A blog views scam?

Friends, there has been so much hustle and bustle of late, I thought I would be a little more light of heart 🙂

I don’t know if you guys know this, but there is a blog views scam that is afoot. Everyone knows by now that at 8 pm on Nov 8, Narendra Modi declared that all blog views will cease to be valid from midnight.

But few know that Modi had actually leaked this plan to a select few blog view hoarders. Especially Gujjus, I guess? How else do you explain that starting October, your humble blogger, with little more than a “Jan Dhan blog account” started getting a sudden rush of views. Just get a load of this:


From just over 4500 views to well over 6000 views per week!!! Something must be wrong ..

Eh, Opindia, does this have anything to do with you guys suddenly accepting so many of my posts for publication on your website? Are you guys using my blog to turn your “black blog views” into white?

Looking at the spike in monthly views tells an even starker story :


No wonder, as a result of all these blog views flowing in, I have become lazy and arrogant…hardly ever replying these days to comments on my blog. This is what sudden riches do to people. And then we dare blame those poor saps with 100s of crores stashed under their mattress.

Folks, what I am trying to say really…is THANK YOU! I’m really touched. THANK YOU for all the love, for taking all this time to visit my blog, read my blog and comment on it. Now, hardly a day goes by when this blog has less than 850 views, usually 900. Yesterday, we had 891. And last week, this blog had the best day ever, with over 1100 views 🙂


All this for a poor little “Jan Dhan blog” created barely a year and half ago. It really makes me think. I’ve tried my best to keep up with 6 posts a week. There are now 477 posts. Blogging is basically a part of my life now. I sometimes wonder what is the future of this blog. Will I be able to keep it going? I don’t know…but I want to keep finding out. One day at a time.

Because every single day I feel blessed. I am so lucky to have a day job that demands creativity to the extent that it often keeps me awake at night. I mean it. I am lucky to have all of you reading what little I can whip up on a daily basis. I am also seven chapters and 70 pages into writing my first novel. It’s a wonderful life.

And last but not the least. I’m really sorry about not replying to your comments as quickly as I used to. I won’t make excuses for I’ve been lazy. I can only request you to forgive me and keep commenting. Give me a few days folks to get back into my groove … after that if you don’t get replies I will come to any public square you want and face whatever punishment you choose 🙂



43 thoughts on “A blog views scam?

  1. yes cw i eagerly wait to read your blogs.its something to realy look forward to. am trying to get my friends and family to also read your blogs. wish you many many more years of creative blogging.

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    1. Thanks Usha for keeping the faith 🙂 I am trying to put together a thriller cum lover story in the backdrop of Naxal violence. I want to create some literature that shows Naxals as the villains they are, not fighters for the poor.


  2. Interesting compilation!

    Demonetization benefits—— Achieved till date.

    1. 100% Fake currency out of circulation in one stroke
    2. Hawala sources from outside and Inside dried up for Funding of Terrorists, Maoists, Naxalites ,Jihadis.
    3. Cash to create chaos and terror lying with Terrorists, Maoists, Naxalites ,Jihadis gone waste.
    4. Kashmir back to normal in one stroke. AAZADI forgotten. Children back to school .95% turnout in J&K for exams and no schools have been burnt or no stone pelters to be found.
    5. Jan Dhan accounts are full with money( more then 1 lakh transaction will cease to be BPL account)
    6. India has around 13 lakh cr denomination of old 500 and 1000 
    7. More then 3 lakh cr cash already deposited in Banks
    8. 6000 cr cash deposited by only one Gujarati businessman. He has paid around 5k stipulated tax and penalty also on it.
    9. All business men are depositing cash lying with them as current yr income with ADVANCE TAX
    10. ALL Jewellers are being issued Forms to declare their GOLD STOCK from 8th nov onwards on day to day basis.
    11. ALL Jewellers whose stock doesn’t not match with old record will be screwed big time.
    12. Via Jewellers all those who have bought Gold will also not escape Income Tax net
    13. 55 lakh money disputes settled in one day in lok adalat 
    14. Defaulters of Banks ,Property Tax , Electricity bills, Telecom bills are clearing their long pending dues
    15. Defaulters of all kind of Govt taxes are clearing their dues
    16. Govt moving towards Target of Cashless economy
    17. Lot of small vendors have started using Apps like Paytm, Wallet facilities. Also installing Credit /Debit machines.
    18. Banks are asking and guiding people to become cashless.
    19. Businessmen with less black money declaring their money as Current yr income and depositing with Advance Tax.
    20. All with loads of Black money in cash either will surrender money with tax and Penalty or destroy it.
    21. Next cleaning going to start with declaration of Benami Properties
    22. Only 2 options –Either claim property and pay tax or give it up.
    23. All those people who are exchanging money of rich for 30% commission will lose their BPL status if transaction in their account is more then 1 lakh. All others will have to pay tax and penalty on money deposited above 2.5 lakh
    24. Fiscal deficit of India set to reduce.Even it will lower the prices of essential commodities, help in reducing the interest rate, contain inflation and not only fiscal deficit but also help in lowering CAD (current account deficit) and narrow down the trade deficit.
    25.Banks have started mobile ATM for Hospitals
    26.19 Banks have come together to start Unified online transaction

    Either way Clean up is happening in big way .Govt is also collecting huge taxes.
    Present is good. Future will be better #IamWithModi
    Please add more info and share with all.
    courtesy FB post


  3. 5forty3.in has predicted 261 seats for BJP in UP assembly elections. Will be nice to know your thoughts on the analysis.

