Modi Sarkar moves to remove triple talaq

Well, it was always left to the “regressive” right wingers to take up the cause of gender equality. If you can’t hear India’s feminists talking very much, there must be a reason.

Respected Madam Flavia Agnes, you were able to find “positives for women” in the AIMPLB report seeking to hold on to triple talaq so that husbands don’t have to murder their wives.


Madam Agnes, when can we expect from you a detailed article on whether there are any positives for women in the affidavit against triple talaq that the Center has filed in the Supreme Court?

That deafening silence you hear is what happens when the idea of India collides with the idea of human decency. Can anyone remember one whimper from the intellectual classes, one award wapsi that was done because of the so called secular Indian state leaving women at the mercy of Sharia law?

Actually, the real issue here is not whether triple talaq is an “essential part of Islam”, but rather: so what if it is? It is not the job of the Supreme Court to decide what is Islam and what is not Islam. Islamic scholars, enthusiasts and other people interested in these matters can debate this on their own time. And more importantly, they can do this on their own dime and not on taxpayer money. The job of the Supreme Court is to enforce legal rights of citizens and if that happens to step on the toes of somebody’s religion, so be it. THAT would be a truly secular state, rather than the Nehruvian setup we have today.

If you ever find yourself in a crowded room full of secular enthusiasts and wish to have some personal space, say the three magic words: “Uniform Civil Code”. The crowd of secularists will miraculously tiptoe away and you will have the entire room to yourself.

Oh…and where is India’s biggest expert on women empowerment? Has @Office of … tweeted out anything yet about triple talaq? Will he take a stand on the issue of securing justice and dignity for millions of Muslim women? Ok ok…I will scale down my expectations from him. He doesn’t have to speak out for justice to Muslim women. I will be satisfied if he doesn’t make some horrible statement on this issue involving the words “Dalali” and “women”. Can he manage at least this much? Only time will tell.



9 thoughts on “Modi Sarkar moves to remove triple talaq

      1. Agreed…..actually I don’t care for triple T…..UCC is what matters!

        Article 44 is based on the concept that there is no necessary connection between religion and personal law in a civilised society.

        We must honour Article 44 of the Constitution which states “the State shall endeavour to secure for the citizens a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India”.

          The Constitution was made in 1950, and 66 years has passed since it was promulgated, but Article 44 had been totally ignored by vested politicians—eager to appease Muslims for vote bank politics . 

        We must have one common criminal law in India.  

        The Indian Mullahs try to cling on to power. Once an UCC comes into force, nobody will care for them. 


        1. Agree. May be it will be pursued. This is the first step of this Govt that gives me hope.
          To be frank, I had lost all trust after that shameful Teresa hosanna and sharia banking and 3x increase of madarsa funding.
          Muslims ain’t gonna vote BJP anyways.


  1. Very good move. It was funny, when muslim personal law board said in reply that, if the practice is discontinued, a man could murder or burn his wife alive to get rid of her.!!! As expected media is silent except Zee news.


  2. Self proclaimed reformers of Hindu practices who jump like monkeys when they see two separate lines of male & female in a temple seem to be scared to come out of the rat holes. These rationalist donkeys bad mouth everything Hindu, but scared to criticize a mullah who claim their holy book is not Man made but God made as if God had no other business in his infinite creation but to write a terror manual. Anything which is not compatible with the times is destined to end like dinosaurs. It is time for every Indian irrespective of religion to support this nasty 3 talaqs on humanitarian grounds.


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