Khoon ki dalali : Why Rahul Gandhi was the star of Taare Zameen Par

So, Rahul baba has done it again. He was mocked and tortured by a world that didn’t understand him. The shy, introverted little prince was deprived of his birthright by vicious street bullies. Until he could no longer bottle up his anger against the bullies and ended up calling them “khoon ke dalal”. You know, like this:


The meat-headed and ham-handed bullies have responded to his outburst by charging back at poor Rahul baba with twice the intensity. They want the system to come down on him twice as hard, to hit him like a ton of bricks. They want to scream at him, rail at him and howl at him. They don’t want to understand him, they just want to punish him because they think that punishment is the answer to everything. As if that can do any good.


Their imagination is limited by living for far too long in a straitjacketed, ruthlessly competitive world  with unforgiving rules of engagement. You know, a world where junior minister Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti was raked over the coals for saying “haramzaade”. Now they think it is their turn to hit back at the Vice President of India’s oldest political party. This is the plane they live on : a world without compassion or consideration. What they refuse to see, or should we say, what they don’t dare to see  is the exotic world inside Rahul baba’s mind.


I can’t help shaking in anger. When will people realize that every politician develops in her/his own way and becomes her/his own person? They want to fit everyone through the same entrance and just push them into the rat race. Yes, political parties have their compulsions. There is cutthroat competition on the political scene. Every political party wants their leader to sweep elections: 73 out of 80, 67 out of 70. Anything less is considered a grave sin. If political parties are so keen on racing each other, then why do they ask their current leaders to give birth to their future leaders…if they want to race, they should just breed race horses…damn it!

Has any political party stopped to think that the fingers on one hand are not all of the same length? No, they are engaged in pulling at each finger and trying to make them all equal. The average Congress cadre may look at the statement on “khoon ki dalali” and ask: what is the gain? How will this help Congress win elections? Because that is all it comes down to: winning elections. Has anyone paused to think about Rahul baba’s bold brush strokes with his use of language, the power of his feelings and the depth of his emotions? No!

But fortunately for Rahul baba, he has finally found good mentors who understand.

Exactly! We have to understand that when it comes to “special” politicians like Rahul baba, we cannot go by what their handwriting, or their spelling or their words. We have to go by our instinctive understanding of his feelings so as to properly appreciate his intelligence.

So true! “Special” politicians tend to roll things out the wrong way all the time. Instead of questioning them, we should roll with them. That is another enlightened person right there!

Even the principal of the school agrees:

Folks, this can be the moment. This can be the turning point when we extend a hand of compassion towards our “special” politicians. It will help us become a better nation, a better democracy and a better society. We can give them the understanding they need, so that we can finally see them for the gems they are:


Kho na jayein ye taare zameen par.


28 thoughts on “Khoon ki dalali : Why Rahul Gandhi was the star of Taare Zameen Par

  1. Is it because baba nowadays in some excitement starts to give speech by himself instead of written speech? But lets take it positively. Kejri and rahul baba are two gems for us. The first guys’ tongue and later’s brain (if he really has) are their biggest enemies for themselves. With this as you said yesterday, BJP does not need any chest thumping. These jokers are enough to increase BJP’s popularity. Pity for their mentors.


  2. Ha Ha Ha……I really thought I was reading a article from scroll!!

    The hilarious aspect of this dumb statement by this bimbo,is the number of people coming out in support of this nut instead of distancing themselves or keeping quite!

    This “special” politicians drove a huge last nail into congi’s coffin!

    CW ..hats off to you for presenting this case of the “special” politician in the most unique way!


  3. Shankar’s weekly was a satirical magazine started right after independence by then famous cartoonist Kesava Shankara Pillai. I was its avid fan in my schoo/college days in 1970s.


    1. I remember reading it as a little kid in the 1950s. It had articles and cartoons throughout the magazine, somewhat like Punch of the UK (another defunct magazine). My favourite was the two pages of cartoons in the centerfold, and the last cartoon was always “Mr. and Mrs. Donkey” — Basically the intellectual ancestors of today’s Lutyens brigade, highly “Westernized,” or so they thought, and totally out of touch with India. Shankar’s Weekly used to send them up (make fun of them) rather mercilessly.


  4. Two things for sure, one Prashant Kishor is history as a Congress party/Rahul adviser, if he wrote Rahulji’s speech or two, Prashant Kishor will be history as Congress party/Rahul adviser for not stopping Rahul from making this stupid comment.


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