The vilification of the Army begins

I often forget myself that the real target of this blog is not the Dynasty, but the Dynastycrooks. The Dynasty in itself is really a symbol. I mean, does anyone really think that Rahul Gandhi is capable of planning something evil? The Dynasty is evil in what it represents, as a superstructure protecting an entire ecosystem of anti-national forces. It is inside this ecosystem that new evil ideas are mooted, tested out and sharpened for use.

Take this:


Here in this sandbox, you can see a Mameluk dipping his toes and checking the waters: how safe would it be to start hating the Army openly? Right now, some low level guy called Manoj Joshi is doing it. If the reports from the test flights are okay and encouraging, some slightly senior Mameluks will be asked to play with similar ideas next. And then there is always Digvijay Singh, who performs the final testing before a certain idea is cleared for being attributed to the Dynasty.

I choose my words carefully here. The Dynasty doesn’t actually have any views or emotions. Views are attributed to the Dynasty based on the decision of the Mameluk core. Remember the infamous case of Salman Khursheed declaring that Sonia G had cried copiously for the Batla House terrorists? When the whole thing turned into a massive embarrassment, Salman Khursheed explained that he was only relating an “anecdote”.

So, did Madam Gandhi cry or not? For an ordinary human being, this would be a simple yes/no question. But, Madam is just a symbol onto which pre-decided emotions are projected. It was the same way with Madam Sonia being “unhappy”.

Here is the heart of this Mameluk’s article:

“The problem today is of political movements that are trying to stoke ultra-nationalism, and in the process seeking to conflate the status of the army as ultra-patriotic deshbhakts. This goes against the grain of the Army and its outlook.

The average person who joins the Army, as a jawan or officer, does not do it out of ultra-patriotism, or to “serve the nation”, but because it is a job that comes with social respect, a reasonable income and a life-time pension.

It raises the status of the family of the soldier or officer and is a means of upward social mobility.”


Ha! These spiteful, jealous comments above are the purest products of a Mameluk mind. Looks like some people are green with envy at the all round glorification of the Indian Army.

Hey, you guys never ask questions when every two bit jholawala with an axe to grind is given the status of a crusader out to save the world. Okay…so an army man wants social respect, reasonable income and a life-time pension. May I ask what the NGO jholawallahs and the mediawallahs and the endless ranks of “civil society groups” want? They are all dedicated to the nation and the larger cause of humanity, no?

The Army is getting some adulation and suddenly these people have developed indigestion. LOL. May I ask where these people were for the remaining 50 weeks of the year when the activists are shown as heros. That Agent Ayyub used to have a banner on her Twitter page saying ” I pledge to protect the idea of India”. Ha! Mr. Manoj Joshi, would you care to examine carefully what are the motivations of the Agent Ayyubs and Sagarika Ghoses and the Rajdeep Sardesais?

No, really let’s do this Manoj Joshi. Let us ask what are the motivations of the Romila Thapars and the Ramachandra Guhas. We hear that dissent has become really difficult and dangerous in this country. Then, why are these people dissenting so much? Are you saying they have embarked on this difficult and dangerous path of  dissent against fascist Modi sarkar purely out of some ultra-bhakti to the “idea of India”? No, you have to be consistent Mr. Manoj Joshi. Let us sit down and discuss what are the real motivations of the dissent brigade.

So many Awards have been returned. Presumably these were hard earned awards that the recipients were proud of. And they gave it all up to fight a risky battle with a fascist government. Why are they taking so much risk, Mr. Joshi? Should we believe it is out of their ultra-loyalty to a pluralistic, democratic India or should we believe they are dissenting professionally in order to gain something? Now let us speculate on who is paying them to dissent and why…

Folks, these people are really something. The all round praise for our Army seems to them like burning coals that are too hot to handle. And they are writhing in agony. You know Mr. Joshi, just a few weeks before the media was praising the Army, it was praising some Albanian nun who was paid by the church to “save” the dying, whatever that means. Remember the media storm when someone dared to question her motives? Today you accuse others of being fascist and shutting you up with the “nationalism” card. Where were you when a certain person dared to question her motives and the media came down on him like a ton of bricks? At least the army did something. The amount of undeserved credit being given to this Albanian nun goes to absurd limits: now her ghost is getting credit for curing cancer  everywhere from India to Brazil. Did that ever bother you, Mr. Joshi?



11 thoughts on “The vilification of the Army begins

  1. Excellent blog.Apt considering the prevailing atmosphere. NDTV backed out of PC interview.I think all the presstitudes are given kicks on the back and realising that if they continue Modi bashing they will be doomed.

