Stand up and question leftist cultural hegemony

Yesterday, the Hindustan Times carried an article on Durgesh Pathak, the main organization man for AAP in Punjab. The first three sentences of the article took my breath away:

Che Guevara is on a wall of the drawing room where he sits. The South American revolutionary is also the cover of his Twitter and Facebook accounts. Durgesh Pathak, at first impression, is more a 20-something wide-eyed activist than a politician.


What? Che Guevara? You mean the murderer who used to take a special thrill in carrying out summary executions with his own hands? And yet Che Guevera is but a “revolutionary” and his followers are merely “wide-eyed activists”.

Folks, Hindustan Times is a mainstream newspaper. AAP is a mainstream political party. Apparently, AAP and its journalist supporters are vocal in supporting “dissent”, “free speech” and “democracy”. And one of its top leaders is totally at ease waxing eloquent about how much he dotes on Che Guevara. If this was not enough, Durgesh Pathak gladly posed for a picture in front of his living room wall, showing a portrait of Che Guevara next to his Supreme Leader Arvind Kejriwal. This is the photo that accompanies the HT article:


The glorification of a Communist mass murderer by a mainstream political party..carried proudly by a mainstream newspaper. No outrage against this, no comments or complaints anywhere. Just another day in the life of mainstream Indian political discourse. Even AAP’s critics and the right wing in general accept it with resignation, perhaps even without noticing. After all, it is common to see Che Guevara glorified. What’s new?

Except it shouldn’t be common! Glorifying Hitler isn’t common and it shouldn’t be. Glorifying the KKK isn’t common and it shouldn’t be. Glorifying Che Guevara shouldn’t be common but it is! 

If you are a fan of Che Guevara, you are NOT mainstream. You are a dangerous radical element that needs to be called out. And you can’t be a mainstream politician giving interviews in a mainstream newspaper. But such is the leftist cultural hegemony that the most dangerous left wing mass murderers are routinely glorified in mainstream discourse. It is seen as “normal”. No one even complains.

All this while as Hindus are made to run in circles explaining their beliefs and put on a cross for celebrating anything from Dahi handi to Rakshabandhan. They take a fine toothed comb and dissect the patriarchal,  casteist, sexist, homophobic, this-phobic, that-phobic underpinnings of every single ritual in Hindu society. What are the underpinnings of glorifying Che Guevara? We never ask. They never have to answer because we never ask. 

Every single day, the BJP is put on the mat and mauled in liberal circles because some RSS leaders several decades ago, may or may not have said good things about the Nazi Party. Meanwhile the Communist Party puts up posters of Stalin in every one of its offices and no one ever asks them to explain. We never ask. They never have to answer because we never ask!

In fact, consider the term “Communist”. Consider their dreaded red flag with the hammer and sickle, symbol of death to literally  millions of people around the world. Communists don’t have to seek cover, they don’t have to be apologetic for anything. They didn’t even need to change their name or their flag. Can you imagine anyone daring to open parties with names like these even if they were actually fascists or racists or  Nazis:

Fascist Party of India

Racist Party of India

Nazi Party of India.

Nobody would open a party with names like that because those words have intense stigma attached to them. Even if someone did, can you imagine representatives of the Nazi Party being invited to any mainstream debate on TV or newspapers or universities or any other respectable forum? But mysteriously, there is one exception: apparently you can have the “Communist Party of India”. How? Why?

Because, no stigma attaches to the word “Communist”. Communists can freely operate under that name, openly flaunt their dreaded red flag and still be considered a legitimate part of the intellectual debate.

Just to remind people : Stalin alone accounts for 3 million dead. Mao is possibly the biggest mass murderer in history with some 20 million kills. By the way, did I mention that 20 million dead is the lowest known estimate for Mao’s massacre? Some sources put it at 45 million! And we have not even counted yet  Castro and the North Korean regime. We have not even counted Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge and the mountains of human skulls they left behind.

But, such is the left wing cultural domination and so complete is the right wing surrender that nobody gasps in horror at seeing the Communist flag. A Nazi flag would draw  gasps of horror. A KKK uniform would draw gasps of horror. You know, the Hindu right spends a lot of time complaining that radical Islam gets a free pass in elite society. But no, even an ISIS flag would draw gasps of horror. No mainstream political party could dare to advertise its support for ISIS.  Only Communists get a pass.

We have to stand up. We have to start asking this question and demanding answers. We have to ask why a radically anti-democratic and mass murdering ideology like Communism is not being stigmatised in popular culture. No, I am not calling for a ban, unlike the bans that Communists demand on the RSS/BJP. I am asking for free people to take back the culture and stigmatise the Communists. I glorify freedom. I celebrate liberty. That’s why you won’t find any posters of  Che Guevara in my house.

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20 thoughts on “Stand up and question leftist cultural hegemony

  1. Many countries in South America along with Cuba have been ruined by leftists.Speaking of leftism in South America,Modi has decided not to attend NAM summit in Venezuela.This is a very good move IMO though not extensively covered in the press because he is shying away from Nehruvian leftist foreign policy and moving closer to the US.Thankfully,slowly,the leftist governments are going away.Rousseff impeached and replaced by Temer and Kirchner(Argentina’s Sonia Gandhi) beaten by pro-free market Mauricio Macrici,who I think is very similar to our very own Modi(by the way,they met yesterday).Hoping that the leftist governments in Cuba,Venezuela,Ecuador and Bolivia also go away.


