BJP’s explosive growth in the North East is blowing apart the “idea of India”

Simply put, the “idea of India” is that there is no such thing as India. The Republic of India is supposed to be a forced union of disparate identities put together by the oppressive hand of the super-villains called “Brahmin-Bania males” of the Hindi speaking areas of the North. This provided the intellectual justification for the dominant Left to support just about any anti-India force, from terrorists in Kashmir, to insurgents in the North East to Naxals in the tribal heartland. Because India itself should not exist, any act of violence against the Indian state came to be celebrated. This lies at the core of liberals scoffing at any sign of patriotism. India itself is a joke to them. They laugh at the idea that anyone could give a damn about India.

Not surprisingly, former colonial powers have also endorsed this view, resulting in fat payoffs to eager Gunga Dins at every level of India’s academia, intelligentsia, media and judiciary (don’t forget the judiciary!).

The exact same goes for “Hindus”. The idea that there is a unifying thread running through all our linguistic and social identities is anathema to the leftist narrative. Again, “Hindu” being seen as a forced label created by villainous upper castes, the left has an intellectual justification for trying to choke every public observance of Hindu culture : Durga Puja, Diwali, Holi, Dahi Handi, Rakshabandhan, Jallikattu, etc.

This also explains the extreme hatred of India’s liberals towards the BJP. The BJP is supposed to be a party of upper caste, Hindi speaking vegetarian Hindu males who are out to enforce their way of life on all the subject peoples of the non-nation forcibly labelled as “India”. 

Here is a short list of all the kinds of people who are required to hate Hindus and India:

A) Dalits

B) Tribals

C) Non-vegetarians

D) Non-Hindi speakers

E) Kashmiris

F) People of the North East

G) Followers of secular religions like Islam and Christianity

H) Women

That, my friends is a first list of all the division lines that the left expects to draw across India. So when any of these demographics starts showing a clear shift towards the BJP, the leftist narrative goes for a toss.

The Left suffered a tremendous psychological blow when the BJP began dominating the two main tribal states of Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh. The fierce liberal campaign against B S Yeddyurappa was not just because he belonged to BJP. A huge role was played by the fact that a BJP government in Karnataka really hurts the liberal narrative. And liberal ranks went into extreme panic when Dalits started voting in large numbers for Narendra Modi in 2014.

The latest in the list of liberal troubles is the explosive growth of BJP in the North East. First of all, in Bengal itself…all Brahmins relish their meat. Bengal can hardly be accused of being a Hindi speaking area with a huge vegetarian presence…lol…to say nothing of the North Eastern states beyond Bengal. But BJP has taken Assam…and now the bypoll results are in… all showing massive further vote shifts towards BJP in Assam, Arunachal and even Tripura. In Tripura, the BJP has established itself as undisputed main opposition…easily kicking out the Congress. Tremors are also being felt in North Bengal, where BJP is firmly in No.2 position, banishing CPI(M) and Congress to the margins.

Liberals are at a loss to explain this. They are losing all the cards in their hand. The common citizen in the North East breaks every single stereotype that liberals have circulated about the average BJP voter…the so called “Bhakt”. 

It’s almost like people of India don’t think that India is a prison house of nationalities. It’s almost like people of India are able to see…just like they always did… that there is a common unifying thread running through our diversity. It’s almost like people of India don’t want to tear the Republic apart.


You have to see it from the point of view of a liberal. India is supposed to be a “prison house of nationalities” and yet it doesn’t seem to be breaking apart. How does the liberal explain this? He/she cannot concede the existence of our common sense of nationality. For the liberal, the Dynasty now becomes the only acceptable explanation. All Indians are united by a common loyalty to the Gandhi family monarchs. With Modi having removed the monarchs from power, the liberal is sure that all these separate nationalities within India will revolt.

But what happens when these so called nationalities do not revolt? What happens happens when the “Hindu baniya party” is welcomed into the North East? What happens when tribals and Dalits welcome the so called “Hindu baniyas”? Worse… the man leading the imposition of the Hindu Brahmin way of life is not even a Brahmin himself and Hindi is not even his first language. What happens now? Total ideological chaos follows. The nation is a very dark place for a liberal today. He/she calls it “intolerance”.

