Should BJP claim electoral mileage from surgical strikes?

First, they went to every nook and corner of the country screaming that Modi is not doing anything and that Pakistan is making a mockery of his 56” chest. From the Congress SM team to their MSM team, to the intellectual brigade, to their actual campaign workers, every last one of them was taking Modi to task for doing nothing about Pakistani terrorism.

Then came the surgical strikes. As the nation celebrated, they went to a stunned silence.

The silence lasted about 3 days. The Opposition was simply unable to help itself…it’s deep rooted pro-Pakistan instincts were simply too strong. It was an itch they just had to scratch. They crawled out of their bunkers one by one and started advancing various elements of Pakistani propaganda. Kejriwal was cautious enough to raise questions on the strikes in the garb of asking the government to stop Pakistani propaganda. But Sanjay Nirupam couldn’t even keep up that much of a pretense. Pakistani channels picked up the news immediately and our secular leaders were soon being hailed as heros in Pakistani media.

In an age of instant communication, stories of Kejriwal becoming a Pakistani national hero were beamed right back into Indian living rooms by Indian news channels.

It was probably then that the Opposition realized that they had dug themselves into a really deep hole. They had tried to keep the discipline in the first 3 days, hoping that the issue would soon blow over, but they had been betrayed by none other than their own self-destructive Modi phobia.

This was JNU all over again, only a 1000 times worse. If at that time the Opposition was seen as standing with Naxals, this time they have been seen as standing with Pakistan. If it was Kanhaiyya Kumar, media could still have worked overtime and spun a yarn of some sort. But what story could they possibly spin in favor of Lashkar and Hizbul terrorists?

The Opposition realized its position with a sinking feeling. That is when the pravachans began:

The astounding arrogance! You guys spend 10 days politicizing the Uri terror attack. Then, your boat capsizes and even Praveen Swami cannot save your reputation. And now it is BJP which must observe strictures so that they do not end up benefitting from YOUR mistakes.

YOU make a mistake and the onus is on your opponent not to take advantage of it?

So far BJP hasn’t even started. The PM has said absolutely nothing on the surgical strike. BJP President Amit Shah has put out all of 2 tweets congratulating the Army and PM and little else. And in response to your repeated provocations, the BJP has just told you to keep calm and trust the Army. There has been ZERO of what you call “chest thumping”, you are just projecting your own sense of panic at the obvious tidal wave of public opinion in favor of the BJP. They said little or nothing; you guys have exposed yourselves.

Is it now BJP’s fault that you guys have become heros in Pakistan?

You guys have some nerve demanding that BJP should listen to your orders now on what to say and what to do. It was your fault for assuming that Narendra Modi is another Manmohan Singh. If you go out to bat thinking that Brett Lee will bowl to you at the same pace as Inzamam-ul Haq, don’t blame the bowler or the game when the ball knocks your teeth out. And please…don’t demand that Brett Lee should bowl at the pace you want him to. BJP gets to pick its issues just like you did.

How dare you give orders to the BJP? And let me tell you, dear idiots, that BJP does not need a single poster or banner or an election rally to take advantage of the surgical strike. All they need to do is let you guys keep talking and the people across the border cheering you. Believe me, we can hear Pakistanis clapping at your speeches from across the border; BJP does not need a single poster to press home that point.


28 thoughts on “Should BJP claim electoral mileage from surgical strikes?

  1. CW fantastic post!!

    You totally summed up the total drama carried out by these nuts!

    The last para sums it up beautifully!

    In all these activity of the past one week, I am unable to understand as to why the army is taking around Burka near LOC ……are they so dumb??…or they are strategically showing her something which will be passed on to pakis which will be advantageous to India?!


    1. They do it on orders of Arun Jaitley. With whom no one is able to find a point. But whom all of Delhi knows is a dalaal.
      Its also on his backing that his protege Anurag Thakur@BCCI is not obeying Supreme Court orders.


