How would you rate Modi sarkar?

This post is from our friend Enigma who gave the following ratings to Modi sarkar across various subjects. It is an awesome post and I thought it is best to ask all friends here how they feel about the government, now that it is only a heartbeat away from completing two and a half years in power. Here is Enigma’s awesome comment. Please enjoy:

So here are my thoughts about their performance in various areas(very long but do bear with me).So here goes:
Lot of good work done by the Government in this area.Jan Dhan Yojana,MUDRA,Make in India,Startup India,infrastructure building,electrification of villages,recovery of more than 60000+ crore black money.Also,a lot of reforms like GST,Bankruptcy Code,FDI reforms.RBI MPC,Real Estate Regulation Bill,Waterways Bill,etc.Ease of Doing Business ranking improved 12 places from 2014(will improve a lot next year after Bankruptcy Code is implemented and hopefully GST as well).Private Investment and exports are a concern though.
2)Foreign Policy-9.5/10
Without a doubt,it is the area in which most progress has been made.He successfully managed to bring all SAARC on his side and isolated Pakistan.He has also improved India’s relations with Indian Ocean countries like Mauritius and Seychelles and also Pacific Island countries and has begun the first step in trying to cut the string of pearls.He also managed to pull off a great move buy getting anti-India Nepali PM Oli removed and getting a more friendlier Prachanda installed as Nepal PM(he outwit China here).Relations with Italy,which were strained due to the marines issue now normal.Border dispute with Bangladesh also solved.Greater focus on Africa bringing most African leaders to India and improving economic ties with them.Arab World is still very pro-Pak but he is slowly pushing UAE away from Pak and bringing it closer to India(by the way,he was conferred Saudi’s highest civillian honour.I am sure that burnol sales increased due to high buying by liberals after that).He has moved closer to USA which IMO is a good thing(we need each other against China) but at the same time,has not moved too far away from Russia.Japan became an even greater friend of India(bullet trains,investment,upcoming nuclear deal) and Abe became Modi’s bestie.Getting International Day of Yoga recognized was also a great success and also the signing of the Chabahar deal as well.He has always brought back something tangible after most of his visits.His only setbacks are Pak and China.
Not a defence expert but Modi Govt has gotten Rafale deal signed,implemented OROP,demand for war memorial accepted,acquisition of S-400(apparently this is a BIG buy) and most importantly the surgical strike are big positives.However, the efforts to reduce the long time it takes to acquire weapons and to boost indias indigenous defence manufacturing don’t seem to have made much headway(correct me if I am wrong).
4)Internal Security-8/10
India’s 3 major internal threats are Islamic terrorists,Maoists and NE terrorists.Signed a peace deal with Naga terrorists ending their insurgency barring one faction(Khaplang).Maoists also suffered a major blow a couple of days back and many have surrendered in the last couple of years.However,Islamic terrorist problem is still a big one.Uri illustrated that.However,the Govt responded very well and conducted surgical strikes and apparently the number of terrorists in the valley now less than 180.Burhan Wani was killed which is a major success.And in thel ast 2 years,no big Indian city has suffered a terrorist attack unlike during the UPA days.Kudos to Rajnath Singh for that.He doesn’t get enough credit for it.
5)Law and Order-5/10
Many obsolete laws repealed but the Govt’s attempt to get NJAC through(collegium reform) failed.And the old problem of courts taking a long time to dispose cases still remains(though it is largely the courts fault).Haven’t seen any police reforms either.Ongoing tug of war between Govt and Judiciary.Hope Govt wins.Not much progress in this area.
6)Social issues-6/10
Beti Bachao,Beti Padhao a good initiative.Swach Bharat is a good initiative as well but it doesn’t seem to have taken off in a big way except at railway stations.Open Defecation also shamefully a big problem but it is being reduced.Modi a Dalit himself and despite what is being said in the media about BJP being supposedly anti-Dalit but Modi doing positive stuff for them like Stand up India and passing of SC/ST act.And a good point highlighted by 5Forty3 is that BJP is not making dominant caste person of a particular state as CM and empowering the non dominant castes as well(sort term risk but will have a good long term effect like he said)
Solar Power capacity being improved at a fast rate and Govt also building strategic oil reserves.Coal blocks also auctioned well and Govt actually now has a surplus of coal(deficiency during UPA rule).A major success is the international solar alliance idea mooted by PM Modi.Hopefully,India will achieve the Paris climate accord goals that it has set for itself.
8)Institutional Reform-7/10
Modi doing a good job(though not great)when it comes to institutional reform.One thing I have noticed is that he is using the services of IAS officers less(which is a great thing) and bringing in domain experts.Also digitizing govt recors and moving everything online is a great step.Non performers also being removed.And holding state elections simultaneously with the national elections is a good idea.However,the bureaucracy is still a plague as the NDTV textiles saga showed.
A great positive from this Govt is that corruption at the very top has almost been wiped out.Digitizing and direct benefit transfers will also go a long way as far as reducing corruption is concerned.Low level corruption is still a problem though but largely happy with the Govt on this front.
Haven’t seen much progress on this front.Hopefully,MOOC and Skill India will be a success.Hoping that Govt allows foreign universities to set up campuses in India in the future.
AAYUSH(drugs,especially life saving drugs)at cheaper prices a very good initiative.Attempt to introduce compulsory Yoga in schools laudable.Also managed to make sure that Zika virus didn’t become a big problem in India.Also attempting Medical Council of India reform.And introducing helpline no.Acessoble India also a good idea.However Govt hospitals remain as bad as they were before and I haven’t seen any “big bang” step from JP Nadda.
12)Science and Tech-4/10
LIGO observatory to be set up in India which is great but do not know of other steps/progress made in this area.
Dismal progress in this area.Babudom in sports organizations still a major problem and sports other than cricket not getting the funding or attention that they deserve(reflected in the Olympic performance this year)
Decent progress made here.Liberalization of the visa regime has helped boost international tourist arrival figures.Still a lot of work to be done.
15)Hindu issues and tackling minority appeasement-2/10
Worst area of the Govt.RTI still a problem.Only baby steps like citizenship act for Pak and Bangladeshi Hindus and attempt to introduce UCC have been taken.Good that Govt is against minority status of AMU.Lots of work to be done here but I do realize that it will take time.
16)People’s Trust-9/10
Very high.And you know why.