PS: I am amused by some Congress cheerleaders celebrating a reduction in the BJP’s margin of victory in the Shahdol Lok Sabha bypoll this week, compared to the margin in the 2014 Lok Sabha. First of all, let me tell you that cheerleaders like this are the worst enemy of Congress (not that I really mind). When you aim so low that you end up celebrating a loss by as many as 60,000 votes, you are setting yourself up for failure. Now, for the record, let me tell you about Shahdol. It is definitely a safe seat for BJP, but not as one-sided as Congress cheerleaders would like to believe. Here is the history of the seat

2009 winner : Congress (margin = 13000 votes)

2004 winner : BJP (margin = 29000 votes)

1999 winner : BJP (margin = 19000 votes)

1998 winner: BJP (margin = 39000 votes)

1996 winner : BJP (margin = 53000 votes)

In particular, look at the 2004 margin of just 30,000 which came only 5 months after BJP had swept to power with 3/4 majority in Assembly polls in Madhya Pradesh. The victory margin for BJP on Tuesday was 60,000 votes, which is totally in line with the history of this seat. It is in fact the largest margin of victory in Shahdol in the last 2 decades, with the exception of 2014.

12 thoughts on “BJP’s explosive growth in the North East is blowing apart the “idea of India”

  1. BJP’s best chances of growth are in NE,Odisha,WB and Telangana.A weak Cong rules NE and there is no opposition in Odisha and Telangana and BJP doing OK in WB.It will have to depend on TDP in AP for the time being(I actually support TDP in AP because Chandrababu is the best option in AP and BJP doesn’t have a good leader from there.Ram Madhav is a good strategist but not sure of his administrative skills.).BJP’s prospects in Kerala and TN don’t seem to be too bright(although we won a seat at last in Kerala this year) so BJP should not expend too many resources there.NE is BJP’s best chance to grow followed by Odisha,WB and Telangana.BJP should focus on these 4 for the time being.

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  2. May the BJP spread it’s wings further and further. Glad the North East is welcoming the BJP. However it may be tough going for the BJP to expand its footprint in some of the states which are bastions of regional parties. Eg, in Telangana it is very difficult, and I would guess it’s the same in TN, Odisha etc.

    BTW, I am shocked that the RBI is introducing Islamic Sharia Banking. CW, can you please do a post on this.

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  3. Great post!….CW so called ‘Liberals’ will slowly become extinct….before SM there was nobody to question them!

    Facts and truth will prevail! People in India and all over the world are fed up of the lies!

    Look at what is happening at America Trump is facing all that NaMo faced after 2014 win!

    People across India has realized that Modi means well for the country!

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  4. Sooner or later, even the Christians of North-East will realize that BJP is good for them. At least BJP will try to do something about Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators while other parties will encourage them for vote bank.


  5. Really awesome post, CW. I have been observing trends in the NE with interest and am gradually seeing a shift toward the BJP in those states. I fully expect 3 or 4 of those small states to go the BJP way when assembly elections come around in 2018 (or is it earlier in some cases?). That will really bring the dynasty to its knees and expand BJP’s horizon in that region.

    Forget all else, securing our borders there and guarding our national interest (be it with respect to China or Bangladesh illegal immigrants) is of paramount interest and something that has long been neglected. That region also has tremendous tourism potential and we could really leverage that aspect of it with the right state government in place.


  6. Gr8 post CW as always. BTW, did you or anybody notice praise of Nitish for Modi in recent times especially for demonetization. Is it worth to assume that, he is gradually moving to BJP or I am too ambitious? or he is just pretending that, he is leader with clean image.


  7. The BJP is being helped by the fact that none of the other leaders/parties have a progressive narrative or vision for India. All they have is hatred for the Hindus, the BJP and India.By criticizing good moves of the government, they are showing their true colors. Even though we respectfully call them as “opposition”, none of them have the numbers to oppose. Therefore they can truly be characterized as the minority politicians.

    The opposition leaders are currently making random chess moves in the hope that one of the moves will result in checkmate. After May 2014, there is not a single thing the opposition did that can even be characterized as a smart or intelligent move. Instead each of their actions is eliciting the thought – How did these people ever get to positions of power ?


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