Intellectual sleeper cells have been activated

A few days ago, these were the same people who were thrilled to relax and watch as the AAP-Cong-Paki campaign went into top gear, attacking Narendra Modi for “inaction” on Pakistan. The campaign was furious on social media, on mainstream media and certainly on the campaign trail. The attacks from the Opposition were vicious, demanding to see evidence of the legendary 56 inch chest.

And then Pakistan got its teeth kicked in. For a day or so, the establishment in Delhi shivered, suddenly aware that there is a new sheriff in town. Perhaps, in the last 2.5 years since the shock of May 2014, the establishment had convinced itself that nothing could ever change. And then Modi sprang a coup across the LoC. As the nation applauded, the dalals in Dilli shivered.

Officially, they had no option but to go along tamely with the Prime Minister’s decision and heaping praise on the action of the military. But the backroom channels have been activated. The people who were happily taunting “bhakts” during Pathankot and Uri are now suddenly singing paeans to peace.

Oh ho! Mahatma Gandhi to the rescue? Where was this Gandhi bhakti when you were tweeting “interesting” observations on Pathankot, Agent Ayyub? You kept taunting the lion thinking it will never wake up. Now that the lion has woken up with a terrifying roar, you have suddenly remembered “peace”. How convenient.

Ah ha! That’s the second layer of the Queen’s strategy. Get friends in the media to start saying that the surgical strike across the LoC is part of the BJP’s election strategy. You know what…I’m okay with that. If you guys want it that way, so be it. If BJP is striking at terrorists in Pakistan in the hope of winning in elections, I’m fine with it. At least it is trying to earn a victory by doing some good for the country. It’s a lot better than the Congress party’s strategy of keeping quiet and blaming RSS for 26/11 attacks in order to keep its peaceful vote intact before the election, no?

And here is another layer of the strategy

Yeah, right. UPA also carried out surgical strikes, but we are supposed to believe it did not do any “chest thumping”. Really? If you really did this, why was there no chest thumping?  Are we supposed to believe that Congress party was too humble and shy to take credit for the surgical strikes? Is there any evidence of Congress being similarly shy of taking credit in other spheres? Even today, the loser named Rahul Gandhi goes around telling people that they have smartphones  only because of “Rajiv Gandhi’s dreams”. Walk one mile in any part of India of your choosing and just see how many buildings, big and small are named after the Dynasty. Does it seem like the Congress has been historically shy to claim credit for things?

Open a history book that is taught in school. Does it seem like the Dynasty has been shy of claiming credit for everything good that might have happened in India in the last 100 years?

Ha! And suddenly today Mr. P Chidambaram comes to us with the fantastic claim that UPA dared to cross the LoC and kick Pakistan in the teeth, but humble Dynasty refused to take credit. Ha! Ya…nice work Chiddu, because we were all born yesterday, weren’t we? Do you think we all have the same IQ as Rahul Gandhi?

So, if UPA indeed had carried out a strike across the border, they were under some compulsion to keep it hidden. Tell us Chiddu what the compulsion was: domestic votes or certain foreign loyalties?

So, friends, liberals and countrymen…I welcome you to the new Modi era. Does it seem unfair that Modi is getting so much credit for one strike across the border? You bet it does. It’s your fault, dear Dynasty. If you had not focussed so much on increasing the size of your scams and instead tried to unleash India’s power in the 57 years of your rule, we would have been a superpower today. Such “surgical strikes” would be commonplace events if you had given a chance to the nation to realize its potential. You had all the opportunity in the world. Instead you were focussed on robbing us blind and keeping the country weak and backward so it would continue to elect your kids and their kids after them. And now suddenly when a son of Bharat emerges and gives the world a small trailer of what India can really do, you have come to whine. Well, whine away…


35 thoughts on “Intellectual sleeper cells have been activated

  1. Dear Chaiwallah,

    My biggest fear is for 2024, because Modi will most likely not contest, given his stated policy that no one over 75 should be a PM or CM. Who will succeed him? Let us face it, BJP minus NaMo is worse than Congress! Do you think that by 2024 the next generation of truly nationalistic and progressive leaders will emerge, and if so, who?