I went to the BJP website and read the 2014 manifesto again and I am pleasantly surprised to see that so many of the promised items have been done or are in progress and the Govt has just completed half of its term.Very happy that many of the manifesto promises have been made a reality so quickly.I am only 20 years old and only have a vague rememberance of the last days of the Vajpayee Govt.Have basically spent the”core” of my life during these 10 years of UPA and compared to UPA rule,this is Paradise.Happy to know that the country is now being led by a son of the soil instead of a foreigner.The country is in safe hands under Narendra Modi.I am confident and hopeful that he will lead the country till 2029 at least and if that happens,India will be a much more different place than it was in 2014.A much better place!

So those were my thoughts.Thanks for reading!Jai Hind!

7 thoughts on “How would you rate Modi sarkar?

  1. We should not be rating P.M. Modi but we should be rating the people of India, are they capable of changing deep seated attitudes? Ravindranath Tagore compared India to a boat travelling down a river. Modi is just a pilot, the people have to do the paddling. Some can’t paddle, some won’t and some just want to paddle backward.


  2. I agree with almost all ratings which Enigma has given. I feel modi really needs to do something about hindus, which is concern for hindus. Not a single step for hindus but many minority appeasement talks for those who are not going to vote for bjp. Another factor I am worried is his inaction against media especially NDTV. As raj Gandhi said, Indians are equally responsible. Even GOI has started swachchh bharat initiative, many people feel it is only responsibility of government.I feel modi’ s popularity will increase in next 2 years. He may even take some strong steps before 2019.I.hope so.


  3. CW magnanimous of you to make Enigma’s analysis of Modi sarkar into a post!

    Enigma….Excellent presentation and analysis!

    Unless India takes military equipment indigenization seriously we are in trouble…..Importing all the defense equipment was the in thing for the last 60years,because of massive kickbacks involved!!

    The Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement (LEMOA) was signed by the US and Indian Government.

    It is speculated that certain areas will be protected by US military personnel – which does raise questions about India’s sovereignty and legal jurisdiction on its own soil.

    India is fine to equip itself with arms, develop trade and technology relations with the US. Going closer than this as a ‘partner’ will be an unmitigated disaster for India.

    India should not get trapped into signing  so-called ‘foundational agreements’ where in USA is allowed to have a base in India….terrible thought!


    1. There is a lot of misinformation about LEMOA.India is NOT selling it’s sovereignty to the US.The Government should have done more to dispel the myths surrounding LEMOA.Suggest that you read these 2 articles. and


      1. Hi Enigma,I have read many of this MSM articles,including your links!

        USA initially starts with toe hold….one can never trust these guys …that is what history tells us….one can see this all over the world …..800 hundred US bases!

        Many countries have started waking up!…Kyrgyzstan recently cancelled its agreement with US,after realizing what they are up to!….latest is Philippines.


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