Dear Rajdeep, does SIMI not have “political context”?

Sorry folks, I couldn’t write yesterday because I was on a long journey home to India. And earlier today, I was too busy showing my patriotism with a huge desi meal 🙂

My last post was on the successful pest control operation by Madhya Pradesh police in Khandwa, which I wrote in a hurry at the airport. I got so excited on hearing the news that I knew I couldn’t survive the long flight back home to write about this. And with Congress digging its own grave by supporting SIMI “activists”, my smile was almost too big for my face.

I’ve been thinking. Seems  I left something out in my post. I forgot this: remember this?


Remember this note from one wannabe street fighter named Rajdeep Sardesai? I regard this note as one of the most disgraceful pieces in the history of Indian journalism, where a so called liberal gave reasons for not giving a damn about the murder of an innocent man. This is the post where Indian liberals went from practicing neglect towards Hindu lives to actively spitting on dead bodies of Hindus. It also showed that social media had gotten under their skin and they knew that the charges had stuck.

As Rajdeep admits:

The killing of a Bajrang Dal activist in Moodbidri in Karnataka on Tuesday has sparked off the charge of selective outrage once again: why hasn’t the media covered Moodbidri with the same intensity as Dadri, we are asked.”

And then he proceeds to give his “reasons”. If you are prone to vomiting, I suggest you don’t read his next words.

But when we seek to compare two instances without even bothering to examine the political context, we are entering dangerous territory. Prashant Poojary was a Bajrang Dal activist in Moodbidri.  The Bajrang Dal has self-admittedly used violence as a weapon against minorities… ..He didn’t deserve to die under any circumstance but there is a political context to his death

Whoa! Let’s see. He was a mere member of Bajrang Dal and you say that Bajrang Dal is violent, so the murder of any Bajrang Dal member anywhere needs to be seen as less important because there is a “political context”.

Whoa! Tell me Rajdeep, WHAT ABOUT SIMI?

Does SIMI have a “political context”? Has SIMI ever used violence? Let us know. In fact, the 8 vermin killed in Khandwa were all actual accused heinous terrorist attacks from Ahmedabad to Madhya Pradesh. They were actually running away having murdered an innocent policemen merely hours ago! What happened to political context now, dear Rajdeep and dear liberals? How come the lives of SIMI activists matter so much, but Bajrang Dal members are told that their murders are not worth outraging over because of political context?

I don’t know if Prashant Poojary had cases against him, if any. Even if he had charges, I can bet he was not accused of bomb making, carrying out multiple terror attacks in several states, breaking out of jail twice and slitting the throat of a policeman. But, Prashant Poojary was guilty merely because he was part of the Bajrang Dal. Prashant Poojary’s life is worthless because some member of Bajrang Dal somewhere broke the law, but we should outrage over the death of SIMI “activists”  who have just murdered a policeman! Such is the practice in liberal India, where kanwariyas are terrorists and SIMI only has “activists”. 

In this liberal world, it is not the persecution of Hindutva activists, but the “persecution complex” of the Hindu right that must end.

This ludicrous persecution complex of those pseudo patriot Hindus who call themselves nationalists must end.” 

You are lucky Rajdeep. The RSS leader who was hacked to death in Bengaluru last month, in full view of the public and far away from the eyes of the media, will no longer suffer from a “persecution complex”. Guess he learned his lesson, right?

Their spurious nationalism is based on hatred of the Mussalman and little else:…”

No Rajdeep. It is your spurious journalism that is based on hatred of the Hindu and little else. You don’t give a damn about “political context”. You only invented that excuse because it suited you to have a fig leaf to hold up against charges that of not caring about the loss of the innocent life of Prashant Poojary. Now that SIMI “activists” got what they deserved, you liberals are back to respecting every single life. See?


Yes, the life of a policeman is equal to the life of a terrorist, but Prashant Poojary’s life isn’t human, no? Because Poojary had “political context”, unlike SIMI, right?

Liberal bashing is now a cottage industry for some who believe they now have a political mandate to crush all dissent.”


Still better than those who think they have a birthright and/or divine mandate to crush all dissent. Thanks.


32 thoughts on “Dear Rajdeep, does SIMI not have “political context”?

  1. Our outrage will definitely dent such prestitute’s thick skins vis-à-vis crime against hindus. But BJP and their spokes persons have to make pointed counter attacks, rebutting such anchors with their own words.


      1. Because there is no coherent media strategy.
        Amit Shah is a glorified booth manager.
        Whatever media war happens, BJP has no role to play. Arnab and Zee TV just tell the truth.


  2. Had the opportunity to closely work with ex-NDTV bureau chief, and one CNN IBN assignment desk lady. Both, spit venom for Hindus, unfortunately, both are Hindus. They are brainwashed and they cannot be neutral. Their mind is filled with hatred for right-wing politicians. Now they are habited so spin stories in favor of, you know…..


      1. Why is it surprising? I used to be in Times Group for 4 years. Same experience.
        Reasons –
        1. Nehru’s books
        2. Power of chrislam
        3. Meekness of Hindu leaders (human mind has a tendency in general to feel ‘positive’ about power).

