Are Hindus destined to be dhimmis?

Let’s start with a LOL. The canonization of “Mother” Teresa at Vatican City yesterday brought out, yet again, a parade of dhimmis from the Hindu community. No, really, are Hindus born this stupid or do they become conditioned to be stupid or do they choose to be stupid? Now, I can understand that the rationalist Dabholkar fans brigade would be huge fans of Mother Teresa’s miracles. I can understand that the standard bearers of sexual choice, the torch bearers of of women’s rights and gays’ rights, would bow down and kiss the ground beneath the feet of the Holy Father. Let us be very clear: they are not hypocrites, they are entirely rational actors. Their aim is to break India  into pieces and the various hats they wear, from “women’s rights advocate” to “atheist” to “Mother Teresa worshiper” are simply various means to their end. 

Look at Kejriwal here:


Kejriwal is not a hypocrite. He is an entirely rational actor here. He has a lot to gain by destroying Hindu society and so that’s exactly what he is doing.

What I cannot understand is this:


What does Sushma Swaraj have to gain here? Why has she gone there to appease people who want to destroy her and her party? How can a person not understand the notion of “rational self interest” ? You can accuse politicians in general of a lot of things, of hypocrisy, of doublespeak, of opportunism, of corruption, but who has ever heard of a politician going against his/her own rational self interest?

Now, I am willing to moderate my views and admit that some amount of Govt of India representation was needed at the Vatican yesterday to keep up appearances. But did the event require a personal appearance by India’s External Affairs Minister?

No, stupidity cannot be an explanation. People like Sushma Swaraj have lived in the political trenches for far too long and reached the absolute top. There’s no way you can go that far in politics by having a low IQ (Rahul’s case is different; he was a Shehzada).

The other explanation is that Hindus are dhimmis. Either they are born dhimmis, or conditioned to be dhimmis or they choose to be dhimmis. More frightening than the possibility that Sushma Swaraj is an idiot is the possibility that she is smart and knows exactly what she is doing. What could she be doing? Surely she is smart enough to know that Christians are not going to vote for her. Then, who is she trying to please with this trip to the Vatican?

Let me tell you: she is going there to appease the large constituency of “moderate Hindus”, who can be more clearly described as dhimmis. Look no further:


And these are supposed to be people sympathetic to BJP. Now, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is not an idiot. She is a businesswoman of scintillating ability, one of the first people in India to understand the potential of Biotechnology and build a business around it. Even the Pope would burst out laughing if someone said that Mother Teresa was trying to make people into “better Hindus”. But if someone like Kiran Mazumdar Shaw can believe this, just think about the level of dhimmification achieved by Hindus in general. It must be like no other in the world.

No, really, there’s a lot of such Hindus out there. Perhaps Sushma Swaraj realizes that in the balance of things, the number of Hindus who support “Mother” Teresa vastly outnumber the few who were not fooled by her. I mean, I am a Bengali, I know loads of people from Kolkata. And believe me, these people are out there and they are the vast majority. No single person damaged Kolkata’s reputation as much as “Mother” Teresa did and yet… And yet … I mean, can you imagine how bad Kolkata and India look when we have to be “saved” by a nun from freaking Albania!! Albania…really? I mean…Albania barely qualifies as a civilized nation, they had dictatorship as late as 1990, then a horrific civil war broke out and it is only in the 2000s that they actually managed to have some real elections! Ha! And an Albanian is coming to save us. If anything, India should be taking credit for giving asylum to a refugee from war torn Albania 🙂 But we won’t. And in course of time, another “savior” will come from Somalia or Iraq to help lift us up. We await that humiliation… wait and see 🙂

Everywhere we see, this is in abundant evidence. Hindus are still fighting on caste lines, on regional lines and what not. Meanwhile another community ruled our country for 800 years, demolished our temples, made us pay jazia tax, finally took a third of India exclusively for their own use and now this community has grabbed for itself the status of “victim”.  Can you blame them? They are looking out for their own interest. Is it their fault that we are too stupid to realize what is happening to us and our country?

So, let’s not blame them. They are rational actors. What else are they supposed to do? They are tapping their contacts and their resources within the Indian system and outside to clamp down on our native rituals, our celebrations and the markers of our ancient faith. The question is : what are we doing?

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41 thoughts on “Are Hindus destined to be dhimmis?

