Secularism vs Science : Why the Opposition is fighting a losing battle

I should give Manak Gupta credit for picking up the subtle change in focus of TV coverage a couple of days ago :


Suddenly, the TV channels had gone from showing visuals of lines to talking about lines. On social media, there is a sudden and severe crunch of shocking images of people standing in lines to access their money. Even the few stock images from Kenya that were being passed off as bank queues in India are now well known hoaxes and have been withdrawn from circulation by Congress party spokespersons.

I had been dying to hold a new Rs 2000 note myself. Today morning, I stood in line and received 2 crisp new notes of Rs 2000 along with a thick bundle of Rs 20 notes (lol!) adding up to Rs 6000. Took me half an hour. At the time I exit the SBI branch, there was not a single person outside the door. Inside the bank, there was a line of about 5-6 people. If I had come 30 minutes later, I would probably have walked out of the bank in under 15 minutes.

And the media has started to admit this:


This is Day 10 since demonetization. In fact it would be appropriate to call it Day 9, because banks and ATMs were all closed on Wednesday Nov 9. What happens in 7 more days, say on Nov 25? And what will be the picture five days after that? What will the Opposition do on the morning of Dec 1, 2016?

What did the Opposition think? Did they think the lines would last forever? How could they not anticipate that after the initial mad rush, the queues would start shortening very quickly. Basic statistics supports this. The Opposition wasn’t just caught on the wrong side of history, they were caught on the wrong side of SCIENCE. I don’t blame Mamata Didi, with her college degree in Islamic studies (not kidding…it’s true…check it) for not understanding this fact. But at least a CM with a degree from IIT should have realized that mathematics would make the queues drop sharply. And there is no anarchy in mathematics. Fasting makes no difference either. Rules are rules.

And right now, the only lever that the Opposition has is literally melting away before their very eyes. With each passing day. You know things are bad when even News18 and that too Pallavi Ghosh starts reporting this:


But what is bothering the Opposition is the fact that as time passes, the queues were getting shorter. More and more relaxations were announced at the government’s daily briefings. But more significantly, as the days passed the queues started getting more orderly.


NOW they have started the rethink! LOL! The government does not mind disruptions in the House as of now… they are in fact happy to let Parliament get adjourned over and over again. Because with every passing day and in fact with each passing minute the queues get shorter. By getting the House adjourned, the Opposition is just missing their own opportunity to strike.

And what happens two weeks from now when it is business as usual at the banks? The Opposition will be left without any issue whatsoever, exposed and vulnerable to  Modi’s attacks from every single direction. On Dec 1, Modi will have all his cards. The Opposition will be completely unarmed. Here is a (partial?) list of arrows the Prime Minister will have in his quiver:

(1) He will claim to be the man who has done more against black money than any other PM could have even imagined.

(2) He will accuse the Opposition of complaining because they have lost their own stockpiles of dirty money.

(3) He will go to the poor of the country and say that he made the rich suffer (I despise the socialist style rhetoric of projecting the rich as inherently evil, but the class war card has a record of giving political dividends)

(4) He can start conducting vicious IT raids on big fish, seizing their ill gotten cash and benaami properties. This has already started today. When the big fish are raided, the aam aadmi will literally jump in delight.

(5) He can cut income tax rates, which will provide an absolute water-tight seal against any middle class support that may have leaked out because of long lines for a couple of weeks.

(6) Ditto with taxes on traders, which will pacify the BJP’s base with small traders.

(7) Don’t forget Ghulam Nabi Azad’s loose remarks yesterday comparing Uri to demonetization. As it is, Rahul baba is in a soup with his khoon ki dalali remarks. A vicious pun from Modi connecting surgical strikes, dalals and black money could be only days away. Opposition can only pray.

(8) He can even announce a certain amount to be deposited in every Jan Dhan account as a gesture of apology and gratitude to the poor for bearing with the government during the difficult times.

Does the Opposition have any possible comeback to even one of these moves? Add to this the fact that prodding the people towards orderly plastic money will increase transparency and confidence in the Indian economy, resulting in more investment.

The Opposition hasn’t thought this through. Their only source of political capital was the immediate suffering in long lines…and that political capital is simply melting away. To be fair to them, there wasn’t very much they could have done in response to such a bold move from PM Modi. Their best chance was to be seen as in lock step with the government in taking a historic step. Nitish Kumar has done the only sensible thing in this regard. But the others, especially a certain anarchist and a certain jihadi, will curse the day they decided to go down the black hole.


33 thoughts on “Secularism vs Science : Why the Opposition is fighting a losing battle

  1. Good post!….opposition,media,intellectuals(pseudo) etc. tried their level best to project the difficulty for poor aam aadmi….nothing worked!

    Hats off to all the Indian citizens who quietly went about adjusting to the situation .