        U can do a hypothetical experiment. Some Hindus chase and beat up Sardesai.
        Outcome – outrage.
        They beat up badly another guy.
        Outcome – outrage.
        They beat up again.
        Outcome – why did he do this. He should be careful.
        They beat up gain.
        Outcome – now they r ur fan club.

        Find this juvenile??
        Well read up history of Islam.


      2. Well, just like other workplaces, there’s a mixture of libtards and individuals with a neutral mindset. But from my own experience, I can say that big newsgroups often hire journalists who have strong references. Thus, leftist refer more of leftists and this is the reason some big publications have turned into JNU’s extension. If you don’t have a good reference, you might end up working as SEO content writer.


  3. A little off-topic, but do read this article by another “Hindu” named Rama Lakshmi in WaPo.

    It is hardly surprising that WaPo hired Burqa to write “authentic” hate-filled articles. However, the comments after the article were a lot more balanced than I expected. If WaPo is ALREADY publishing such rubbish regularly, I guess adding Burqa’s drivel won’t alter the situation for the worse, as I had feared.

    As for the BJP not rebutting the fiberals with their own words, I am now persuaded this is the right strategy. Just do the right thing (e.g., carry out surgical strikes, destroy Pakistani bunkers, kill SIMI terror-suspects cum fugitives, etc.) but don’t glorify fiberal journos by engaging with them.

    BTW did anyone notice that BSM (big shot minister in Swamy39 lingo) was again drinking champagne from Burqa’s slippers last night?


    1. Oh dear 😦 This went all the way to the Washington Post…. well we should have seen this coming. Well, it’s our domestic affair and if WaPo wants to comment on it, we don’t care. I guess with Burqa in WaPo, they now have another hotline to maligning India. At least global liberals went from being drain inspectors to jail inspectors.


      1. Have seen writer Rama Lakshmi’s tweeter acc. You can see how anti india and anti hindu she is from her tweets. No surprice that, WaPo is full of anti india writers.


    2. Professor, this is exactly what I had said that WaPo and NYT both have some leftists anti-Indians already on their team. And Barkha would be just one more anti-India reporter. But as I said, Americans are changing from hatred for India (because of Nehru’s pro-Russia tilt) to neutral towards India.


  4. I’m convinced these guys aren’t doing it out of conviction. They are paid to do it. “He who pays the piper calls the tune”.


  5. RS….the street thug is thick skinned,has selective amnesia and has sold his soul….what a pathetic guy!

    Money is the only thing these guys value,they keep on at it only because of the money they get to carry on!…..I remember in one of the post CW had pointed out….if BJP is ready to pay these guys they will immediately turncoat!

    CW welcome back to India!


    1. Absolutely. If BJP were to offer to pay these people off, they’d convert in a nanosecond. I think BJP has figured out that letting them scream and instead playing victim is not a bad strategy.


    1. They had already escaped from jail once in 2013. Killed cops, did bomb blasts, looted banks. Now they killed another policeman and fled jail again. Thank god MP police solved the problem permanently.


  6. If MP Police have killed these SIMI vermins in Cold Blood….Kudos to them. The reason i liked the movie A Wednesday was because it had message for these Asshats liberals, that a vermin is a vermin and its human right doesn’t matter. These bastards kill hundreds of us in cold blood. Nobody goes to victims house or his/her funeral to show solidarity. But when it comes to terrorist like these, thousand of these appear out of nowhere to pay the last homage to the warrior of “Chummah”. No f*#&ing value to those innocent souls killed by these bastards. Some bastard had also started a Ambulance service named after Bihar Ki BEti Ishrat Jahan. Did it ever occur to them to start a AMbulance service in the name of Real shaheed Hawildar Abdul Hameed? No freakin way…he died fighting to his own Birader. No respect to him. He’s a kaffir in their memories.
    As far as Rajdeep Sardesai is concerned, we better leave him alone in his LaLa Land of Dictatorial Hindu Regime. Le-T him whine like a pig he is. He has no significance along with his worst-half.


    1. Okay, there seems to be some confusion. I don’t watch TV but my parents are big fans of Arnab. My mom tells me Arnab was on air last night also. She wouldn’t believe when I told her that he has quit.


      1. He has quit but I assume like a lot of organizations, there is a notice period. So maybe he will continue till his last day.

        Coming to the topic of the post, I read about Shivraj Singh Chouhan going to Constable Ramashankar’s funeral. What was staggering was no MSM seemed to cover it but every single one of them was covering the incessant sham on display by AAP, Congress et al over the SIMI “activists”.

        I am sometimes amazed at the idocy of the intelligentsia – do they seriously think the citizens of India are living in the stone age and can’t tell chalk from cheese?? Despite all the ranting and raving, Modi’s approvals remain sky-high, people travel in trains and see a marked difference in service, cleanliness, and quality, people solicit services related to visas, passports et al and can see the difference – and these guys really think that we can’t tell what the catalyst for all this change was and will somehow vote them back to power in 2019. Here’s one vote they are not getting for the next 40 years – in fact, I am already planning my travel to India in 2019 in a way that coincides with the general elections so I can cast my vote.


        1. Yes, I realized that only today. He must be spending the time to serve out his contract. It will be very interesting what his next move will be. Arnab is the man who can give us our Indian Fox news.


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