What can the right wing can learn from the defeat at JNUSU

Two days ago, I had referred to the JNU elections as “light entertainment”. And as yet another election in the Republic of JNU concludes with a huge victory for the Communists, we can continue with the air of arrogance (myself included). We can roll our eyes and choose to laugh at JNU, the doomed soldiers of the last red battalion holding fort on an ever shrinking island in a rapidly modernising society. After all, JNU is the punchline to so many jokes. The political landscape is somber enough. Do we really want another source of humor to go away.

Or we can be humble and choose to learn. The JNU student body may not be a huge focal point in the RW/BJP  scheme of things, but it is the nerve center of the Indian Left. With the BJP’s ever expanding footprint finally coming into direct conflict with red pockets in Bengal, Kerala and even Tripura, understanding what goes on at JNU can help size up the enemy. And it is the only way to show respect to the struggle of the ABVP crew at JNU, who fought  valiantly against all the odds.

Seriously, the heros today are ABVP folks at JNU. Can you imagine what it must be like to put your entire career on the line and go into open revolt against the faculty at your university?

Let me point this out very clearly: JNU takes in students from all across the country. The electorate in a university students body changes heavily EVERY single year. In a scenario like this, the chances of having “permanent vote banks” and “legacy voters” are extremely slim. Now considering the fact that the extreme leftists make up a vanishingly small percentage of the overall population, the chances of JNU students every year coming from this microscopic percentage are very slim. And the extreme left has been winning in JNU for decades. This seems highly implausible without outright intimidation of incoming students by faculty or worse, some kind of funny business happening in the admissions process. This deserves a full investigation.

That’s what makes the ABVP folks at JNU into heros. The least we can do for them is learn from their experiences.

For me, the most interesting aspect of the JNUSU polls was the rise of a new student union called BAPSA (Birsa Ambedkar Phule students association). It’s an extreme left wing group,  BUT it differs crucially from the “mainstream extreme left” in that it is led by tribals and Dalits. he BAPSA made a scintillating debut and won more votes than the ABVP in some places (or at least comparable number of votes). No surprise that the extreme left winger who won the president post is one Mohit Pande, yet another Brahmin who continues the tradition of upper caste males showing Dalits and tribals the way of the light. For the record, no Dalit has become a member of the Communist Politburo in 50+ years. No Dalit is allowed to enter the temple of progressive values.

As I said before, JNU is the nerve center of the Indian left. And BAPSA has exposed (again) a fatal weakness of the Communists and their cheerleaders in media and academia. The Dalits and tribals that the Communists are fighting for are simply absent within their so called movement. They are absent, but not conspicuously absent. It is the job of the right wing to make that absence conspicuous. It is the job of the right wing to point out to the Dalits and tribals that the Communists will accept them only as cannon fodder but never as generals. The onus is on the right to offer a vibrant political platform and change the game of “Dalit politics” in the country.

Babasaheb Ambedkar was not a Communist, not even remotely so. He was neither a war criminal like Che Guevara nor a mass murderer like Stalin or Mao. Babasaheb was a brilliant economist and thinker. The onus is on the right to give Ambedkar the stature he truly deserves.

I cannot end this post without a comment on the intellectual bankruptcy of the left and Indian pseudo-secularism in general. Is there anyone who recognizes this person?


That’s Kavitha Krishnan. The year is 1997. The documentary is “Ek minute ka maun” (one minute of silence) in memory of a former JNUSU President called Chandrasekhar Prasad (Chandu). You can see the documentary here. I have never been to JNU, but being a political junkie, I have heard about “Chandu”. And what is Kavitha Krishnan doing here in this video? Well, she has come to Bihar Niwas in Delhi along with a large group of students to protest against the murder of Chandu in Siwan in Bihar. Who is the man accused of the murder? It’s none other than Lalu’s infamous gangster MP Shahabuddin.

