The BJP needs procedures to process new entrants

Can you feel it? The mini-General Election of 2017 approaches.  The ships of opponents are not sinking yet, but they are wobbling ominously. An icy cold breeze sends a chill through their crews huddled on their decks. But in the distance, the sea seems calm and the mighty Modi ship is parked calmly upon the waves. More than a few of them decide to make a splash for it.

They just keep coming. From the BSP. From the SP. From the Congress. It’s so common that it’s unremarkable. You read about it in the news every single day, let play a wry smile and then you forget the very next instant, maybe after a little chuckle. That’s it.  But then this happens:


That’s when you cannot but worry about what baggage the asylum seekers bring with them. Now, I am much more of a realist than a purist. I see the value in blowing a hole through the enemy’s boat and in the famed “saam daam dand bhed”. A better metaphor I could not have conceived:


But you have to worry, nevertheless. You have to worry about the idea and constantly evaluate where we stand with regards to the ideal. For the idea of “Congress mukt Bharat”, unlike the “idea of India”, is not the private property of one individual or group of privileged individuals. The idea of “Congress mukt Bharat” is that of giving a pathway for the expression of the inherent greatness our of our nation. And we cannot achieve a Congress mukt Bharat with a “Congress yukt BJP” at the helm. Modi and Shah are transient, the greatness of the nation is eternal.

So, what is the way out? How do you reconcile the ideal with the practical? As the Congress implodes, there will be many many more asylum seekers who pose ethical dilemmas. You cannot say no to them. That would be silly. If you want to win, why would you lose golden opportunities to demoralize your enemy? At the same time, you don’t want a “Congress yukt BJP”, do you?

The answer is actually quite simple. The answer is to have procedures in place. Have clear unequivocal protocol that each new entrant must follow and it will all be fine. For instance, each such newcomer should be barred from a party post or a party ticket for 3 years. If that’s too much, especially considering that these things happen just before elections, ask the newcomers to get approval of the party cadre to be cleared for party posts and party tickets. The best practice would be a formal primary system. Anyone can join and then earn a party ticket by getting the party cadre to approve of you.

Does this seem too far fetched? Does it seem like “they” would never agree to this? Well, let me remind you that the BJP already has a bunch of protocols in place and they seem to be working just fine. For instance, the BJP has a clear “one person one post” policy. And it works so smoothly that people barely notice. Fadnavis was president of Maharashtra BJP. Fadnavis becomes Maharashtra CM. The lobbying for new Maharashtra BJP President starts immediately. Not for even one second does Fadnavis even consider the possibility of holding on to his party post.  Because he knows he has no chance. The protocol is too well established. The man who gets the job of Maharashtra BJP President is Raosaheb Danve. In turn, Raosaheb Danve immediately resigns as a central minister. One person, one post. No arguments. No exceptions.

This is actually remarkable in the Indian context. In most parties, we have party president, CM/PM/CM candidate/PM candidate all rolled into one person. At best, they could be  close relatives. But BJP practises one person, one post. It sets the party apart from everyone else and the BJP does it so smoothly that people barely notice. No BJP leader even tries to break the convention. Even after 282, Narendra Modi did not have a chance in hell of getting the post of BJP President. Everyone knew that.  That is the advantage of a well established protocol.

Now, Modi himself has brought in yet another possible protocol: the 75 years cut off (although I think Bhagwat began this process earlier inside RSS). For sure, he did it to get rid of inconvenient people within the BJP, but even he cannot control the process once it has been set in motion. Whether Modi likes it or not, the 75 cut off has now become a talking point and will become a protocol. And yes, he will have to answer uncomfortable questions on this during the 2024 election, when he will be 74 years old himself.

So, do not for a moment think that it is “impossible” to have a solid protocol for newcomers to the BJP. If BJP politicians can learn to live with a maximum of one post at a time and give up all power at age of 75, they can learn to live with primaries too.

So, who will bring this next change and implement a protocol for newcomers in BJP? Will it be Modi and Shah? Very unlikely. And that doesn’t matter. Did the BJP’s top leadership want to see Narendra Modi at the helm in 2012, or even in late 2013? No! So what? It was the power of the BJP’s foot soldiers that catapulted Modi to the top. And now that the process has been set in motion, it is beyond the control of Modi himself. BJP’s foot soldiers have tasted power and victory. BJP’s foot soldiers won’t hesitate to defy the leadership when they want changes in the party.  It’s time they did that again. In fact, it is a process that should be continuous, never ending and forever cleansing.


