So what if RSS is blatantly political?

I don’t think I have ever written a blog post on Dhirendra Jha’s rants in The main reason is that I feel sorry for the man, because his rabid anti-BJP hate has led him to loose touch with reality. Every week or so, I find another article of his in Scroll, predicting the political demise of the BJP for some reason or another. In that sense, Dhirendra Jha is like “Baghdad Bob”, the comical character who was Saddam Hussein’s information minister during 2003. “Baghdad Bob”, or “Comical Ali” as some had nicknamed him,  would go on air everyday and give these unreal descriptions of how American troops were actually suffering crushing defeats at the hands of Saddam’s Army…even as US forces were sweeping easily across Iraq.

But today I will talk about Dhirendra Jha, because he has touched upon a topic that is a pet peeve of mine:


Ah! The infamous promise, even if it existed. Time and again I have seen this “promise” thrown in the face of the RSS/BJP on TV debates as if making a point. I have seen Congis do it, I have seen rabid AAPtards do it. What baffles me is that the nonsense about this “broken promise” is never challenged on air, neither by BJP spokespersons and even less by anchors.

Let’s read for instance, from what Dhirendra Jha has written:

When Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat delivered his Vijaya Dashmi speech in Nagpur on Tuesday, he almost seemed like a powerful politician of a ruling party.”

Why did Mohan Bhagwat sound like a powerful politician of a ruling party? Umm…er…because he is! You have any objections?

As I said before, the matter of this so called promise baffles me whenever I see it come up. I cannot for the life of me imagine how BJP’s opponents see it as a valid political issue against the RSS/BJP. Just see what Dhirendra Jha admits himself:

After all, the RSS had taken a pledge in 1949 – as it desperately tried to wriggle out of the ban imposed on it following Mahatma Gandhi’s assassination – that it would act solely as a cultural organisation without any political overtones.”

Now I don’t know the exact history of this, but let’s assume that every single word Dhirendra Jha has written is 100% true! So, what? Let’s just assume that Nehru imposed a ban on RSS and refused to lift the ban until the RSS gave a guarantee that it would not pursue politics. I am struggling to see how this makes the RSS look bad. It makes RSS look like the victim of Nehru’s dictatorship, no?

I got news for you Dhirendra Jha. The right to pursue politics is a fundamental right every citizen of India should have. If in the past there has been a power mad Prime Minister like Nehru who has banned an organization and forced them at gunpoint to give up their constitutional rights, then the shame is on that brutal dictator, not on the people who were forced to surrender their rights.

And let me tell you this Dhirendra Jha. You and all other secularists who throw this broken promise of the RSS in the face of them today are the most disgusting people on earth. You have to be true lowlives to tell certain citizens of India that they should have no right to contest elections in their own country, because decades ago, their ideological ancestors were forced to give up that right at gunpoint. Shame on you! 

Let me tell you a story. It is well known that slavery was ended in the United States by the Emancipation Proclamation of 1863. It is a relatively less known that before the Emancipation Proclamation, Lincoln passed in 1862 an Act that freed the slaves in Washington DC (because the capital is under direct control of the Federal Govt and not inside any state). The crucial difference is that in Washington DC, the slaves were freed by the Federal Govt after paying compensation, i.e., the slaves were freed but only after the owners were compensated for the “property” they were losing. Now imagine today if  a dispute were to arise over the compensation from 150 years ago. Would you ask the descendants of slaves from Washington DC to become slaves again?

Would that be disgusting? That’s what you are doing, dear Dhirendra Jha.

Let it go. Slavery was an abomination. The slaves are free today. No one cares if the slave owners got proper compensation. Screw them! Just like that, RSS is free to express itself today. No one cares and no one should care if the promise made to dictator Nehru has been violated. What Nehru did to the RSS was an abomination and a blot on our democracy. The RSS is no longer his slave and they have no obligation, moral or otherwise to stick to any “deal” that Nehru might have struck with them in exchange for their natural human rights. Thanks!


17 thoughts on “So what if RSS is blatantly political?

  1. These commies can openly follow Mao Zedong and Stalin who are considered more barbaric than Hitler and RSS cannot be even political. Congress can do politics over Batla and RSS chief is not even supposed to speak over surgical strike. When everything in this country is politicized than why can’t RSS make a political statement. Is politics is only the birthright of Dynasty?

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  2. The issue is with RSS itself. Same thing with BJP. They just won’t come out and say stuff like this openly.

    Instead they will act like they still agree to the old idea of not being political etc. And then be on the defensive always trying to explain away things.

    I think they should put the question back to the questioners like you are doing. Ask them why RSS can’t be political. Why should the government give proof. Etc.

    They need you as their spokesperson :-).


      1. I was in the middle of a transition and a lot of chaos. Things finally settling down and I can routinely read CW, MC and others.

        They shouldn’t just be vociferous. They need to be convinced of their beliefs and knowing they are in the right on certain things. And then speaking out loud and clear on those. Instead they play pussyfooting politics and vex everyone who believed in them.


        1. Case in point is the handling of the shrill calls for evidence. Instead of pandering to the morons who ask for them and trying to explain to them – the ball should be sent into their court. Ask them in public what evidence would satisfy them and how they wouldn’t question that evidence as well? Let them try to explain themselves.

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  3. CW you have effectively shattered the dumb argument of this author Dhirendra Jha!

    The main problem for these people is the fact that BJP has the support of this huge organization RSS !


  4. After all our country has elected a very active member of RSS as its Prime Minister ! These hypocrites constantly attack RSS as a branch of BJP (or vice versa) but at the same time they attack RSS as being political. They want it both ways. They constantly attack RSS as a terrorist organization without a shred of evidence. I am looking forward for our prince charming to prove in court that RSS members were involved in killing Gandhiji.


  5. RSS and BJP have been under the gun ever since Modi became PM. The worst nightmare of the Congi-Commie combine is a Hindustan that is proud of its heritage and culture. As a lady I follow on Twitter yesterday pointed out, “Modi is neither defensive nor apologetic about being a Hindu” and the lefties just cannot take that. And Shan Sen is right that the BJP/RSS are so used inherently to being on the receiving end that they end up being defensive rather than have a “so what” attitude?

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  6. Perfectly said, no one can deny the constitutional rights of RSS. After all why RSS is so much hated by congie/commies is because RSS refuses to chant Nehru/Gandhi bhajans and instead respects those who truly fought and sacrificed for India. The best part is RSS teaches us to worship our ancestors instead of hating them as commies do.

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  7. Truth is RSS is actually a cultural organization and that is the greatest worry for the communists. The communists can deal with other politicians, political opponents can be murdered (as they are doing in Kerala). Cultural opponents cannot be murdered.

    Hinduism has such deep roots that unlike in China where the communists could destroy the indigenous culture, in Hindustan, communism has utterly failed. The people of India just don”t understand the type of nonsense and idiocy the communists utter.

    The ideas that communism espouses has been compared to the ideas that Hinduism espouses and Hinduism is the winner. The communists ideas have no takers in India and hence Communism has bitten the dust and consigned to the garbage bin of history in India. Rama and Krishna have demolished Marx, Lenin and Stalin without breaking a sweat.


  8. If RSS made this promise then I am very happy. Hindus should learn to renege on promise, lie, cheat, stab in the back, be crooked like Hillary. Lets learn from Pakistan and Islam.


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