    1. That 75 year old policy is only for unelectable trash.Modi is so popular that I am sure that BJP will chuck that rule.I want Modi to be there till 2029 at least.


      1. Ye bhi sahi hai 🙂 The 75 rule was created to get rid of unelectable people 🙂 The way Modi is holding his popularity and actually growing it, he could well be India’s longest continuously serving PM.


    2. You seem to be a little bit pessimistic. India has tasted a new menus of good governance based on efficiency, a lack of corruption and investment in people and infrastructure.It will continue with or without prime minister Modi. If the Indian people revert to dynasty worship and divisive government then God help them because they will deserve to live in poverty.


      1. Another good point. The genie cannot go back in the bottle after 2029. India will be a very different nation then. Getting them to vote for dynasty pappus will be impossible.


    3. Prof saab, I don’t think anyone can replace NaMo but the BJP to its credit has a lot of very well performing CMs who should be ready for the top job by 2024 (Fadnavis, Chouhan, Raje come immediately to mind, maybe even Smriti Irani by 2029). This is where the BJP really stands out – they have some succession planning in place, unlike regional parties (which are dependent on one individual) or the dynasty (dependent on one family).

      Are they as dynamic as Modi – certainly not? Do they/will they need to be – hopefully not. To borrow a technology analogy, we will have a lot of the “Build” and “Design” phases by then and will need someone who can “Test” and “Maintain” with honesty and integrity and I believe all the above candidates have that in them.


      1. This is the core strength of BJP : ability to create new leaders. Dont forget Sonowal who has emerged a new icon. If BJP loses a Lok Sabha election, it is these regional leaders who will hold fort.

        My bets are on Fadnavis.


    4. Till 2024, NaMo is indispensable. Next in line Manohar Parrikar. Any of the current BJP CM(s) are good candidates as well. Anyway, 2024 is too far for us to worry about.

      And your statement “BJP minus NaMo is worse than Congress” is totally wrong! Congress is an anti-Hindu, anti-National mafia syndicate. BJP was never this, even at its weakest point.


      1. If you are old enough, please think back to the 2009 campaign by BJP and tell me whether you still think that I am “totally wrong” The new dynamism that we see in the BJP is almost entirely a creation of NaMo. In contrast Advani suffered from “Sonia envy” and was undermining the BJP’s own CMs, Yeddyurappa and Vasundhara Raje being prime examples. But for Advani’s internal sabotage, Vasundhara would also have won three straight elections,


        1. U r not stating any facts. What exactly was wrong with Advani except that he didn’t win? And what exactly was good about the Italian that she won?
          And Mr Madarsa funder, Shari’s banker Modi is overrated.


        2. I think Advani is India’s biggest electoral champion, considering what he did in the 90s. But in the 2000s he became jealous and petty, undermining BSY, Raje and …please dont forget Babulal Marandi. BJP has a very strong base in Jharkhand and so the state has generally stayed in BJP’s orbit. But BJP lost its best leader from the state forever.


      2. He he…everyone has his favorite. I think Parrikar has hurt his chances of PM one day by becoming Defense Minister. In doing so, he has reduced his direct electoral exposure. Defense ministers are not seen as leading election victories. And without election wins to his credit, he will not be a PM candidate. But then, coming from tiny Goa, Parrikar was always at a disadvantage.


      1. In 2009 or so, BJP leadership at the Center had basically collapsed. I can never vote Congress, but lets admit the truth that in 2009 BJP looked like a cheap copy of Congress.


    5. Hi Vidyasagar,
      I have been asking myself this question for a long time. In 2024, Modi does have a fig leaf of saying that he is not 75 but 74 and so technically still under the limit he set himself.

      My guess is that BJP’s next big leader is Fadnavis. Just a guess. But that’s what I feel.


      1. I am with you on Fadnavis. Very strong record of integrity and honesty and an eye for the big picture (aka his water conversation scheme for Maharashtra). Plus, he is the CM for a major state so always in the public eye and hence a good sell if he does well.


