HE IS BACK : Shahabuddin walks free

Certain situations come with certain inevitable outcomes. Among them is the fact that when the leader of a small party becomes Chief Minister with the support of a bigger party, the bigger party asserts itself and denigrates the puppet CM.

In late 2015, Nitish Kumar, aided by Prashant Kishore and a cheering intolerance mafia, successfully sold to the voters of Bihar the fiction that the cadre based and organized RJD would sit quietly in a supporting role. And Nitish Kumar, the “development man” would go about his job efficiently as before.

But the inevitable must happen. That’s what the word “inevitable”” literally means.

And Nitish Kumar’s greed for the CM chair, his jealousy towards Modi have brought Bihar back to this :


Shahabuddin! The man whose name is a synonym for lawlessness, for jungle raj and crime. He is back, taking in the adulation of his supporters. It’s Shahabuddin’s government now.

I DON’T blame Lalu Yadav. Why should I blame Lalu? He has always been more genuine. He always promised caste politics and jungle raj. And he is delivering.

I blame Nitish  Kumar. HE is the CM. He is the man who promised to keep Lalu’s jungle raj at bay. HE is the man who broke the alliance with BJP. HE is the man who said no to an alliance that had ended jungle raj and brought 9 years of good governance to Bihar. Ask any Bihari, even supporters of Lalu Yadav.

And what did Nitish Kumar do post the 2014 election? The right thing would have been to book a flight from Patna to Delhi, go fall at the feet of Narendra Modi and beg forgiveness. The people of Bihar could have got back the legitimate government they rightfully voted for in 2010.

Instead, Nitish Kumar chose to go and fall at the feet of Lalu Yadav. Instead of giving back to the BJP the position they rightfully won in the 2010 state elections, he offered it all to the RJD. And then Nitish Kumar quit his post and placed Jitan Ram Manjhi on the CM chair, with the explicit aim of pushing Bihar into a paroxysm of caste and crime based politics.

I’ll say it clearly: Nitish Kumar is the one and only man who is responsible for every single misfortune that has befallen Bihar since May 2014. Bihar had been put on a steady path of progress. It has been destroyed by the Molotov cocktail of Nitish Kumar’s greed, jealousy and ambition. Ambition is not wrong in itself. I would argue that greed and jealousy are also not wrong in themselves. But he allowed them to take over. He wanted to win by foul means. And it has led him down the path of darkness.  If nothing else, the BJP had been his alliance partner for 17 years. When Modi ji’s rally was bombed in Patna, the least that Nitish Kumar could have done is not laugh at the deaths of BJP workers. The date was Oct 27, 2013. For me, that was the day when the 2014 election became a battle of good vs evil.

And today Nitish Kumar’s police hunts down innocent people and throws them into jail for being the neighborhood of those drinking alcohol. Meanwhile Shahabuddin walks free and proud. A neighbor drinks alcohol and you go to jail. Join in the victory procession of Shahbuddin and you have nothing to fear. Just to remind people, Shahabuddin has some 40 cases of murder, rape and kidnapping against him.

Of course, Nitish Kumar will try to wriggle out of the situation by suggesting that he is helpless before his bigger alliance partner. My purpose in writing this post is to appeal to RW folks not to let him escape with this defense. Don’t blame Lalu, blame Nitish. NO NO NO O! Don’t let Nitish Kumar do a “helpless Manmohan with good intentions” act.

No, Nitish ji, you didn’t have good intentions. You CHOSE the alliance with RJD. You CHOOSE to enjoy the power they have gifted you. Actually RJD didn’t approach you for alliance, you approached them. You didn’t have good intentions when you broke the alliance with BJP. You didn’t have good intentions when you laughed at the dead in Patna. And today YOU have to answer to the people of Bihar why Shahabuddin walks a free man. YOU have to tell us why you are fighting for an “RSS-mukt Bharat” and a “Shahabuddin yukt-Bihar”.



20 thoughts on “HE IS BACK : Shahabuddin walks free

  1. Sorry for off the topic. Presidential elections are less than a year away. Can you speculate some names and write an article. I think anti-narrative blogs (I dont like calling right wing as hindus are most liberal and least conservative) such as DC should start concentrating on setting up alternative narrative rather than always be on defensive.

    I cant think any name other than Advani. But Advani is too old and I dont think Modi would entertain it.


    1. He he…I have played this speculation game several times, but I have never succeeded. This time is a historic opportunity to have an RSS member become President of India. Advani’s name is a very natural one, but I guess Modi will no longer accept his name. My guess would be on Murli Manohar Joshi, who has been far more disciplined in accepting the rise of Modi. The other possibility could be a veteran RSS leader who is also a Dalit.


      1. I interacted with Dr. MMJ during my sarkari days and he would make a fine President. But what about the rumours that Jai-Italy wants to be President? Is that just hot air? I think so because Jai-Italy is Sonia to Modi’s MMS, so why would he give up all that? Your thoughts?


  2. CW Good post…..highlighting  Nitish Kumar’s greed, jealousy and ambition.

    ‘HE is the man who said no to an alliance that had ended jungle raj and brought 9 years of good governance to Bihar.’…..rightly said!

    Bihari’s like Delhijans have made the mistake of electing the wrong people!

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  3. The fact that this Shahabuddin is walking free demknstrates what is wrong with our legal system.
    We shouldn’t worry too much about Nitish Kumar,Hindus are starting to wake up so the number of days left for him and his species is limited.


  4. Good post, CW. The fall and fall of Nitish Kumar is just testimony to how far Indian politics has fallen. I genuinely admired Nitish Kumar for what he did in Bihar along with BJP as an alliance partner and he has squandered every single bit of goodwill through his ambition, jealousy, and greed. The situation in Bihar today is a microcosm of what Congress will do to India if ever allowed back to power – they will make India (specifically the Hindus) pay for every day they have spent out of power. Bharat, as we know it, will be forever gone. Scary proposition!


  5. Lalu has been somewhat silent so far in Bihar. It will be interesting what Shahbuddin will do to Nitish. One quick thing I can think of is, he and his supporters will dare Nitish by drinking alcohol openly. And that will be start or the beginning of end for Nitish Kumar.


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