How Kejriwal finished off Modi in two simple steps

Folks, Kejriwal had it all planned from the very beginning. He knew exactly how he was going to destroy his arch-enemy Narendra Modi. It was a simple two step process. 

In Step 1, Kejriwal declared that Narendra Modi would raise the price of natural gas from $8 per unit to $16 per unit if the latter became PM. This of course, would be a thank you gift to Modi’s two biggest sponsors : Adani and Ambani.

“”I want to ask Modi how many helicopters and planes he has and who owns them. Some people say they are owned by Mukesh Ambani. If Mukesh Ambani is offering you helicopters, then after winning he will not sell gas at $8 but will ask for $16,” Kejriwal said.


Throughout the Lok Sabha campaign, Modi’s wicked plan to give Adani and Ambani $16 for each unit of gas formed the core of the AAP attack on Modi’s corrupt persona.

Of course, what really happened in this: instead of raising gas prices to $16, the corrupt Modi sarkar actually brought them down crashing to just around $2.50 a unit.


Now, why is this a masterstroke from Kejriwal? Because, remember Step two of Kejriwal’s plan:


Folks, nowhere for Modi to escape. Kejriwal has got him in his jaws now. Kejriwal is joining BJP. Because unlike the 56 inch guy, Kejriwal is always a man of his word. End of the road for Narendra Modi.

The man with real credentials from IIT Kharagpur had it all planned from the very beginning, don’t you think?


P.S. Folks, sorry about being a little irregular with my blogging and writing shorter, quicker posts than usual and not being able to respond to comments for the last 3 days. I have been travelling and I ran into some unexpected difficulties in an unfamiliar country. But I have it all sorted out now and things should be normal starting tomorrow.  


5 thoughts on “How Kejriwal finished off Modi in two simple steps

  1. Hi CW!… problem we can wait your work is more important……anyway good you told us ….I had started wondering…

    AAP and AK is is the worst thing that has happened to India …..the less said about them the better!

    AK the joker,AK the U turn specialist,AK a third rate politician,AK the compulsive liar etc etc….etc there is no end to his sliminess!!


  2. Take care about yourself CW. Good that, you are safe.
    Wow what a sarcasm. Psychopath Modi has really played with Kejriwal after reducing gas prices. This was just to ploy to confuse Indians from ambani and adani agent. I don’t know, how long Modi will go after Kejriwal. I am afraid that, surgical strikes were actually meant to kill din e ilahi of delhi, but at the last moment Modi thought to change the plan to take some political credit.


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