“Organized loot and legalized plunder”

No, this isn’t Dr. Manmohan Singh honestly describing the Coal Scam. These are accusations that he is hurling at Narendrabhai Modi. Next in line to accuse Modi of being a “plunderer” are Laloo Yadav, Sharad Pawar and Deve Gowda.

To see the family fielding its pet robot to take on the government is a bittersweet experience. On the one hand, it is a tacit admission of weakness from the Congress : they understand that the whole party is so deeply tainted with scams that no leader can credibly take on Narendra Modi on the issue of black money. When certified scamsters of the Congress go on TV to criticize the surgical strike of black money, they are only setting themselves up for jeers and mockery from the public. That’s sweet.

Now for the bitter. The bitterness is about the fact that despite being the nominal head of the rampaging robber brigade called UPA-I & II, the carefully cultivated propaganda about the “honesty” of Manmohan Singh endures even today. It’s a testament to the PR failures of the Indian right that they failed to shatter Singh’s image despite billion dollar scams.

Here is just one sample of the “honesty” of this person:


This from May 7, 2014. This man has been two term PM, Finance Minister and Reserve Bank Governor. What more could he have wished to achieve in his life? And yet he cannot resist the temptation to steal some free power and water for himself for his retirement years. When I made this screenshot, I made sure to include in the frame above the latest news from the Indian Express that the same Dr. Singh is accusing others of “looting”.

I have never ever seen Dr. Singh as “honest”. I have always regarded him as the epitome of a compromised intellectual. So dishonest and compromised to the core that he became the pet robot of the dynasty.

This kind of looting of free water and power is something we associate with politicians like Lalu Yadav or Deve Gowda. We don’t associate this with people like Dr. Manmohan Singh. Why? Because of cultural elitism. Some RJD goon refuses to pay bills because his masters are in power. So does Dr. Singh. What’s the difference? The difference merely is that the RJD goon probably does not speak good, fluent English. That’s why an RJD guy getting the exact same favor for himself as Dr. Manmohan Singh will be seen as a goon, while Dr. Singh will appear “honest”. The mentality is *exactly* the same.

Did you know that in his last day  as Bihar’s Chief Minister, Laloo Yadav ran away with an expensive Piaget watch and Bose speakers from his office?

Wait. I owe Laloo Yadav an apology. He never did that. Our “honest” PM did:


For those wondering, gifts received by the Prime Minister while visiting countries in official capacity belong to the state. They are not the personal property of the PM to take to his home. And FYI, Narendra Modi used to regularly auction all the gifts he received as CM of Gujarat and donate the proceeds to a Gujarat government girl child education initiative. That’s Narendra Modi for you. The ex-Prime Minister who ran away with speakers and watches and carpets is calling Narendra Modi a “plunderer”.

Now, watches and carpets and speakers might seem like chump change compared to the lakh crore scams that Dr. Singh presided over, but that’s why I call Dr. Singh the ultimate compromised intellectual. Becoming a celebrity robber also takes some initiative and some courage. Veerappan was a dreaded criminal, but it takes balls of steel to become a smuggler like Veerappan. Dr. Singh did not even have the temperament to be a robber baron doing a multi-crore scam. Challenge Dr. Singh to steal 1 lakh crore and he will wet his pants.  He was always the compromised intellectual chasing cheap favors. And we have seen intellectuals in our country selling themselves for small stuff, even a free trip to America costing a couple of thousand $$$. THAT is Manmohan Singh…the “chindi chor” as we say in Hindi.

Organized loot, Dr. Singh? Do you mean the CWG scam? The 2G scam or the coal scam? Do you mean scams where the government’s law minister starts editing CBI reports to be presented to the Supreme Court? THAT would meet the definition of “organized loot”. Do you mean governments that bring ordinances to insulate proclaimed offenders from losing their seats in Parliament after being convicted for crimes?


THAT would meet the definition of “organized loot”, Dr. Singh.

You want to know what is “legalized plunder”, Dr. Singh? Legalized plunder is this from 1973-74:


Confiscating as much as 97% of the income of people (beyond a limit) … now THAT would be “legalized plunder”.  And guess who was India’s Chief Economic Adviser during the time this happened?

Guess? Guess which good honest doctor was advising the nation?

Why do you think black money came into being in the first place? Because people were fed up of surrendering 97% of their own money as part of the government’s “legalized plunder” program. That’s when YOU sir used to be the Chief Economic Adviser. Ha!

Doctor saab, you reminded us that in the long run, we are all dead. I am unable to decide whether it is just a taunt or a hint to Narendra Modi that he should drop everything else and start plundering right now… in the moment! You know, like you used to do for your party. Because, the Dynasty lives on and you can never have enough black money stashed away for your descendants to come… Right, Dr. Singh?


25 thoughts on ““Organized loot and legalized plunder”

  1. Even every one chor eve on rabid ndtv did not dare to raise question on good intention of govt. in addressing black money by demonetization, but the low lives are still trying to save black money by terming demonetization as a loot and plunder blowing to pieces their any remaining credibility even with any idiots.

