Dear Prime Minister, are you busy?

Unlike the Honorable Chief Minister of Delhi, I am a functioning adult with a job with professional commitments and responsibilities.  As such, I do not normally spend my days reviewing movies, let alone worrying about the fate of upcoming movies at the box office.

I swear that when I heard about “ADHM” for the first time, I wondered if it is the name for some kind of disorder, like ADD. Then, I thought these letters stood for some kind of government official… an Assistant Deputy Magistrate or something… I tried out a lot of possibilities in my mind. Again, functioning adult with a job, you see. We are not all as lucky as the Delhi CM.

Unfortunately I am now aware that the letters ADHM stand for “Ae Dil Hai Mushkil”, an upcoming movie by Karan Johar. So what has happened? Have the movie crew decided to return the awards they haven’t even won yet in order to protest “growing intolerance”? With elections approaching in Uttar Pradesh and all the award ammunition already exhausted before Bihar, that was my first thought. Well, the problem is that nothing has happened, which is always a good reason for Bollywood to start doing almost anything.

“The dramatic developments began with Nitin Datar, COEA president and vice-president of Film Federation of India (FFI), the apex body of Indian film industry, announcing that its members had decided at a meeting not to screen any films starting Pakistani artistes starting with Karan Johar’s film.”


A little bit of googling helped me find out that this COEA is some kind of association of a bunch of single screen theater owners. So, what’s the story here? Some private individuals who run movie theaters have decided to choose not to screen movies with Pakistani actors. And why did they make this decision?

Mr Datar said the association members from four states — Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Goa, and Karnataka — had taken the decision based on “public sentiments” following the Uri and Pathankot attacks on Army based.

Understandably, the icons in Bollywood who get to dictate to us what our sentiments should be were not impressed. We know that you folks in Bollywood are cool, beautiful people…but we are also cool in our own way, that being the fact that we can vote with our wallets. So, if there is a storm of public sentiment against Pakistan right now and you just happen to have Pakistani stars in your movie, well…it’s just an unlucky business decision, isn’t it? Bollywood stars who think that India is too disgusting to live in have minted hundreds of crores over the years by making “patriotic” movies. This is the flip side of that. Right now some of you have got caught on the wrong foot. Live with it. It’s called business. Nothing personal. 

Of course in today’s India, anything and everything that goes wrong can be blamed on one man:

You are right Anurag Kashyap, he hasn’t said anything. Because the time for words is over. I think he made that clear.

Because the Prime Minister is not your personal publicity agent. There is an aspiring Prime Minister in a different party who does that kind of work.


And face what? Public disgust over employing Pakistani actors? What is the PM supposed to do here? Appeal to the public to watch some movie… again your are thinking of a certain PM aspirant, not the current PM.

Or is he supposed to use his authority to pass some law ordering theater owners to screen movies they don’t want to? And then perhaps make another law requiring people to buy tickets for those movies? Anything else you would like, sir? Perhaps add a clause to this law requiring those people to come back from the theater and then publish a minimum of 10 tweets praising the movie?

By now Kashyap must have been realized that  he was beginning to look like a fool.

Awesome 🙂 You know you have lost it when you have to clarify to your friends in the media that “they were not drunk tweets”.

Protect you from what? People not wanting to see some movie? But you got something right at least. You do have a right to ask the PM any question you want to. Enjoy your free speech. The Army makes sure you continue to enjoy it.

Vulnerable to what? The whims of the movie-going public? At one level, I understand the frustration of the film industry. When they look around at their friends in the media, they get jealous. The mainstream media is able to keep pushing its own agenda without having to worry about profits. Because the mainstream media makes its money not through the front door, but through the back door. And the film wallahs are stuck with having to actually cater to the sentiments of the public! How unfair life is…

But, Mr. Kashyap, you are a very creative person. We all know that. You can always milk this cow of patriotism for yourself by making a movie that hits the right notes. Citizens of Bollywood have made lots of money selling patriotism to a country which they say they find too disgusting to live in. You can cash in as well. Or you know, you could just stage some incident with Gau Rakshaks to turn into a superhit in secular circles. You know you could do a way better job than Barun Kashyap any day. Don’t tell me you lack the confidence…

Agree with you there. I hope Narendra Modi  finally stops goofing off with these other unemployed losers from Russia and China right now..


Are you listening, Prime Minister? Anurag Kashyap wants to know why your government cannot ensure that every Bollywood movie will make a profit. Answer the question. NOW. Are you busy, Mr. Prime Minister?



31 thoughts on “Dear Prime Minister, are you busy?

  1. Good post CW. Plenty of sarcasm. Best part is these losers ask silly questions to PM to gain some cheap publicity as it is the fashion these days and he goes on doing his job as what a PM must do. Jokers and losers a plenty in our country and we are knowing them one by one. Next couple of years I am sure we will come to know about more such people.

