Which circus do we watch : UP or Punjab?

In the old days when STD call rates were high, we used to call all our relatives on Sunday and talk to them. We have discontinued the tradition, but some of the richest people in the country seem to be carrying on with it. Except that they refer to calling up their own relatives as “meetings of senior party leaders”

It would be interesting to know if there is even one “senior leader”, MP, MLA or former MP or former MLA in the Samajwadi Party who is not a relative of the patriarch Mulayam Singh Yadav. There’s a whole bunch of names and relatives to keep track of: Akhilesh Yadav, Ramgopal Yadav, Shivpal Yadav, Archana Yadav, Dimple Yadav, Prateek Yadav…some are involved in running the party, some are involved in running businesses that benefit from the party, etc, etc.

But the broad contours of the quarrel seem to be about prodigal son Akhilesh Yadav getting tired of listening to a whole bunch of “uncles”. We all need our privacy, don’t we? We cannot all live our lives as characters in the movie Hum Aapke Hain Kaun… Let it go, Netaji…boys will be boys, right?

If there is anything more funny than the SP imploding spectacularly, it is the attempts of the Lutyens brigade to cover for Akhilesh Yadav. Sample this:

Yes, secular parties and secular leaders are always getting a “boost”, no matter how ridiculous they look.

No, really. They can’t see the mess that the Samajwadi Party has made of itself. They don’t see the extreme demoralization of the SP cadre. What do they see? They see balloons and ribbons and cakes and rainbows for Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav. Anything and everything that a secular party does is a masterstroke.

Instead, guess who should be worried according to media?


Of course. According to media, how could anything ever be good news for BJP? I often wonder how BJP is still alive, considering that the party is always facing bad news for the last 3 decades, even as the secular strike keeps playing one “masterstroke” every day. Few days ago, we heard that BJP was not even in the game in Uttar Pradesh. How much more bad news could possibly be coming?

Not to mention that everyone’s drivers were agreeing enthusiastically that BJP is not even in the race.

And now it seems that amid the SP infighting, it is actually the BJP that is drowning in bad news, isn’t it? Let me tell you straight, my Lutyens friends. To borrow the words of one of your colleagues, said once with great relish in 2015: this election is done and dusted! All Modi has to do is look like a leader above the noise, which is what he did in Bundelkhand today:


This election is done and dusted. All that BJPians need to do now is choose which circus to enjoy. There is another comedian making a fool of himself in Punjab.


Kejriwal ji loves to talk. Surely he will agree, right? No, he wants to run…it is the chamchas who have to do the talking.


Aur ye laga sixer :


This is what happens when you think that Madam’s generals are as incompetent as the leaders of BJP Delhi.

By the way, caption this 🙂 🙂 🙂




24 thoughts on “Which circus do we watch : UP or Punjab?

  1. Let them indulge in wishful thinking. I believe they have gambled their everything in the adage; when everybody start to call a goat, a dog, the people will start to believe that the goat is really a dog. So they genuinely believe that when all of them Lutyens start hammering that BJP does not stand a chance in UP, people will start to believe that.


    1. Inside they also know that the UP narrative has gone too badly wrong. SP is imploding and Lutyens is stuck praising Akhilesh. Just like media, Muslims are also divided halfway between SP and BSP.


    1. That is quite possible and may be very much required too. Because, a good chunk of Muzzies can back Maya memsab this time, given the fragile state of Yadav clan. I hope Amit Shah has an effective plan B to cover for this situation.

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      1. At most Mayawati can move 25% extra Muslim votes to her side over and above the M votes she already gets. This increases her voteshare by 5% to an absolute max of 30. BJP is sure to stay above 30%.


    2. Maybe a handful of Yadavs, especially the younger ones. AY could have got some of this vote and he was targetting them in name of development. But now they will go with BJP for sure. But more importantly, SP gets a lot of support from non-Yadav OBCs too. The Yadavs may be mostly loyal to SP, but non-Yadav OBCs have no reason to stick with SP.


    1. Agree with you, Nayak. I have a gut feeling that BJP is going to benefit from Muslim women for its stand on Triple Talaq! If the BJP can even win part of the women Muslim vote, it is game, set, and match by a big majority.

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      1. UP is already game, set and match for BJP. Right now in every state, there is a minimum 5% of the electorate that rises above caste and votes for development. This 5% will go entirely with BJP now that Akhilesh is ruled out. Add to it a mini wave in urban areas after surgical strikes.


  2. Wow, I was wondering when you will write blog for split in SP and as expected you came with a bang. Finally communal forces were able to split secular forces, and still it will be bad news for communal forces (BJP).
    Well, these jokers will never accept good news for BJP. Even if BJP wins UP elections, they will tell, BJP did not perform as expected like it was supposed to win all seats. For them, Modi wave is still not proved. If BJP wins, they will even tell, BJP won by polarizing votes. Triple talaq is now good example for them. They even have started to spread news like, BSP will get maximum advantage from SP split, since muzzies as expected will turn towards BSP to stop BJP and there may be mahagathbandahn like Bihar. Let these crooks do whatever they want. I sometimes wonder, who is biggest crook? Politicians (opposition) or MSM. BTW, a criminal like Mulayam said yesterday about Modi. He praised Modi and told that Modi respects his mother. He was referring to Akhilesh. Nobody in media noted.

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  3. Dont forget SP has nothing to lose as they are already written off. Therefore, I see this as a drama scripted by yadavs family…to distance Akilesh from the gundaraaj and project him as yugpurush. Don’t forget Nitish extending support to Akilesh. Its not time for bjp to be complacent with what is being projected as a big fight.

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    1. Of course there is no room for complacency whatsover. UP elections are the second most important elections in the country after general elections. Cant take anything or anyone for granted.


  4. In Punjab, out of 117 seats, sure seats for SAD, BJP & Cong are 60. SAD/BJP will win 33 and Cong 27 out of these 60 “sure seats”. For remaining 57 seats which are unsure for these 2 parties, AAP will surely win 15. So the final outcome will depend on the balance 42 very uncertain seats where AAP is in lead position now with around 30% vote share. So if non-AAP votes get polarized behind a good candidate (potential winner) from either SAD/BJP or Cong, we can see AAP below 20, and either of SAD/BJP or Cong coming to power, with AAP in third position.


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