Social media pests : How my Twitter account got suspended

Do you remember the first time you swallowed a bug? You were probably walking down the street, near the streetlight. Or sitting near a light bulb or tubelight minding your own business, when you suddenly felt it fly into your mouth. Do you remember the instinctive gag reflex, you spitting out repeatedly…that irritating feeling in your throat…that sense of disgust you just couldn’t shake off?

Well, I just logged in to twitter to find this message :


Huh? Why on earth? I hardly ever tweet anything myself, basically just retweeting others. I use my Twitter account mainly to keep in touch with closed groups of BJP supporters discussing elections. More recently, I use it to keep in touch with the Opindia folks about edits they want to make before publishing my articles. What the hell did I do?

Until I found myself tagged in this tweet from some new account that just began in Nov 2016:


Yes, a bug just flew into my mouth. And I can’t seem to spit it out. A quick look at the timeline of this creature shows that he has been harassing other RW as well, like Raju Das, one of my top sources of info during Assam polls.


Well, I filed an appeal with Twitter, but who knows when and whether they will follow up. As I said I don’t really tweet anything and I hardly have any followers so for me it’s just a minor annoyance to go through the motions of signing up for a new account and then going back to connect with all the people and groups I used to talk to. But for those like Raju Das with a huge following I can imagine the trouble such pests cause.

The pity is that it isn’t even worth reporting and getting this poor creature kicked off twitter. Because we all know that this is some poor sap getting paid a few hundred rupees by AAP or Congress every day to create Twitter accounts and annoy people.  So, these are the pests on social media. Well, I guess where you have honey, you are going to have flies. And once they fly into your mouth, you just have to keep trying to spit them out…until the feeling of disgust recedes and you can stop thinking about them…

Aside : Yesterday, this blog had a staggering 1108 hits! I guess the RW just had too awesome a day 🙂 Watching Indian liberals see all their beloved parties lose all their ill gotten cash and then watching them cry about Trump…all in the space of 24 hours. YaY!

9 thoughts on “Social media pests : How my Twitter account got suspended

  1. Yesterday was an awesome day!!
    But this account suspension is a bad thing.They shoulfn’t suspend accounts.If you don’t like what they say just block them.This is unacceptable and undemocratic behaviour.
    And his name is bhakth cleanser,this should be viewed symbollically of what the Unholy Trinity of Commies,Peacefuls and Lovers want to do to us.


  2. Your post on Trump and political correctness was bang on. Many pundits are discussing it now. I just get a feeling that the so called liberal media knows this but were trying to create an image of otherwise


  3. Pathetic. They can only suspend when they feel that, account may be risky for security or it may be fake.The reason they have given is very ridiculous.


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