Pen is mightier than the sword, but Finland is cheaper than a pen

The most recent ballpoint pen that I purchased cost me Rs 7/- . Considering all the privileges I have had in life as an upper caste, heterosexual, Hindu male, no wonder I have a job that enabled me to cover that expense quite easily. In fact, it was only the other day, that I threw away two whiteboard markers that weren’t even totally dry. Just another day in the life of a rich Hindu male….

Anyways, speaking of the underprivileged:


Well, we have all heard the old adage that “pen is mightier than the sword”. Now considering that Modi government is all about the sword, it is quite understandable why Narendra Modi would make it such a priority to keep his rivals from acquiring a pen.

With no power left to buy even a pen, apparently the only thing the Aam Aadmi could afford was a trip to Finland.


Apparently, the only thing cheaper than buying a pen is buying a first class ticket to Finland. To be fair, Mr. Kejriwal has always worked hard for raising funds. Here he is, with an opening bid of Rs 30 for funds :


By Jan 2015, with Modi ji coming to power, the situation had become even more dire. From Rs. 30, Kejriwal had to lower the bid to a mere Rs. 5


But by 2016, Modi ji’s rich friends had looted the nation so much that Rs 5 was no longer enough. Also, “Rexit” had caused inflation to go out of control. So, the Rs. 5 had to be raised to Rs. 15 :


Little did the “v poor man”, the “beggar at Ghazipur cross” and the “beggar in Goa” realize that they could have all of this in Finland for less than the cost of a pen:


I must tell you folks this: following the elite media on AAP has been a fun affair. They made Kejriwal the king and he has been kicking them in the nuts every single day. He calls Shekhar Gupta a “dalal”. His representative Dilip Pandey comes on ABP and threatens to shut them down with damaging revelations (the face of the ABP anchor was something to see). His ministers break their phones, ban them from entering the Delhi secretariat. The latest I heard is that AAP government has deployed bouncers outside Delhi hospitals to kick out mediawallahs. Ha Ha Ha! This was the media that was looking for the dictator in Modi 🙂 Kejriwal understands the media’s compulsions and treats them exactly like they deserve to be treated. The media has invested so much emotional energy in building up Kejriwal that they have no option now than to be called dalals and still sing his praises. Well, at least Kejriwal got this right. They are dalals 🙂

Look how they continue to grovel at his feet:


He he he he he 🙂

Poor Rajdeep didn’t want to make an adverse comment on Kejriwal and be called a dalal. The man who singlehandedly dared to attack a crowd of Modi supporters physically in a foreign country is scared to step on the toes of the AAP’s online army. They already know who the real fascist is. They know all too well. But they are gone so far down the rabbit hole that there is no turning back now.

Go Rajdeep, obey your master. Go tell the “v poor man in Delhi”, the “beggar at Ghazipur cross” and the “beggar in Goa” that PM  Modi dares to have a birthday :


Stop having a birthday, Prime Minister! People in Delhi can’t buy a pen and you are celebrating a birthday!

9 thoughts on “Pen is mightier than the sword, but Finland is cheaper than a pen

  1. Wow CW, a fantastic post on sunday morning, These jokers are not worth for any thing. “The Ashutosh” begged some money on twitter for lending a laptop for efw months before Loksabha elections. So, it is proved that, Modi and his fascist supporters have already started to harass Kejriwal and company before 2014 elections iteself even they were out of power. (off course “The Ashutosh” has assets of worth 8 crores officially, but its ok. Don’t ask any questions.). I will not be surprised that, in coming days Kejru may be forced to attempt a a suicide (by Modi). Doctors in Bangalore have already proved that, his tongue is longer (courtesy Modi). Even though his tongue may stop saying Modi for few days, his heart still says Modi Modi. Its really funny to see the fight between media and AA. Lets enjoy it. I dont know, who is a better thug between two.


  2. Speaking of Modi’s birthday,he got 2 good birthday gifts.The first one was the return of Arunachal Pradesh to the NDA fold and the 2nd one was that his Twitter account became part of the top 50 most followed Twitter accounts.His account is ranked #50 right now.Wonder what the account’s ranking will be in 2019(he adds 22,000 followers per day on average!).


  3. CW well written!!,.. and you have wonderfully covered every aspect of this pathetic and sic party’s latest drama and its even more idiotic, the most slimy, most hated runt of a human being who happens to be the leader of AAP!!

    The Delhi CM post is equal to municipality commissioners post!…..AK thinks he is PM of the country!

    The Delhi AAP ministers and MLA are the most useless bunch of people you can ever get!

    AK is a mental case and a pathological liar!


  4. Apt Description of AK!!

    A Sociopath.

    A sociopath is typically defined as someone who lies incessantly to get their way and does so with little concern for others.

    A sociopath is often goal-oriented (i.e., lying is focused—it is done to get one’s way). 

    A Sociopaths have little regard or respect for the rights and feelings of others.


  5. Off topic!

    Uri terror attack: Those behind this despicable attack will not go unpunished, warns PM Narendra Modi!!

    I hope there is more action than dumb statements!!

    Our PM must make sure Pakistan suffers a huge loss and feels the pain for these crimes against India. People of India expect severe retribution and retaliation against Pakistan for sending terrorists into India.

    India must make use of Unmanned Aerial Drones that can be used to fly, identify, locate, target and destroy these Pakistan ISI sponsored Jihadis, their hideouts and training camps from Air.

    Our Political Leaders could learn a thing or two from Russian President Putin on tackling Corruption, Punishing Corrupts and delivering Instant Justice without Fear.


  6. Even with these seventeen Jawan’s death, BJP is way ahead in number of terrorists (infiltrators) killed to the number of security personnel killed compared to the two years of UPA government. As is, it so happened that most of the Jawans died because of the fire in their tent. So one can say it was more of an unfortunate accident or we can say, fiyadin terrorists got lucky break.


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