  1. So sad that this is happening I expected different from modi. Shame he is the same as others. It is the BJP itself that is hampering the Hindu revival movement by doing such non-sense


    1. Welcome friend to commenting on this blog 🙂

      It is all a reflection of Hindu society. Despite so many warning lessons from history, Hindus refuse to learn. Hindus refuse to unite. Still mostly dhimmifed by idea of India.

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  2. 5Forty3’s latest inputs from Punjab:1)In the last 4 days Bhagwant Mann has faced 4 empty tents(Bassi Pathana,Malout,Muktsar) with people abandoning even AAP rallies in Punjab! and 2)Our ground teams report “At this point of time,AAP leaders are getting more (pelted) stones than votes in Punjab ;Kejri in serious crisis.Will be amusing to see the reactions of AAP supporters who were(and probably still are)confident that AAP will sweep Punjab when AAP loses Punjab.


  3. CW excellent post …..though a lousy topic!!


    ‘we have to be “saved” by a nun from freaking Albania!!’…….that too “A lying, thieving Albanian dwarf”!!

    I too agree the GOI has to represent as the invite is from a country…..they could have sent a clerk from GOI!!

    The whole of SM is pissed off at the Modi’s sky high praise for this fraud and representation of India by a high level delegation!

    In SM only guy who has not condemned this act of GOI!…….strange!

    #GauravPradhan ‏@DrGPradhan  12h
    few months, wait and watch and u will appreciate GOI stand

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  4. This is the result of Nehruvian education system. Unless this system gets phased out, the crop of people will behave the same. One should be ashamed of calling self a Hindu is the result of Nehruvian thought. This disease affects all -right from CEO to compounder / peon.

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  5. Excellent CW. Unfortunately we Hindus do not have any takers. Bjp is busy pempering moderate hindus and minorities. Shame on bjp. Bjp also didn’t raise voice when aap thug vishal abused jain saint. The same jokers went like pets for a fake saint to Vatican. Another jolt coming from bjp is support of GOI to RBI for Islamic banks. With all these blunders or dose of power, I don’t think bjp will even talk about civil code, forget even passing it.

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  6. Good one!

    Sonam Mahajan ‏@AsYouNotWish  14h
    Why are we Indians so obsessed with outsiders?
    We make heroes out of missionary evangelists while real heroes like Baba Amte hug dust.


    1. And AAP’s spokesperson in Punjab yesterday said that Teresa deserves Sainthood, not our native saints and gurus. What an insult to Sikh leaders and our religious leaders in general…


  7. Dear Chaiwallah,

    Just a few quick points.

    1. I am NOT upset at Sushma Swaraj being there. If no one senior from the Indian government was there, that would have invited a lot of adverse comments. We Hindus lose nothing by SS being there. Krazywal is of course another story entirely.

    2. Who told you that Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is “sympathetic to the BJP”? Believe me, she is not — and I know her personally for twenty years.

    3. Read this article from a fellow Bengali:


    1. Hmm… I actually believed Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is close to BJP leaders. I have seen her with host of BJP leaders from Rajasthan (infamous photo) to Maharashtra. But then, we have also seen Barkha Dutt with all of them 🙂

      I don’t think it was necessary for the EAM to go personally. Some high ranking official from the Ministry could have gone.


  8. Thts precisely wht I m trying to convey since last 2-3 blogs of urs.. Modi is also living in fool’s paradise of this TINA( There is no alternative) like ABV.. and we all know wht followed tht in 2004 was utter disaster.. Ravinar, whose blogs helped Modi immensely prior to the run up of 2014 elections has really thrown towels upon Modi now.. and he has every reason to be disappointed with this mediocre regime of Modi…
    The way hurriyat yesterday snubbed the all parties delegation, raises the question mark on bjp’s intelligentsia… I fail to understand who on earth asks them to go n talk with those basturds…
    Only a handful of ministers, Mr parikar, Mr prabhu, Mr Piyush goel and to sum extent Mr gadkari r doing gud job… rest all r gud fr nuthing kind..( jai Italy and rajnath Singh) r the biggest jokers n unfortunately holding the top 2 posts…
    Bjp on the way of self destruction


