This Diwali, our armed forces are lighting up Pakistan

As the nation readies to celebrate Diwali, I thought it is best to spend today’s post talking about how our men in uniform have been celebrating Dussehra for several weeks now. Except that the monster of Pakistani terrorism has not ten heads but a million heads and cutting them all off will take a while. Not to forget that their hands of the monster stretch far across the border deep inside our territory, inside our institutions, our media, our intelligentsia and even …

But this is supposed to be a celebratory post, so lets just say Pakistan is going to need a lot of Burnol this Diwali. After all, our armed forces have only just begun to unwind:


It has been only a few weeks since our men in uniform have been let out of their chains. They are stretching their arms and legs, getting a feel for their new independence. Every year, before Diwali, we have warnings on TV telling people to stay safe and play safe. But who is going to let Pakistan know the dangers they are facing this Diwali?


Watch out Pakistan, this Diwali …that fire you wanted to light in our homes is going to burn your backsides. Have you noticed that every year there is a spike in populations of certain seasonal insects around Diwali time? They infest the whole place; you can’t turn on a light switch without thousands of them coming in and crawling all over. Then Diwali happens and they are all gone. This year, that’s YOU guys, dear Pakis.


We didn’t want this. We respect all life, even that of an insect or a  terrorist. But YOU brought this upon yourselves by attacking sleeping soldiers in tents in Uri. Now, we would be doing those martyrs an injustice if we didn’t make you pay for this. Hope you are able to keep count now:


The surgical strikes were more like a statement of intent, a way of giving fair warning to the enemy about what is going to come. You chose to deny it, you even took a busload of foreign journos to the exact spot where no strikes happened to prove that they didn’t happen 🙂 Wonder how you managed to pull that off…lol. Well, deny this…

Side note to Pakistan’s reserve column in India : you see that? Video footage…. Now stop putting your foot in your mouth.

Yes, we understand that Pakistan won’t stop waging war against India. Because then they would have nothing to do. In the last 70 years, there is nothing else that any generation of Pakistanis has ever taken any interest in. But understand that there will be costs.

To my great delight, just as the Army and BSF have decided to go super aggressive against the enemies on the other side of the international border and the LoC, domestic security forces have also decided to put a leash on the Commie terrorists inside our territory. A huge blow to JNU as far as I can see:


Well done, our men in uniform. These people have had a party for too long. It’s time to hang them out to dry.

I have a question. Do Commies believe in 72 virgins too? Anyways…

This Diwali, light a diya for our soldiers on the border, but don’t forget to buy some presents for our friends across the border as well. Right now, they would really appreciate some coffins…


14 thoughts on “This Diwali, our armed forces are lighting up Pakistan

  1. Commies and Jihadis have a lot in common. Wherever they are in power, criticizing their religion (Marxism/Isalm) is punishable with death. Dissenters are put to death. Army is huge and defense budget eats up most of the finances. They support each other in places where they are not in power and kill each other where they are in power.


      1. That’s what any normal person would do.
        One rule for me. Another for enemy.
        BJP needs to learn from them.
        I don’t think they use state power as well as the opponents.


  2. And to add fuel to the fire, I read that our Jawans have been using Made In India rifles which are not that much reliable so now Modi Sarkar is out shopping a lot more effective, a lot more lethal and a lot more reliable weapons and better bullet proof vests and other equipment to better equip our Jawans. Watch out Jehadis and Commies. Here we come.


  3. I’ve often wondered of the Commie idea of heaven. Seeing their demands here in the living world, one can guess:
    The commie heaven has red flags all over the place, loudspeakers blaring speeches and propaganda songs everywhere. Closed factories every place and paychecks arriving every hour. And for entertainment firing squads dispatching dirty capitalists in every square. And shabby jholas and unfiltered cigarettes available for the asking.


  4. This is wonderful news!!
    Nothing hurts these Pakis more than being trashed by us kaffirs.And that too during Diwali!!They must all be having fits of rage!!
    These morons should understand that their war with us is not taking them anywhere,its just dragging them down.We have reached Mars while they still aspire to reach Kashmir.
    Our men in uniform should keep up the good work.
    Wonderful things happen when they are given a free hand.


    1. Indeed, I havent seen Indian armed forces at this level of aggression in a long time. Yes, we are also losing soldiers, but this would have happened anyway. Their terrorists would be attacking us no matter what. At least we are getting some revenge rather than just losing our men.


  5. Coup around the around the corner in Pak?What do you think?I hope it happens.Apparently,there’s an act in the US called the Kerry-Lugar Law which says that sanctions will be imposed on Pakistan if there’s another military coup.November 2 when Imran Khan stages a huge march in Islamabad will be an interesting day.


    1. I dont even know if Pakistan has an elected government or not. I know Sharif is PM, but I didnt even care to find out if he was elected or just came to power in some coup himself. It is an uncivilized nation, this is how everything works there.


  6. In his next address, Modi must communicate directly to the Pakistani youth who are being used as cannon fodder by the generals. Young youth are brainwashed and sent to die a dogs death at the hands of Indian soldiers. Meanwhile the generals operate their bakeries, barber shops and bars and make huge profits.

    The terrorists should ask – Why don”t the generals children go across the border to die ? Why are Syed Salahuddins children having professional lives of safety while we are sent to die ? Why only us ? The day the poor misguided youth ask this question, terrorism will stop.


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