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  2. I have only watched 3-4 Bollywood films in my entire life and none in the last 9 years.And I am happy to say that 0 of them had Pak actors or actresses.


  3. Ha Ha Ha …..CW you really and truly brought out this Kashyap characters stupidity in this post!

    Anurag Kashyap is stupid and pathetic…..he is one among many who blames his misfortune on the PM of this great country!!

    Imagine this Dumbo expecting the PM to intervene on something the descent citizens of this country has taken to screw Pakistan!

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  4. ROFL – somebody called him and sought clarification whether on a bright sunday morning he was stable. This is the downside of making yourself reachable by all the citizens of this country. Even fight with next door neighbour will now get reported to the PM for solution. Why these people can’t make calls to Karachi or get Om Puri to buy distribution rights for entire world and rake in the moolah from Pakistan itself

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  5. It seems, the moment a person is named AK, he gets insanely obsessed with modiji and utters some idiotic statement and then to counter that utters more idiotic statements thoroughly proving his moronery. ROTLOL on seeing these rants of AK


  6. What Modi Sarkar can do, did it today. They announced that they will continue to give Visa to Pakistani actors. The important question is, will any sane film producer and director invest in film with Pakistani actors? Because you will never know when a terrorist attack sponsored by Pakistan would succeed like in Uri and create nationalistic fervor. These film producers worry about their investment, but when the theater owners worry about their investment, they blame Modi sarkar.


    1. Yes, this is the right way. The government should not force. Govt will not stand in the way if some Paki actor gets a job offer from Mumbai. Let public enforce the “ban” by using the power of the market.


  7. Great post, CW. Anurag Kashyap is an opportunistic, hypocritical SOB. Nobody cares two hoots for his opinions. NaMo’s greatest contribution has been to bring these snakes to light who have long peddled their wares as “brotherhood” and “secularism” while selling our national interests down the river. The Indian public is fed up of them too. For whatever it’s worth, I don’t plan to watch ADHM, or Raees, or Dangal…let these guys feel it where it hurts the most.

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        1. Dear Chaiwallah and other friends,

          My usual routine is to spend the Fall Semester (mid-August through mid-December) teaching at the University of Texas at Dallas, and the remaining eight months teaching at the IIT Hyderabad. This year, for some personal reasons, I will be spending the full academic year 2016-17 at UTD, then two months in Hyderabad, and then back again for Fall 2017. This a one-time exception and from January 2018 I plan to be in Hyderabad more or less continuously. But remember that old saying “Man proposes, God disposes.” Just because this is what I am planning, it does not follow that this is what will actually happen.

          I would be truly delighted to meet in person the various regular commentators on this forum.


      1. Prof Vidyasagar – I actually am and would be honored to meet up/chat up in person. I already sent you a direct email. Looking forward to meet you in person soon.


    1. Actually I am a fan of Ranbir Kapoor and I would probably have watched ADHM if I had found out that Ranbir was in it. But now that they have made it political, NEVER! THEY made it political by dragging in the PM, we didn’t. These Anurag Kashyaps will shut up only when they realize that Modi voters are also the ones watching their movies…and that there are a LOT of them. So, they better not take on India’s biggest super super star.


  8. The only way to teach lessons to a$$ H$&#@ like anurag kashyap and karan joker is to stop watching their movies. They know in spite of abusing the nation, they are confident that the ignorant Indians will watch their silly movies. We Indians are not vicious enough to burn theaters or stone these morons, but at least we may decide to stop watching their movies and help them to go bankrupt.

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    1. I am a fan of Ranbir Kapoor and probably would have watched the movie at some point. Now that THEY have made it political, NEVER! And these people will realize soon enough that Modi supporters are everywhere.


      1. Sorry my comments are off subject. Though it is individual choice, I cannot believe a independent thinker like you, a person who is not willing to compromise unfairly, is a fan of Ranbir kapoor! I think he is one of those characterless persons with countless affairs and mediocre acting abilities. If you remove kapoor, he is one more RG without Gandhi tag. I apologize if I hurt you. And movie stars are the last of the citizens to care for the society and country (excepting a few handful patriots like Anupam Kher ) since their whole life revolves around faking.


  9. Prime minister Modi has nothing to apologise for. His diplomacy and state craft has brought attention to the world the nature of Pakistans true intentions and terrorist sponsoring policy. America and the west are removing their support for the regime in Islamabad.the only country that supports them is the soulless greedy dictators of China.
    Kashyap should be grateful we have a leader with such courage and vision.


    1. Of course he has nothing to apologize for. Maybe Kashyap should enroll in that 12 step program or something for alcoholics and apologize to everyone he has hurt, including the PM and his supporters.


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