        1. Be rest assured that military can’t stand Burkha Dutt.
          She enjoys her special status because of special relations with politicians.
          LoC visits to journalists are approved from South Block.
          Whether she needed a call from Jaitley to Parrikar I can’t say. But her importance is underscored by her proximity to him.

          Ditto on BCCI and Anurag Thakur. No ‘corporation’ can simply ignore Supreme Court directives. But BCCI did.
          If u want I can also tell u the first real estate deal that this Jaitley fellow did in Delhi. Off course can’t prove it.
          But it is irrelevant. It was during VP Singh when he was made AG.
          I don’t think u really know this guy. U will have to write at least 10 columns to cover this guy.
          He represents everything that is wrong with this Govt.
          As far as I am concerned, I don’t trust Modi anymore with his Sharia banking and Teresa choir singing.
          BJP was gonna face trouble in UP but Yadav dispute and possibly this strike may save it.
          My sincere wish is that there is a revolt in BJP.
          I can’t stand this Teresa loving coterie anymore.
          But to each his own.


    2. Dear Mr. Srinivas,

      I too am quite confused about this. We see only the footage that she chooses to show. We don’t get to see the footage that she shoots and sends across the border.

      Is that Burqa is already under total surveillance without anyone acknowledging that in public?

      In any case, the level of fury being directed at anti-nationals, especially by young people, is truly heartening to an old man like me.

      Don’t we all agree that is high time to correct the injustices meted out to the services in the 7th Pay Commission, just to fatten (yet again) our totally useless bureaucrats? We can manage quite well, perhaps even do better, without our bureaucracy. But reflect on where we would be without our valiant soldiers.


      1. Prof. Vidyasagar I too agree 100%…’the level of fury being directed at anti-nationals, especially by young people, is truly heartening to an old man like me”.

        Every corruption in GOI begins with Babus….still they get all the benefits!


  2. BJP should not only include the claim for surgical strikes in the forthcoming elections, it must highlight Kejriwal and Nirupam and their respective parties as anti-Indian and Pro-Enemy which they are. When these traitors do not care for the security of Nation, they must be put out for the good of society. Enough is enough, we are guilty of being too soft for the traitors.

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  3. “The astounding arrogance” sums it up perfectly. They can pick any issue, from student suicides in Hyderabad to “barbadi” slogans in the heart of the capital and make it a national and electoral issue but want to give pravachans to BJP on election strictures. Frankly, this entire thing has been handled masterfully by the BJP and there are already early indications from Praveen Patil (5forty3) that the surgical strikes may help SAD-BJP snatch back Punjab from the jaws of defeat. This is without saying even a single word on it – and BJP should keep it that way. Let these guys keep digging such a big hole that they can’t climb out of it.

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    1. After a long time, have to say BJP has played flawlessly. Not one mistake I can point out. But Punjab is a gone case, really. As it is, Akalis are really corrupt. Remember that backing corrupt allies like DMK cost congress very badly.


  4. I am glad that the sharia banker, brother of Nawaz Sharief allowed military strike even to win UP election. He is over as an electoral force.
    Now he has started panchayat for Muslims in UP.


        1. Before election – maa ganga ne bulaya hai.
          After election – Teresa Mann ki baat.

          Let’s be honest about the pseudo secular path this Govt has taken. Latest is minority panchayat (I sent the zee TV u tube clip).
          I had already summed up all the minority appeasement nonsense that this Govt has done.

          You may have read reports the BJP leadership was much relieved because of this strike as cadre in UP had started losing interest.


  5. Good post. I am left flabbergasted at the utter mental loss of these fellows. The hatred towards Modi is making them dig their own grave. These people do not mind going against the country if it means taking a dig at Modi. What level people can fall to in hate. May be that is why it is called ‘Blind Hate’.

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  6. BJP must take benefits of this strike. Even BJP should take benefit of diplomatic offensive against Pakistan, because of which Pak is isolated now. If congress can take credit for other’s work (like Golden quadrilateral highway started by Vajpayee), why cant BJP?

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    1. the best way to do that is to highlight the difference in the political will that unlocked the potential that was already there but never put to use in this way by the congress govt.


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