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  2. The most interesting thing is, before the Surgical Strike, by our army the same people showed a lots of love and care for the victims of Pathankot attack and Uri attack. When Modi Sarkar gets credit for doing something for our military personnel all of a sudden they go against the idea. In so doing they don’t care on whose toes they are stepping. Some Presstitutes have started a drum-roll about Modi Sarkar cutting benefits of injured army personnel, as if that decision was taken after the Surgical Strike !

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  3. RaGa may not think evil….where as his waitress mother has mafia blood, a check on her evil ways to her detractors is unbelievable!!

    This Mameluk’s dumb logic has not included sudden death involved in this “job”!!

    The ordinary people of this great country like you and me and crores of others have woken up,they have started thinking on their own ,they do not care for these small set of people who have been doing perception molding for all these years!!

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  4. Dear Chaiwallah,

    I went to the Daily O web site to see whether this is the same Manoj Joshi who used to write on defence-related matters during the 1990s. Indeed it is! I have met this Mr. Joshi back then and I would have said that he was very nationalistic. His articles were sympathetic to the constraints under which DRDO needed to operate. Somewhere along the way he decided to cross over to the other side. I guess it is just a job for him.

    The same applies also to Shekhar Gupta. If possible, someone should dig up the front-page editorial he wrote on the morning of May 12, 1998, about the nuclear tests. It was a very moving tribute to our scientists. But then he was discovered by the Stratfor Foundation and moved over. It was a job for him too.

    As you have rightly said, every two-bit jholawallah drapes himself with the mantle of self-righteousness, and these jokers (Joshi, Gupta et al.) never question them. But to them the jawans are just doing a job.

    We should make to an offer to these people: We will pay you ten times your current (declared) income, provided you serve at the Western front for one year. After all, if it’s just a job, they should jump at the opportunity, no?

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    1. That is why BJP/RSS should actively create a media ecosystem where a means to survive is created. The Italian diverts serious amounts of money for these douchebags.
      I don’t know why don’t they do it. Funds is not a problem.


  5. Moron Joshi is a paid pimp for sure. How someone can think that people join army services without a spot of inspiration? Which parent want their children to risk their lives in battlefield when there are plenty of jobs available in market? Seems fiberals have gone too far, even to the level of belittling the guardians of nation. Modi ji’s arrival pushed these morons to such a depth of frustration that they bite everything like rabies infected. Their mental agony escalates with the dwindling congie/commie fortunes. The destiny seems to be very clear for these anti-nationals.

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  6. “Secular Fidayeen”…….Believe me CW, i have never heard a demeaning word for our forces. I have never heard anyone calling them as such. The reason people join army, air force or navy may be pay and respect but its not just a job. Job is not something where you are supposed to show high disregard for your own safety while fighting for your motherland. The reason why these morons are now turning their barrels on army is because every praise showered upon the olive green is also a praise for their arch nemesis “saffron brigade”. These idiots will go to any extent to snatch even a percent of credit from the Modi.
    A fidayeen is someone who dies to kill someone. A martyr is someone who only live to protect his people.


  7. 5Forty3’s inputs in the last few days: “By any standard this Maya rally in Lucknow is huge! Our early estimates put the crowd number upwards of 5 lakhs!!Problem for BSP though is that it seems to be once again a 80%+ Jatav crowd, so not attracting other castes/groups despite hiring 20 trains.
    90% of Maya’s attack in Lucknow is directed at Modi & BJP with cursory mention of other parties, which indicates who is leading the race!”India’s borders are not safe under Modi”… even Maya trying a hyper-nationalist attitude to stop her core Dalit vote from moving away.Maya was prescient about possible Dalit vote trajectory & had warned her voters about the dangers of “patriotism”!Maya actually lauds surgical strikes, “Modi govt’s decision was right… though delayed”; and there was a loud cheer from the crowd!!!
    Entire last quarter of Maya’s speech is directed at Pakistan, Uri & Modi’s surgical strike! A great political indicator of ground realities!In fact, Maya virtually concedes, “unless Muslims vote for BSP overwhelmingly, a repeat of 2014 BJP victory is unstoppable!!!
    Maya actually stoops too low & takes BJP’s bait by attacking Swati Singh!!! Behen Ji is dreadfully scared, her political future seems shaky.As of July, BSP’s Vote=80% Dalit+20% non-Dalit; unless Maya expands it to 60-40 division, BSP won’t be viable in UP!Post Lucknow rally report from ground teams; Many in crowd averred Indian attack on Pak was a “Mardangi” moment due to an “atee pichda PM”!
    This is a whole new phenomenon in Indian Nationalist discourse that we have heard for the fist time!.1 killed, 23 injured & a dozen kids reported missing from Maya’s rally; supporters have complained, “this is how BSP treats its votebank!!”
    Very good news for BJP.PV(@Pingvond) even thinks that 300 is possible!


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