Their own “Chandu” belonged to AISF (the same union to which Kanhaiya belongs) and later to AISA (Kavitha Krishnan’s group). And what were these shameless Communists doing when the same Shahabuddin walked out of jail inspecting a guard of honor by 400 SUVs? Well, the Communists were doing this:


There you have it folks. In two photographs you can see the intellectual bankruptcy of Indian pseudo-secularism. And don’t blame the Communists alone. There’s Lalu Yadav, the child of Emergency, who is allied with Congress. Every single one of the Janata factions (with exception of BJP, of course) is currently allied with Congress. Born of opposition to Indira, united in support to Sonia. One of the first acts of Nitish Kumar after being sworn in last year was to expunge from the Bihar government website the references to ill-treatment of Jayprakash Narayan by Indira Gandhi. The Congress ordered it, Nitish carried it out. No eminent historian protested. A grand total of ZERO awards were returned in protest.

Ha! Why blame Kanhaiyya and Kavitha Krishnan and their tiny Communist parties? Is there one, even one leader in India’s so called secular brigade who can dare read the history of his own life and the history of his own party without cowering in shame? Here is George Fernandes at the Constitution club: he couldn’t tolerate a photograph of Sonia Gandhi framed up there. He would not stand to see the “lootera Nehru-Gandhi dynasty” (his words, not mine) celebrated. This is your heritage, Nitish Kumar.

Today George Fernandes is an old man. He is very very sick. Can Nitish babu dare to stand by his bedside and look at the old man in the eye?

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18 thoughts on “What can the right wing can learn from the defeat at JNUSU

  1. I have been repeating ad nauseum in the comments to your various posts, on the need of RSS/VHP/VHS and BJP to go out of the way to integrate dalits into Hindu Society. They are already doing a yeoman service in this direction, but need to go extra mile. They should also highlight their services. To give an old quote – Justice should not only be done, it should appear to be done.


  2.  Noam Chomsky, Emeritus Professor of Linguistics and Philosophy, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA…….Why does this guy has always a say in what is happening in JNU….what is the connection??

    JNU has long been a breeding ground for the growth of extremist forms of communism. All Naxalite strategies are decided hear ,with breaking India foreign forces!

    The university has not only produced some of most dangerous and anti national political leaders and academicians of left wing ideology, but also foreign payroll elements who believe in VIOLENT war against the state and against so-called ‘state oppression’ on the Proletariat.

    All the senior middle aged uncle students(CW terminology) and lecturers must have threatened all the fresh students to vote for commies or else…in this condition …’That’s what makes the ABVP folks at JNU into heroes.’….true!!


    1. I have never understood why Noam Chomsky is considered such a big expert. The man is supposed to be a professor of linguistics. And he is always giving opinions on everything except linguistics.

      By the way, I once had the misfortune of sitting through a lecture that described Chomsky’s “world famous” contribution to linguistics, his actual field of expertise. Lol! This Chomsky had the theory that infants are born with some sense of “universal grammar” built into their heads. And why this theory? Because he could not find any other explanation for them learning languages in a certain way. Because he could not explain it, it must be a miracle. Nice…


  3. I think JNU students should be taken on a field trip to Venezuela,then Cuba,then North Korea and finally Pakistan.And once they land in Pakistan,their passports should be cancelled.


  4. I pity the RW students in JNU. There are so many Commie professors at JNU. How can any Right winger student gamble his/her future by taking classes under professors who have totally opposite opinions on almost every subject? How can they be sure that the professors’ personal belief will not affect their grades? I have a friend who told me that in his American university, a political science professor was from Pakistan. He gave poor grades to all students who showed even slight sympathy for India’s position.


    1. Of course the professors’ personal beliefs will impact the grades. Honestly, if I was a student in JNU, I don’t think I would have the guts to express right wing views. I would secretly vote ABVP, but I would never dare to admit it publicly.


  5. Interesting and disturbing information!


    “Islamic separatists ( ISI controlled )  and Maoists sleeper cells have joint operations in Bangalore and certain big cities like Hyderabad. A lot of these commies in Bangalore are IT experts .
    The well-known global intelligence company, Stratfor, had warned as early as 2009 that the ISI is forging an alliance with the Maoists in a bid to destabilise the Indian state.
    The two sleeper cell Al Badr jehadis arrested in Bangalore on October 25, 2006 – 24-year-old Karachi resident Fahad and his accomplice Ali Hussain – had acquired expertise in explosives making.
    A CD recovered from them had allegedly revealed designs of the group to blow up important installations, including the Karnataka Vidhan Sabha and the High Court.”


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