23 thoughts on “The BJP needs procedures to process new entrants

  1. Good points. However many time a leader from other party comes to BJP and with that leader come thousands of his supporters. Fact of the matter is, when person like Rita Joshi joins BJP, he/she knows and accepts each and every BJP policy points and thoroughly removes all affiliation with his/her old party. So ideally the new comers immerses in BJP political philosophy rather than BJP becoming Congress Yukt or SP Yukt or BSP Yukt.


      1. By that logic, Modi should be sidelined for singing Teresa, and doing sharia banking, just like Advani’s Jinnah comment.
        One more election loss, and hopefully that process gets seeded.
        His Bhakts will obviously weep about their toilets.


  2. As long as RSS maintains its ideological bindings on the BJP (and thereby on India’s governance) I think we are safe. The sickulars and presstitutes know this, that’s why there was a demand from such quarters to delink BJP from RSS.

    As far as Rita Joshi is concerned, she has been inducted to grab some incremental Brahmin votes at local level. In no way she will be given any important/directive post. That much is clear.


    1. Does that binding also apply on Modi? RSS chief’s and RSS view on Teresa and gau rakskaks are exact opposite of Modi’s.
      I can see now that he is well ahead on the sekoolar path of kavi Vajpayee. And later Advani’s Jinnah cheering.
      We know what happened to them.


    1. So true! The Bahugunas do not enjoy wide-spread, grass-root level popularity in Uttarakhand. In fact, they evoke distasteful reactions in the BJP cadre.

      Thank you CH ji for writing this post.


      1. Indeed, bringing in Vijay Bahuguna was one of the worst decisions taken by BJP. This Vijay Bahuguna is a number 1 corrupt person. I guess this is how parties script their own downfall. It begins with success, then turns into greed and finally degrades into blindness.


        1. JP Nadda, Dhumal and Anurag Thakur are equally corrupt. I am not mentioning the ‘great’ lawyer and finance minister.
          I have personally offered a deal to Raman Singh on behalf of an Israeli firm and to Shivraj Chouhan’s family member.
          In fact I encourage BJP to be corrupt. Use the money to buy off media, opposition etc. Exactly the way Congress does.
          And also use it for Ghar wapasi
          The way Italian and her goon YSR did it for conversion in Andhra.
          It’s Hindu money anyways.
          95% taxes are paid by Hindus.


  3. Rita Bahaguna has been accepted into BJP not for any gain the party gets through her, but to ensure Congress loses whatever support base she still has in UP through her father’s legacy. Uneducated Brahmin voters in UP still favour Congress in local elections, though they may vote for Modi in LS elections.


  4. Not related but of significant concern because of involvement of RSS

    Can’t understand why they want to go back in time in terms of growth. Is it possible to recreate all the current developments in the world in individual languages and continue to do so. Even if we do so, what is the benefit. What the western countries did in terms of manufacturing, we were able to do in service sector thanks to English. References that insult India is not because of the language. Such things are there in all the languages. I have a similar concern when all our schemes are named in Hindi. Rest of the country does not understand what the god damn scheme is all about. Down south we feel we are totally irrelevant when the prime minister chooses to address the nation only in Hindi without any translation being provided simultaneously. Would like you to consider a post on this. BJP can think of growth in south only when the top leadership accept the need to communicate to the common man down south


    1. We should discourage English. And pick one language as national, and another (mother tongue). Long process. But should be done.
      And it should not be Hindi.


  5. Excellent post!…I learnt a lot from this post!

    Generally I have understood that politicians who are opportunistic and jump parties,comes with lot of demands….if this aspect is not entertained by BJP ….then nothing to worry!


  6. Good one! I hope BJP’s leadership in Maharashtra reads this. Hundreds of NCP, MNS men are entering the party as four municipal bodies- Pune, Mumbai, PCMC, and Thane are set to face elections during the next six months.

    I spoke to several BJP members here in Pune and they said party will give tickets to newly joined members because they are super-rich. On the other hand, workers who are with BJP since 15 years will not get tickets. Plus, these newly joined NCP men within BJP are urging the party leadership to go without an alliance with Shiv Sena. This has already proved disastrous for the BJP this year. It fought several polls alone and ended up getting lesser votes and seats than Shiv Sena.


    1. Welcome Nitten to commenting on this blog. You are correct about this problem being acute in Maharashtra. Fadnavis has gone after the NCP’s support base in various cooperatives and local trade bodies and a lot of “free floaters” from the “Naturally Corrupt Party” are looking for a future in BJP. They have brought their culture of corruption along with them too and are giving BJP lots of bad ideas.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. sabhi kehte hai ki koi apni money yahan waste kar raha hai koi kahin waste kar raha hai…. agar usi money ko ham donate kar de toh .. woh money kitna profit de sakti hai ye bhi socho thoda…. so, jitna ho sake black money ko hi use mein le ke aoo .. wAste karne ki jagah


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