Pulling Congress to the right

The real success of a political party is not in what a party does itself, but what it is able to do to its opponents.  In other words, the real success lies in how a political party is able to change the conversation, in how it is able to change the language of its opponents and change the terms of engagement.

I have written about this recently with Communists, discussing how their real success lies in the fact that ordinary people and even right wing parties do not complain or even notice when extreme left wing radical terrorists like Che Guevara are glorified in popular culture.

If you want another example, look at what AAP did after the 2013 elections in Delhi. The BJP had 32 seats in the 70 member assembly and under “normal” circumstances, the BJP would have thought nothing of “managing” an extra 4 seats to hit the majority mark. But so aggressive was the AAP’s moral posturing that the BJP was immobilized, it wouldn’t even stake claim to power! It is quite another thing that since then, Kejriwal’s only aim in life has been to shed the baggage of moral posturing adopted by his party 🙂

And finally, the Congress. Folks, I am really struggling here to come up with some kind of ideology I could associate to the Congress. Corruption does come to mind. Feudalism is another strong candidate. But, I think some kind of povertarian-socialist rhetoric is probably the best description of Congress ideology. And the Congress’ runaway success of ruling 55+ years shows in the imprint it has left on the language of every other political party. The povertarian rhetoric shows even in Modi’s speeches. In fact, if there is one ghost that has been chasing Modi around, it is the ghost of 2004 and Modi is determined not to sound “pro-rich”. Prosperity as an election slogan has found some recent traction, but the rhetoric of poverty is a gift that has been giving generously for 66 years. And counting…

By the same token, the real success of BJP will be in pulling the Congress (and its satellites) towards the Hindu right. What I am saying is that Rahul Gandhi’s capers in Ayodhya yesterday should be a cause for celebration:


And earlier, the evil Queen had also gone to Varanasi for Ganga aarti. What happened to the earlier stance of solidarity with Naxals of JNU?

Remember the heady days when the balloon of “saffron terror” was launched? That Abrahamic arrogance has long receded. The bold, expansionist mode has been abandoned for a new desire to be seen as good Hindus. It is important to celebrate good things when they happen.

Let me quickly close an avenue of doubt here. You would be totally right in pointing out that the Gandhis are actually insincere in their newfound interest in Hinduism. But don’t worry about it. This might sound cynical, but when has a politician ever sincerely believed anything? It is all a game of posturing. For the people of India, for our civilization, only the contours of the discourse matter. For that matter, I am sure the Gandhis are just as insincere in their devotion to povertarian socialism. That does not stop their socialist rhetoric from hurting us. So, the insincerity of their devotion to Hindu culture won’t stop it from being a net gain for our civilization.

Now I think the modern electorate is too clever to be fooled by Rahul Gandhi in Uttar Pradesh polls. But so what if it does help Rahul Gandhi? If the Congress makes some electoral gains as a result of pro-Hindu posturing, it will only initiate a virtuous cycle of other political parties jumping on the pro-Hindu bandwagon. Ultimately, for India to truly embrace its Hindu roots, we cannot have one “Hindu” party, with everyone else batting for the Abrahamic side.   There will always be a struggle to determine our national identity, but the key is to move the center point to the right. Because the vast majority of people, by their very nature, prefer to cluster somewhere around the center.

It is not about one political party, my friends. It is about a certain culture that is our heritage. A culture that deserves to be preserved and revered in the world. And unless we manage to pull the other side to the right, that dream will never be fulfilled.


22 thoughts on “Pulling Congress to the right

  1. As long as the Italian waitress with foreign DNA is managing the congi’s any show of pro-Hindu posturing is only a drama with no sincerity whatsoever!!

    Maybe what dream you have could be possible if the congi’s are being managed by a Indian desh bakth with Indian DNA!


    1. This is also the case with relatives of many RSS/BJP leaders. I wonder what are they trying to prove to the world! That too in a vicious world where worthless pappus roll in the looted wealth. Are these leaders ‘moral martyrs’ and who are scared of sold media? Helping a relative for a respectable living is different from nominating him for RS. Modiji or anyone for that matter need not be so eerily rigid not to help a friend, relative or any common man for a livelihood.


  2. Granted, almost all politicians are insincere. But Pappu and his Mom have gone way past the insincere mark. Everything that Pappu does is seen as posturing, with absolutely no benefit of the doubt. He would be batter off going off to Italy or Spain or whatever and spend all that loot.


    1. He he… these days Italy and Spain are in deep shit themselves. The Queen and her son are better off enjoying India. Maybe they can spend the money in Andaman & Nicobar. Will stimulate the local economy.


  3. Previously the Left in Kerala started celebrating Janmashtami and doing Yoga. But after coming to power, they are back to their old ways. It will be a similar story with the Congress. Doing Ganga aratis and visiting Hanuman temples are just a show to get Hindu votes.

    The major vote bank of the Congress today is the Non-Hindus and if they come back to power anywhere, Hindus will get kicked again.The DNA of the parties other than BJP today is to kick Hindus so it will take one or two generations before we get more parties that are genuinely going to bat for the Hindus.

    We do need another couple of parties that are genuinely going to care about the Hindus and their interests. But it is not going to get seeded from Congress, Left or Kejriwal. First these parties have to be completely decimated by the voters for new parties to spring up.


  4. I m a lil disappointed with ur exhibition of happiness on this mere posturing of Hinduism by KHANGRESS.. as sumone above in this forum rightly said, leftists celebrated janmashtami before elections and then came back to their original self, once they attained power..ditto is the case with these scumbags of KHANGRESS…
    And to be very honest, I don’t entirely blame KHANGRESS for their pro Muslim, anti Hindu stand, coz our own so called pro Hindu party has never helped any Hindu in any Hindu cause so far.. at least KHANGRESS has been vocal and honest tht they lick Muslims and others coz they r rewarded by them, it’s the bjp tht takes its core voters fr granted and in fact snubs them every now n then..
    I can guarantee one thing, no matter how much Modi and his ilk may try, they can’t ever appease minorities, so why such melodrama of celebrating Diwali with Kashmiris and etc etc…, a separate Sharia banking system to woo them… these all things r going to lead bjp to nowhere but repeat of 2004..
    Sorry fr being toooo cynical abt bjp’s current dispensation but I m really disappointed with them..


    1. The only way to push BJP to the right is to push Congress to the right as well. Pappu has done the right thing by going to Ayodhya. Now the question for BJP is, what can they offer? The reason we have such sloppy pro-Hindu politics is because of zero competition in the right wing political space. The reason pro-Muslim politics is so vibrant is because of competition. Let Congress fish for votes on the Hindu right. Only THEN BJP will move further right.


  5. Sincerely or not sincerely, just the fact that Sonia and Pappu had to show some gesture to appease Hindu voters is our victory. Don’t forget more than 70 percent of Congress party members are Hindus. Quite a few of them are only loosely attached to Congress. If their leaders show gesture towards Hindus, even if insincerely, these Hindu Congress members could be unglued from Congress when they start thinking if their leaders are showing pro-Hindu gesture, they can go extra mile themselves. For example a Pappu’s aid went to Pujari and asked him to pray Hanuman for Pappu’s success.


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