    Also, the survey was conducted before the surgical strike on black money.


  4. My day starts with your blog and I also pay a visit late in the day to follow up on comments. Keep up the good work, CW. Just a cursory look at the number of “regular commenters” on your blog is an indication that once people read your blog one time, they are hooked and keep coming back.


  5. I have always been a Modi supporter but his Gazipur speech immensely disappointed and scared me for it was an uncharacteristic – you are poor because of the rich – poison which other parties had been dishing out so far. Black money may be a serious issue in aggregate, but to portray its holders as akin to hardened criminals is simply not true. Money has no colour, and money in private hands, even black, is far more productive than with the government which is by far the most inefficient allocator and spender of money. I fear that Modi has now become a Frankensteinian engine, driven by his own pathological ego, and that he is no longer under control of even the RSS.

    We did not elect Modi for statism, bordering on fascism, but for rejuvenating the native entrepreneurial spirit . Modi’s trajectory now seems positively Stalinistic – with threats of prosecution for having as little as a few lakhs of unaccounted income. No economy can grow in the beginning without some corruption, and Modi, spewing threats seemed to be just a more dangerous, and empowered version of Kejriwal. Disappointing in the extreme.


  6. Congrats CW. Though I do not comment often, I am one of those who contribute to one of the 900 views a day. I am going to replicate my comment on your yesterday’s blog here.:

    Well…Though I fully support the demonetization move, I feel that the execution should have been planned better. Following are my points of constructive criticism.

    1. Why Rs 2000?. This will lead to more black money in future. Govt should have just exchanged current Rs 500 and Rs 1000. This would have also saved time on re-calibrating the ATMs.

    2. Timing: 1 week has passed. Till today, we have absolutely no Rs 500. Why did the govt hurry with the announcement. They should have waited till new Rs 500 notes are sufficiently printed. Though I have Rs 2000 notes with me, they are almost useless to me. I wanted to fuel my 2 wheeler for Rs 500. I have Rs 2000, but the petrol bunk has not Rs 500 or not enough Rs 100. This definitely angers even a staunch BJP supporter like me.

    3. Modi’s mother in Queue: This is certainly in bad taste. Kejri and RaGa should follow Modi. But, it looks like Modi is following their cheap drama. Just 2 days ago PM said that he left his house & parivar for the sake of country. But today, why he is making 97 year old lady suffer for his politics. This is the first time I hate Modi’s move.

    Again, I want to say that demonetization is a most welcome move and I still support BJP & PM Modi.


    1. My thinking on your points:

      There is no study or research that show 2000 Rupees will result in more black money than 500 and 1000 Rupee notes could do. Future hoarders of black money can never be confident that ‘crazy’ Modi will not ban those big notes in the future.

      Secrecy was the key to success. Printing out more 500 Rupees notes before hands would involve many players and many benefits of demonetization would have nullified.

      There is no revelation that Narendra Modi communicated with his mother what she should do or not do. If his mother thought her action might help her son and she did what she did, nothing Narendra could do anything about.


      1. Most of all, I think this measure brings to an end the “chalta hai” attitude in India. I remember personally when I used to stay in US and would come to India for few weeks. I like the US, but I always felt more “free” in India. Few rules…almost anything goes. But now people have been alerted that days of doing whatever are over. First step to becoming developed country.


    2. Hi Anand,
      You raise very pertinent points. I believe the Rs 500 notes were not printed in advance. If the presses had been asked to suddenly print lakhs of Rs 500 notes, surely some of employees at the press would have leaked the plan. Already some RBI employees had posted pics with 2000 Rs note. The Rs 2000 note could be printed because the employees just thought a new note was coming. The dhamaka is that old notes would go. If suddenly millions of 500 were printed, someone would have realized this.


      1. Agreed CW and P.B. Josh. Dear Anand, wait for some time. My gut feeling is that, 2000 rs note will be scrapped next year. Modi may do same thing in next year. This will stop people storing cash and also black money. So, we are moving towards cashless economy.
        However, I agree that, GOI should have done proper arrangements. But this mission was first time for RBI and GOI.


  7. Prof.Vidyasagar…..You may be right about BSM not being the loop,also it is very clear in such a situation I don’t see any action on war footing basis from MoF!!

    Maybe PMO will take over …regarding cash availability?

    The question is if Prime Minister’s Office will take charge of the minute handling details of management of Banks and ATMs from the Finance Ministry. Notice how the last meeting on this topic took place at the PM’s house.



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