    Hats off to all the citizens of India who contributed in some way or other to help and make demonetization a successes!

    Finally hats off and a standing ovation to all the bank employees who quietly went about and put up lot of hard work to ease the situation!

    It was extraordinary to see so many people across India voluntarily doing something to contribute to demonetization!


  2. Speaking of WB and jihadi Mamata,I find the following to be quite amusing.West Bengal is ruled by a person named Mamata(meaning mother’s love) who is childless and is not even close to being someone you would associate with the word “affection”.Her closest aide is man named Brien but one who has no brain(the fact that he joined TMC is a proof of this).WB was ruled by a person named Jyoti(meaning light) for 23 years which was the darkest period for Bengal and was ruled for a decade by a person named “Buddhadeb”(Buddha) who ordered political killings of opponents.Quite amusing.


  3. The lines at the banks may be getting shorter, but opposition is hanging its hat on SC warning ! Tomorrow the warning period of three days for recalling the order of demonetization by Kejriwal and Mamta will be over. I don’t know what will happen to our country? Help ! Help ! Bibhemi…Bebhemi…

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  4. We tend to live in a world of instant gratification and when you combine that with our myopic media (whose one single obsession is to somehow find one chink in the Modi armor and exploit it to the hilt) the result you get is over-the-top screaming about the “plight of the common man” over demonetization.

    Fact of the matter is, when you take 85% currency out of circulation overnight in a country of 1.25 billion, there are bound to be challenges, issues, and problems. This government is working overtime to ensure that the impact is as minimal as can be for the country’s rural areas and poorest people who survive on daily wages. The poor have been kept poor for 70 years by a regime that gained politically by keeping them that way – the elitist media thinks these people are too stupid to think for themselves that this move, and the many others this government is doing, will benefit them and the country in the long run. Let the elitists stay in their illusions – we are moving forward as a country and leaving them in the wake.

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  5. Do you know when Rs 500 will be released? That would ease the situation. Practically, I am suffering while traveling in auto, taxi etc who would accept only cash.


    1. It’s already released. Problem is it takes time to distribute the new bills. From Nashik Security Press IAF airlifts them to RBIs. From there it goes to banks. Even my father’s Branch had not received cash for two days. They are completing other works instead of Cash exchange. Have patience sir. Even bank employees like my father have tough time exchanging notes.


  6. Wow. A tight slap on opposition. Opposition is divided. Nitish, Patnaik haven’t opposed this move, but even supported and praised Modi. Even Mulayam and Sharad Pawar are not with congress now. Only congress, Mamata and Kejri are fighting against GOI. For Mamta and Kejri all sources are dried up, since they do not have any corporate funding. They were only dependent on illegal funding . AAP has decided not to contest few municipal elections, since their sources are dried up. This proves that, AAP was run by black money. They may spread chaos or riots in next coming week.

    BTW, these presstitutes are taught lessons by public now. See the few videos, Ravish Kumar of NDTV was literally pushed by villagers.

    Off course, Ravish and NDTV tries to say that, they want to show the pain of people, but funny things is that, in all videos he is literally seen in very angry mood, because even few Muslims dont believe his version.

    But, I am wondering even India TV under Rajat sharma is giving negative publicity to demonetization campaign, They have been showing huge queues in few remote villages daily and announce that, public is really suffering. Only Zee tv is really with BJP. Rest of media is screwed up, since Modi has finished their sources, which is nothing but illegal funding.


  7. Guys, Kejri is really screwed up. He lost his cool when talking with a BBC reporter. Finally other guy has to intervene. In the coming days, get ready for some more entertain from Kejri. For time being, forget pappu. Kejri is in full form.
    BTW, zee tv head, Subash Chandra has filed criminal defamation case against yugpurush.


  8. It is just not that Arvind lost all his black money accumulated for Punjab/Goa elections by selling tickets, donations from kalistanis, etc. Arvind has become mad because of two more important reasons: 1) Modi just snatched the anti corruption crusade from him, and 2) He now feels Modi can easily go beyond 50% vote share in next 2019 elections. As per an AAP insider, Arvind told Mamata that this demonetization has to be “got rolled back by hook or crook” otherwise Modi will get for NDA a vote share exceeding 50% in 2019. I fear that this “hook or crook” could include a last resort strategy to some how get a stay from SC.


  9. Mamta suggested that they should be allowed to use old 500 Rupee notes with new 500 Rupee notes !! How genius ? Why didn’t Narendra Modi think of it? Give that lady a Blue Ribbon.


  10. The banks have behaved in a very dirty manner.
    They happy happily reduced deposit rates but not touched the lending rates. Stories of many bank officers colluding with some corrupts are doing the round.
    Banks are really a dirty cartel.


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