  9. ☆CW ji,don’t be so agitated by Sushma ji going to this silly hocus pocus event.As a Hindu you should see it from the angle of her dharma.It is at the moment her dharma to attend.
    Now as a Hindu ,I was angry that this Rakshasi is being venerated,but we should understand that The Church (or for that matter any Christie org.) is a mercenary organisation/corporation which is involved in all sorts of criminal activities from fraud to bribing to terrorism (Think Rawanda),it doesn’t deserve any redpect from us pagans.
    At the moment we RWs have two options on how to tackle this:
    1)Shut up and not make a scene of ourselves
    2)Raise awareness among our close ones and cause a ripple effect.Don’t engage in arguments with seculars,jusr state facts and sources,if they can’t digest it just pity them.
    The second is more desirable.
    Change doesn’t happen through revolution but by tiny acts of assertion and awareness raising.
    ☆Mamata Di after driving the Tatas out has gone begging to Munich and Rom(Letting the Tatas in would have made the state look like a decent investment to foreigners).And she merged this trip with the Vaticans fraudster event.And the way she dressed!!! It is bad enough that Kolkata has been projected as some sort of cesspool of misery by the good saint,on top of that this woman goes in a crumpled saree and an overall unkempt look.She basically is further perpetuating that image of Kolkata and by extension Bengals.Now we Hindus are not that well off but one striking thing about our society is that everyone makes an effort to present themselves neatly.MB out be punished for dressing in such a deshevelled manner.This is an image issue for the Bengalis.
    This is an intrestin piece of information.It basically means that the “charitable” missionaries are going dry.That is the only explanation for it to have gone till Kerry.
    ☆A recurring argument from the MT camp is that we Hindus are uncharitable.What nonsense!!We have a great many Hindus volunteering (RSS,VHP,AOL,RK Matt,Satya Sai orgs,TTD etc)and we don’t even go about trumpeting it.We are basically following the principle that even your left hand should not know charity done by the right hand.This is a huge mistake.Considering how poor we are it is actually amazing how much charitable work we engage in.We should realize that kuniti should be fought with kuniti.We should advertise our good deeds so that we can deal with our opponents incase they dare speak such falsehoods.


  10. On a different note…
    Why does the Church have to declare someone a saint?
    If the abrahamic god is that great why doesn’t he just announce that someone is a saint to the world?


  11. Mt was an evangelist and she did what she she was supposed to do according to her religion. But the shame is that Hindus and GOI are betraying their own religion and goi ,their secular stance.
    all TV stations and newspapers are going GUNG HO over this nonsense. the only tv station which gave a counter viewpont today was SUDERSHAN NEWS. i applaud this tv station for undertaking this mamoth task.

    MT was a fraud whose aim was to only convert and for that she is being honoured by vatican.


    1. Exactly!!!That is why we shouldn’t be anmoyed with this cannonization nonsense.Sushma Ji had to attend,imagine the sort of comments and image it would have resulted in if she didn’t.


    2. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw’s comment is the most pathetic one I have seen in a long time. Even Mother Teresa will laugh and fall from heaven if she sees someone actually believed she wanted to make people better Hindus.


  12. Modi sent Sushma. Please blame Modi. Modi has lost all credibility.

    We are preparing for Kavi Vajpayee debacle of 2004.

    Meanwhile we are at it, after sharia banking madarsas funding has doubled.

    Now who is the leader of dhimmis?


  13. The answer to your most important question about are we born, conditioned or choose to be stupid is that we are conditioned to be stupid, so much that even intelligently, against our own self interest, we are conditioned to be stupid. That is extreme and rare situation as in case of Shushma for a short term gain of pleasing large number of dhimmies, she has to sacrifice long term goal of liberating the dhimmies. But imagine the condition of large number of dhimmies who day in and day out for last concentrated 70 years living a nightmare of last 1000 years against their own self interest, even without realising it and watching and enriching ugly old male and female prostitutes of bollywood, voting and worshiping, congis, commies and illegitimate clones, reading and watching presstitutes of media, placing in position of power in politics, academy, arts, media, the traitors who want to break India.


  14. Our biggest misfortune is that when Mother Teresa was at her peak, Congress was the ruling party at the center and the Communists were governing W. Bengal. The false propaganda around her work was so overwhelming that we Hindus had to remain silent and suffer for the fear of getting ridiculed. The world went ahead and bestowed MT a Nobel Prize. We Hindus, just did not have choice but to bear and grin. Only in last one years or so we started to raise our voice against MT mainly with the help of Christopher Hitchens’ writing. These circumstances has put us in such a stage that we just have to continue “Bear and grin” posture when it comes to FT. So in so doing I am with Prof. Vidyasagar. Sushma attending this ceremony is nothing but the ‘Bear and Grin’ posture by India’s Hindus. All we have to learn from this is that nobody from Abrahamic religion reach the state that we let FT reached.


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