is an extraordinarily lucky individual. He has always been quick to seize opportunities, but it is safe to say that his opponents have played a huge role in making him the colossus that he is today.

Yesterday was Dec 1. That would be payday for hundreds of millions of people across the country. Yesterday would be when the long serpentine queues and the mad rush for cash returned, to last for the next five days at least. This should have been the day for opponents to hit him hard where it hurts before the opportunity is lost forever.

I saw the news early last morning : the media crews were prepared to send shocking visuals of the longest queues all across the country. It was the day of reckoning for Modi. Instead, the opponents wasted the day (and are planning to waste many more such days) over non-issues that will only get laughs from the public.

This is an outcome of the obsessive Modi envy that the Opposition suffers from. They wasted all their energy attacking him when public patience and public support for Modi was at its peak. Having reached that peak too early, there was only one place to go: sharply downwards. And so it happened that they ended up attacking Modi over trifles:


Unless Surjewala’s account has been hacked too, there is no excuse for such poor strategy. Congress has completely taken its eye off the ball and resorted to mere kite flying. And if it was really an attempt to create narrative of fear against Digital India, come on. You can’t turn back the clock with cheap drama. Only a fool would try to go against the evident future of humanity. And digital is the future. It’s full of challenges and insecurity and unknowns, but it IS the future. Even Rajiv Gandhi could have told them that. Get a more secure server and file your complaint with the Cyber Security cell. Your absurd allegations are making you look like a licensed idiot. Stop this blabbering before the public decides to cancel even the 44 licenses they issued to you for entering the Lok Sabha.

Speaking of kite flying, here is Bengal’s basket case Chief Minister flying high on the wings of paranoia:


First of all, Mamata didi… SHUT UP! Because of you, people are beginning to ask whether Bengalis are of unsound mind. You are making us all look like idiots. If you are so fond of making a big show of your “simplicity” by flying economy class on ordinary passenger flights, don’t make a royal display of your sense of entitlement when you have to suffer like the rest of us. That’s what happens on regular scheduled flights for common folk… they get delayed…they hover…lots of things go wrong. Many horror stories each day. Choose once and for all whether you want to be treated like a VVIP (which you are totally entitled to as a sitting CM) or make a show of traveling like the masses. You can’t have it both ways.

Here is Mamata Banerjee confirming the diagnosis of schizophrenia:


Don’t freak out. It’s just the Army. That’s the reaction of most normal people. We see them all the time.


Incidentally, the Army is generally known to operate in high security zones. Often, that’s what makes them high security zones. I don’t know if you know this, but Central Forces are everywhere. You might have noticed that the CISF is guarding the Kolkata Airport that you just drove in from.



It’s a pity that you didn’t notice this, but the Army is actually everywhere. The town I grew up in had a military base, the city I now live in has multiple military bases. In fact, there is some kind of military presence in almost every town or city in the country. Watch out…an Air Force plane might be flying over your head right now…listen for it! Don’t worry…it’s nothing 🙂 In fact, you know while you are out protesting and not helping at all, the military has been engaged in moving cash across the country.

You are not guarding anything by staying put in the West Bengal State Secretariat Building “Nabanno”. In fact, lack of sleep will only increase your schizophrenia.

And for good measure, you are only helping Modi. For better or for worse…but mostly for better… we the citizens of India are actually very secure about our democracy. I remember laughing my sides out when I woke up to the Coupta story. And by asking Modi absurd questions, you are only making  life easier for him. You are making him look like the only sane person in the Indian political sphere today.

The Kejriwal disease, which Didi must have caught in Delhi, is only helping Modi now. With Mamata piling on the absurdities, the yugpurush must be feeling the pressure to come up with wild accusations of his own. Until now, Yugpurush ji was generally competing only with himself in this league of wild accusations, but now he has a competitor. And competition always makes things better. Mamata di, you have now put pressure on Kejriwal to drive further over the cliff of sanity. Only the abyss awaits.

9 thoughts on “Modi is lucky to have enemies like these

  1. Any sane person would feel safe if the Army is around. Dont know why Didi is feeling unsafe with this. May be Didi & the entire opposition would be happy to see Pak & Bangladesh Army in WB or any part of India. But gets intimidated & irritated with our own Army. As you have said correctly, I too think that Didi got this disease from her new friend AK. This disease is called AIKS — Acquired Insane Kejri Syndrome. This is also known as Arvind Insane Kejri Syndrome. Major Symptoms of AIKS are speaking rubbish (oral diarrhea), Modi Phobia.

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  2. ‘Bengal’s basket case Chief Minister flying high on the wings of paranoia’…..CW perfect description!

    She is going mad,this drama queen doesn’t realize she has become the laughing stock across the country!

    Everybody can see her desperation because of her huge loss due to demonetization!

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  3. You know how much us defence brats blood boil when we see such morons defaming Armed Forces. TMC has gone full berzerk after the demonetisation. All the chit fund money has turned into a one big sour roso”gu”lla which can’t be even disposed of without getting caught. And we just can’t imagine, why people vote for likes of Mamta and Farziwal. I wish they really die a horrible death.
    Also the Air force is working round the clock by deploying their assets for cash transport. Boy this looney bin Mamta might even question why IAF planes are flying over Fort William. She and her constantly ranting stooge, Dick-O-No-Brain have no brain left. All of it has gone down the drain with the chit fund money.

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  4. Dear Chaiwallah,

    Getting back to the original topic, in our household my wife and I were also worried about how to pay the servants on the first of the month, as our own cash balance was essentially zero (not BANK balance, just CASH balance). We found out that all of our servants already had the zero balance accounts, so my wife gave them cheques for this month, but they wanted the money via NEFT (electronic funds transfer)! Who says “masses are illiterate”? Only the Lootyens crowd who are the truly illiterate ones. So now we have added all of them as beneficiaries to our bank account. By paying five Rupees per transaction, we can transfer their salaries into their accounts instantly.

    Thus far none of them has complained about a lack of cash. Of course Hyderabad is a big city, and I do not know how things are in rural areas. Perhaps others can shed light on this.


  5. CW you are right that Narendra Modi is very lucky as far as his enemies are concerned. If it were not for 2002 riots’ one sided coverage, Mr. Modi would not fare well in next Gujarat election. Then came “Maut Ka Saudagar” before the next election. He got clean chit after clean chit before next election and all grim prediction about BJP loosing BECAUSE of Mr. Modi made him PM.

    Mamata today has uped her craziness one notch by claiming a military coup !! She claimed she is protecting democracy by confining herself in secretariat. There is a competition among opposition leaders to make craziest statement. The other day Rahul claimed that hoarders of the black money will be awarded by letting them keep 50 percent of black money !

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  6. One wonders what sort of difficulty Mamata suffered because of army ‘s presence and how she could protect democracy by confining herself within the secretariat ? Why this imbecile not be taken to task for accusing the army of indulging in extortion ?


  7. The ordinary person does not fear the police only the robber does. The honest taxpayer does not fear the IT department only the one with black money does.

    Perhaps Mamta’s reaction is because there are so many TMC workers around doing extortion all over Bengal. Add to this the peaceful bomb makers in Bengal planning peaceful protests and one can understand her worries.


  8. Pity that Bengalis have been voting for such people and parties for so many years.The only non dhimmified Bengalis seem to be the four legged Royal Bengal Tigers living in the Sunderbans.I like the four legged Bengalis more.


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