    1. Very well done Modi for not attending NAM summit in Venezuela, that too hosted by a dictator like Nicolas Maduro. Girish Shahane was crying about this in Scroll, so you KNOW it’s a good step.


  2. BJP spokespersons should start their debate ,where leftists are present, with invoking of genocide during Mao, Stalin et al before proceeding with debate. Then the intolerance of left will become public, by their responses.

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  3. ‘We have to stand up.’….agreed!…..’Awareness’…more people are to be made aware of commie foul deeds!

    There was a period when commies carried on with their agenda with nobody being aware….land grabbing and destroying the land records in the govt. office,murders,school books with distorted history,Hate-Hindu / hate ancient Indian culture campaign etc. etc.

    SM has really started exposing commies in a big way …now they cant hide anywhere! As people realize that commies never cared nor did they do anything for the country these critters will be shunned!!

    The communists have found allies in secular-liberals who act as their sympathizers in media and civil society to create a false narrative that it is the Hindu desh bhakts who are fascist and intolerant.

    The foreign funded Indian commmie leaders ( including commies in benami media / collegium judiciary)  have always  targeted the nationalist forces as their enemy. 

    Communism failed everywhere in the world, but its followers in India are still hoping against hope to revive it by entrenching the Indian polity with their divisive tactics. 

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  4. Why go to Russia and China, when we have a shining example of the left front government in West Bengal who killed thousands in a democratic country. Remember they were elected time and again to rule over thirty years! This fact was kept away from the people by the media like HT etc. So it is not surprising about the lack of knowledge of Che’s deeds among the public. Communists used to capture the imagination of the youth with the romantic (but impractical) idea of an egalitarian society, without telling about how they ‘achieved’ it by killing people; because in death everyone is ‘equal’.

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    1. He he…true enough. Why go to Russia and China. This time when election results came on May 19 and someone on Aaj Tak talked of the left slaughtering people in Bengal, CPI’s Atul Anjan actually said : “Who cares, let it be…”


  5. The Communist party is the only party which has fooled the world by portraying itself as pro-labor, pro-uneducated and pro-under achievers party. Human nature as it is, almost all laborers are against their factory owners, almost all uneducated are full of envy for educated class and almost all under achievers are dreaming of glory without putting the required efforts. The Communist leaders knew that these lazy classes of people will always be lazy to research what is happening to them by this conning party in the long run. And as the time passes, the population of these three classes of people increases in the world. Hence even though the Communism have failed almost everywhere in the world, wretched masses of the world is not willing to see the Communism as what it really is.

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  6. Commies get away with – lterally – murder, because the media refers to them them as “progressive”.

    But there’s some interesting things about Che Guevara. When Castro siezed power he Guevara made a minister of something-or-the-other. His office was adjacent to a yard where firing squads regularly shot “enemies of the revolution”. He got a window let into the wall of his office so he could enjoy the sights and sounds better. Finally he tried to bring the Castro brand of “revolution” to Venezuela. The army there hounded him and his group, and finally cornered him in some village in the mountains. What did this brave man do then? He whined, “Don’t shoot me, i’m more valuable to you alive”. (They shot him anyway).

    Venezuela, incidentally is these days groaning under a Commie dictatorship of Castro admirers. India just a few days back had an all-India strike called by leftie trade unions. It seems they aren’t getting enough of socialism. On that same day Venezuelan president Maduro was chased through the streets of Margatita by angry citizens; it seems they’ve had more than their fill of socialism. (I wish i could provide a link but my net has gone too slow these days. But google “Venezuela president chased by angry protestors” and you’ll find many of them).


    1. Ya…Venezuela has the world’s largest oil reserves and people are hungry and starving in the streets. As Milton Friedman used to say, put the government in charge of the Sahara desert and in five years, you will have shortage of sand.


  7. Off topic!

    Philippine President calls Obama ‘the son of a BITCH as he refuses to be lectured on human rights .

    “I am a president of a sovereign state and we have long ceased to be a colony.
    I do not have any master except the Filipino people, nobody but nobody.
    You must be respectful. Do not just throw questions.
    Putang ina, I will swear at you in that forum,” he said, using the Tagalog phrase for “son of a bitch.” Who is he (Obama) to confront me?”
    Duterte said, adding that the Philippines had not received an apology from the United States for misdeeds committed during its colonization of the country.

    I think all nations are standing up to defend their SOVEREIGNTY…….USA’s days of bullying sovereign nations are over. I hope India is not allowed to fall in the trap set by USA. Already GOI has given a toe hold by signing LEMOA!


  8. In reality, a lot of people in India do question at least to themselves what the communists stand for. That is why communists are not even in the picture in most state elections (except for Kerala, West Bengal and Delhi which committed the unpardonable sin of opening the door for communists and have suffered or are suffering for that sin).

    Most Hindus are proud of their heritage and religion and will not give it up for anything. Heck, we (or most of us) withstood 1000 years of murderous Islamic aggression, we can withstand anything for our culture, country, religion and upholding dharma. Most Hindus also realize that Communists in reality want to make everyone poor and then throw crumbs to sustain their rule. Hindus are looking for leaders who can make everyone prosperous and the communists with their penchant for bandhs, hooliganism and lack of IQ will only make everyone poor.

    Communism by design was doomed to fail in India. And it failed. It is just like oil and water, we cannot mix with the communists and they cannot mix with us due to their violent and irreligious beliefs.


    1. Communists are doomed to fail anywhere and more so in India. I am really complaining about how they have permeated our culture and laid their eggs, so that we stop questioning leftist cultural hegemony even when it is obvious.


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