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  2. Wow!! Hit him hard…Hit him hard. There was a news the other day when a leader from RBI accused MMS of going way way out of his way to protect Harshad Mehta. The amount in question was 500 Crores. CW, if you have more information about this it may fill one interesting blog.

    I just read a Congress leader Jairam Ramesh’s contention that even BJP demanded presence of PM in Parliament during 2G discussion !! Poor guy does not know the difference between a scandal and an official action (which is supported by 87-95 percent of people).

    The facts you brought out is completely new to me that our honest former PM plundered gifts that he got as PM of India !! Wow! Some honesty.

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  3. Here’s the problem with this. MMS is called honest because he personally did not loot the country. This is a narrow and BS definition that the media and Congress love to propagate.

    He was the PM and he watched the country being looted by his party and its cronies. That is a corrupt person.

    In the corporate world, even a basic manager knows he owns responsibility for the people who work for him/her. But the nation’s PM is given a free pass because he didn’t supposedly do anything at a personal level.

    On the flip side, NM is responsible for even a single death in a state not even run by his party.

    No wonder they are known as media crooks and dynasty crooks.

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  4. Good post!….exposing this useless ex PM’s actual qualities who came through the back door!

    “Organized loot and legalized plunder”…Pathetic coming out of this guy ,who stood and watched the country being looted for 10 years!

    ‘Challenge Dr. Singh to steal 1 lakh crore and he will wet his pants.’….Ha Ha Ha!!

    Underrated politician and a overrated economist!….India lost 10 years under that pea brained Manmohan Singh and his side kick Montek Singh Ahluwalia!

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  5. Just like mmsrinivas above, i too was reminded of the famous description of MMS as an underrated politician and overrated economist. A robot he was not; he knows how to look out for Numero Uno. The kindest thing one can say about him is that he was like a good paid lawyer. Today he is strenuously defending a serial murderer. Tomorrow he’s just as strenuously prosecuting a hit-and-run driver.
    It is good you dug up the old facts of the 1970s and 80s. As an economist he couldn’t but have known that his 97% taxes are going to launch the black economy up to the moon. Indira Gandhi needed those black rupees. Her whole career as PM was centered on gaining power, staying in power. Period. (Bangladesh was a majboori thrust upon her. BD was born thanks to sound military planning by the generals. The Western front was a hash thanks to her pussyfooting and not allowing the freed up army divisions to finish the job on West Pak). Staying in power needed lots and lots of corruption – that being the easiest way. And since MMS was the guiding brain behind the misery that sat on India like a Delhi smog over the whole country – ruining my childhood and youth incidentally – i can’t forgive this dishonest “intellectual”. Thanks for switching on the spotlight on this naked emperor.


    1. These people created the problem of black money in the first place. If you demand 97% as tax, of course people will look for ways to hide the money. How can we blame them? They created black money and now they are looking to create trouble now that black money is being destroyed.


  6. Amazing post! I hv been following your blog for quite some time now….but this is your best yet! Most of us had bought this silly idea of MMS being a decent guy but you have really blown away this myth to bits. Thanks a lot for this great new analysis into the man who has convinced people all across the spectrum of his honesty.


  7. In this whole exercise of remonetision ( term coined by Jayant Sinha ) , the RBI,ministry of finance,banking, PMO all must have been involved. Manmohan Singh
    knows the functioning of all these , does he have gut to file a lawsuit against all of them for ” loot ” and “plunder” ?


  8. Wow, gr8 post cw. One of best.indians are generous. MMS has last chance to stay silent for demonetisation, and I am sure people would have forgotten him. But he still wants to behave like a puppet. He managed to ruin India under one of worst rule after independence. I am sure under him three was largest loot of national resources, which may be considered even biggest loot in world. All loot happened under his nose. I feel pity for people who voted him 2 times and still considers him honest. BTW. I didn’t know that he is not even paying his water and power bills. Thanks for sharing these facts.


  9. I too agree with most of comments here that it is the best post from you so far. One that it revealed a few things about MMS as a person many may not have known me being one of them. So the parallel with Chindi chor established, debunking the aura of one of the greatest economists country has produced who doctored 97% Income Tax is phenomenal. I wish editors of Firstpost read the blog who have been celebrating his RajyaSabha blabber non stop.


    1. Thanks Narendra! This man who used to love 97% tax has now come to taunt others about legalized plunder. Imagine what 97% tax feels like. I cannot blame people for hiding their income in the 70s.


  10. Just for laughs and gags: A conspiracy theory from 2014 that I would want to believe in:

    1. MMS has always been a devout Sikh. He secretly swore to destroy the ones responsible for 1984 Sikh massacre

    2. MMS became India’s PM in 2004. Being an astute economist and politician par excellence, he foresaw the 10 year long loot and plunder. He knew, congress would shoot itself. And therefore, he ‘acted’ ‘burdened and busy’ – did nothing to stop it (clever design you see!).

    3. All of this leads to extreme unpopularity of congress (and probably to its demise)

    4. While paying no bills for utilities in his comfy bunglow, MMS is at peace even when no Sikh acknowledges his contribution (okay, his daughter may 😉 ). Only he knows what and how much he has achieved.


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