  2. There is only one solution as far as the Pakistan problem is concerned and that is a military solution.To be precise,it’s war.I am not a defence expert but going by what I’ve read on forums,India already enjoys a huge advantage over Pak as far as Navy and Air Force are concerned.Even in Army as well but not a decisive advantage.Hoping that the holes(equipment issues) are plugged.If there are any defence experts here,I want to know this:can India beat Pak easily in a war(assuming that India is the invader and no nuclear weapons used)?In order to prevent diseases,we get vaccinated.We have to take an injection which is painful but we don’t ever have to worry about getting that disease.War will give us a lot of short term pain but it’s better to be done with it now and live peacefully.


    1. Now a days, it is almost impossible to defeat any country whose population is nationalistic. And Pakistanis are very nationalistic. Pakistan got outright defeated in Bangladesh because Bengalis were against their own country. Even as powerful country as USA is having hard time in Iraq and Afghanistan. Plus all cost of the war would come at the cost of the development of the country. Even undeclared war that Pakistan is waging against India is coming at the cost of development of that country. It has literally turned it into a beggar country.


  3. Whether the Army carried out cross-LoC raids during Chidu-Sonia rule or not, this was a strike on a large scale and also owned by the govt. The last bit is important because it calls Pak’s nuclear bluff and signals that the old cosy arrangement “you pinch us we scream” is now officially ended. Pakis now have to go into a huddle and think up some new strategy. Till then they’re trying to save face by saying, “Hey there wasn’t any surgical strike!” They had promised to nuke us if we crossed the LoC. Now that we did do that, they have to make an excuse to hang on to those precious nukes.


  4. There are various angles at which these “Intellectuals” have become active. One of them is as you mentioned, Surgical Strikes are not new, they have been done many times before. Here Chiddu is claiming only one such in 2013, in Daily O a former party spokesman literally begs MMS, Antony and Chiddu to tell us about numerous 2005, 2006, 2007, 2012 and 2013 Surgical Strikes carried out by UPA goverment. He claims he heard about them from ‘grape wine’ and former military men ! Now just for the argument forget about the recent action by our government. Just concentrate on Pakistan’s reaction. Did our ‘Dahati Aaurat’ PM also control Pakistan’s reaction to those past Surgical Strikes? Why there was no reaction from Pakistan?

    The other angle by the Intellectuals is, what happened in Baramullah today, they claim retaliation by the Pakistan has started ! One AAPard even claims the government is lying that two terrorists have been killed, but one Indian soldier definitely got killed and it is all Modi’s fault !


  5. Going back to your article on”the miracle of Israel”, I would like to add ” the miracle of India”, how a gentle nation can last so long in spite of so many vicious,nasty back stabbing bastards.


    1. This ‘gentle’ nation is ‘dying’ precisely because itbis ‘gentle’.
      Please stop celebrating ‘gentleness’ and ‘meekness’. They are codewords for cowardice.


      1. I think you have misunderstood my comment. I will always celebrate the gentle nature of the Indian people but I hate the way the anti- Indian elements in our country have tried to destroy the fabric of our country. Thankfully we have a new sherif in town and hopefully in time people will marginalise and ignore these anti- nationals.

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  6. If UPA would have performed surgical strikes then definitely those jokers would have named it as “rajiv Gnadhi secular surgical strike pariyojna” or may be “Jawahar lal Nehru peaceful surgical strikes”.


  7. This gang of so called intellectuals which consists commies, liberals and all anti nationals is the first thing Modi and BJP has to finish. These internal enemies are biggest threat to us as we said many times. The moment GOI started to review all options after Uri attack, they spread following lies.

    (1) War is not solution. Even a surgical strike can lead a nuclear war between India and Pak. Remember, they spread same lies when Pak has attacked India many times eitehr by bomb blasts or terrorist attack. They have created a perception that, India can not use any military option against pak, since Pak is a nuclear state.
    (2) Indus treaty review by Modi. The moment Modi thought of reviewing Indus treaty (remember just reviewing), these gang got a shock, and started to spread lies like , We can’t with cancel it, if we withdraw, China will also stop Brahmaputra flow, we should have behaved as big brother and regional power and many more lies. (BTW, I found good articale. (
    (3) Now they are coming to pressurize Modi to release footage of strikes. If Modi releases footage, they will say that, he has put our jawan’s life in danger by showing them.
    (4) You can also see a pattern, where they are creating a scenario like war. This is just to make Modi responsible for any disaster.


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