#SIMILivesMatter : Congress ecosystem becoming noose around Congress neck ?

If the Congress is seeing a shrink about its endless string of failures, it is hard to tell whether their therapist is actually treating them or actively encouraging them to commit suicide. Whatever convinced the Congress party that batting for SIMI terrorists was going to help turn public opinion their way? Already the Congress was under a cloud over its response to the surgical strikes and now this?

Of course, we cannot even begin to speak on this subject without first paying tribute to the head constable whose throat was brutally split as these terrorists broke out of jail in Khandwa. Let us pause for a minute, drop everything else and think of him and his family. Like all of us, they must have had plans for a joyous Diwali. But…

Zara yaad karo kurbaani. 

What was his name? Tell us, Madam.


Now let me know if you notice anything.


I don’t even want to spell it out for you. Yes, folks, this is India, circa 2016. This is where 70 years of poisonous propaganda has brought us. What’s in a name? Well, a lot. Remember this moment.

The Congress ecosystem went into autopilot, raising “questions” over the deaths of these terrorists. Keep in mind that this is exactly what they would have done with the surgical strikes, had the Modi government fallen into the trap of releasing the video. But this time I believe that the autopilot is sending the Congress into a deep nosedive. Here’s the Hindu:


“Activists”. Come on guys, you can do better. You could have called them “students”. They put the hint in the name of the organization and still the bozos at the Hindu’s internet desk could not pick up on that. Pity.

Although it is not immediately known how many of the “activists” were mild mannered children of headmasters,  The Hindu was generous enough to put up their CVs for our perusal. A sample profile of one of these activists:



A precious young life snuffed out. Where will the barbarism stop?

Coming back to my original point, the Congress ecosystem can no longer help itself. The Digvijays and the Nirupams take it from here and they go on, hammering the last nail into the Congress’ coffin. Should the Congress wish to take this issue “to the masses”, the BJP counter-campaign practically writes itself:

“Should we have fattened these terrorists on Biryani?”

The BJP leaders don’t even need to say that line aloud any more. The masses can already hear it inside their heads. The Congress strategy is so supremely self-defeating that it defies attempts at rational explanation. Except for one.

Cricket fans will remember the infamous “Sehwag no ball incident” from 2010.

Sri Lanka Cricket and offspinner Suraj Randiv have both apologised to Virender Sehwag for denying him a one-day century after a deliberate no-ball from Randiv ended the match and left the India opener stranded on 99, despite him hitting the delivery for six.


Is the Congress ecosystem pressing the self destruct button in a pathetic bid to deny Modi the satisfaction of building a Congress mukt Bharat? Is Congress destroying itself proactively out of spite? We will never know for sure. But, just like in that ODI game, no matter what the Congress “strategy” is,  remember that the result will still be the same:




15 thoughts on “#SIMILivesMatter : Congress ecosystem becoming noose around Congress neck ?

  1. Now they have come up with a strange conspiracy theory. They say that those SIMI ‘activists’ were going to reveal secret who from BJP helped them escape and that is why they were killed !!

    Anywhere in the world, jail breaking prisoner escapees are fair game and police are invariably given shoot on sight order, but not in India.

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  2. According to BD, they are SIMI prisoners, not terrorists. How innocent they are – they were just prisoners who happened to break out of prison and kill.

    Btw, the moron BD does not seem to realize that they were being given due process which is why they were in prison in the first place and not shot dead until they broke that law and killed again. At which point they became fair game for the law to bring in dead or alive.

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  3. They have gone into overdrive trying to prove that the 8 SIMI terrorists were killed in fake encounter.

    Who cares weather it is fake or real as long as these vermins have been dispatched to their rightful place!!


    1. That is exactly what I don’t get. Why this hue and cry over designated terrorists killed after they escaped from prison (crime 1) and, in the process, killed a policeman (crime 2) – that is forgetting the crimes they have done in the past because of which they were in jail to begin with.


  4. I wonder how come SP and BSP haven’t given any statement? They will also try to use it for political advantage for UP elections. After all congress has created and nurtured this ecosystem as you rightly said.waiting for whole opposition for their political breakfast today for this issue.


  5. My biggest disappointment on this topic has been Gaurav Sawant, who is tying himself in knots asking whether the SIMI terrorists should have been shot dead, and putting various “pre-conditions” for that — for example: Did they have guns? Did they fire them even once? And so on. These self-appointed experts should be para-dropped into the conflict the next time something like this happens. They would change their tune pretty fast!.

    Various twitterati including Sankrant Sanu have pointed out that, once the SIMI guys broke out of jail, they were no longer “under trials” but fugitives, and thus fair game. Given that they also killed a police constable while escaping, the police had no reason whatsoever NOT to kill them. In the US it is standard practice to “shoot to kill” fugitives, and that is even WITHOUT their having killed a law enforcement official while escaping.

    Fortunately that seems to be the prevailing view, and many people are expressing their disappointment with Gaurav Sawant. In fact one person asked him point blank whether he made a distinction between the Armed Forces (because his father was one) and “mere” police about whose lives Gaurav Sawant does not care. He sure has lost a lot of credibility with me!

    And I agree entirely with CW that Congress will sink still further if they keep batting for the SIMI terrorists, and that the counter-consolidation is very solid now.


    1. ‘These self-appointed experts should be para-dropped into the conflict the next time something like this happen’…..he he he …that is a good one professor!

      These stupid fellows who have such questions don’t seem to realize that in such situations you don’t have time to check nor think!!….it has to be shoot to kill!..period.


    2. I agree Prof Vidyasagar. However, everyone has a right to make mistakes and Gaurav usually has been a sane voice in an industry bereft of morality, ethics, and any sense of balance. I would let this pass off as a mistake.


  6. Narendra Modi Sarkar should put an end to all these fake liberals and officially announce that let this incident be the notice to all prisoners in India regardless of religion or caste, if you escape prison, there will be a standing order to the police for shoot on sight. No if, and or but. Period.


  7. BD continued her moronery by saying the “innocents” were trying to talk according to the video and therefore the police should have discussed surrender with them.

    Really? How does BD know that they wanted to discuss surrender? How does she know that the cops did not suspect this a was a tactic to catch them unaware and kill more of them? This is what passes for journalism these days.


  8. There is an unwritten rule all over the planet…

    Cop killers shall not be taken alive…

    The moment they kill a cop, the constitution does not protect them…..

    So all these ‘terrorist supporters’ can go to hell!

    All these ‘terrorist supporters’ should be taught a lesson!….wonder who will do this…cops?


  9. As many of us are aware that, Arnab has resigned from Timesnow. What can be the reason? In addition to this, as Prof Vidyasagar has mentioned couple of times about dangers of Burqa joining with WaPo. I am now really worried with Arnab’s departure. I think,
    (1) As Gautam has suggested it might be real threat to his life, and so he left.
    (2) Well this is just my guess. Arnab might have realized, and now he may be ready to go further level. who knows he may be put against Burqa at international level by GOI by some other way. Arnab might be told to play even a bigger role.
    (3) He may even start his own news channel (enlgish). This channel may support nationalist forces like us. So, finally BJP may even get their mouthpiece. I am not sure but these are my thoughts. I just hope that, Arnab’s departure from timesnow will be good for India and there must be some reason to help India.


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