Who is the bigger enemy: SP or BSP?

If you had asked me this question 3 months ago, my answer would have been unequivocal : it’s the Samajwadi Party which is the bigger enemy. Today, if you ask me the same question, my answer will again be unequivocal : it is the Bahujan Samaj Party which is the bigger enemy.

In order to explain, I have to first clarify what I mean by “bigger enemy”. By “bigger enemy”, I really mean “bigger ideological enemy”. By bigger, I don’t necessarily mean “stronger”. For instance, the Commies are nowhere on the national scene compared to Congress, but I will call the Commies my “bigger enemy”. Today I am talking about ideology, not electoral strength.

Next, let me explain what my principles are in order of priority:

(1) First priority: I want Hindu society as a whole to unite, socially, politically and electorally.

(2) Second priority: I want Muslim appeasement to end.

Now that we have this clear, let us look at the position about 3 months ago in Uttar Pradesh:

(1) SP doing Muslim appeasement.

(2) BSP looking for Upper caste + Dalit votes.

Clearly, in that case the bigger enemy would be the SP. Mayawati’s efforts to create a UC+Dalit vote could have hurt BJP’s electoral prospects, but what is more important is that Hindus were voting together. have said before on this blog that Mayawati’s 2007 winning combination of UC+Dalits was a big step towards Modi’s 2014 winning combination in Uttar Pradesh. If Hindus are voting together for one party today, they can just as easily vote together for another party tomorrow. It is the unification of Hindu votes that is important, not the name of the party they vote for. Because if Hindu votes unite, all of our aims will be achieved automatically.

But a lot has happened since then. Mayawati has changed track completely. What is going on now?

(1) SP is doing Muslim appeasement.

(2) Mayawati looking for Dalit + Muslim.

Now that’s totally different. Mayawati today is trying to hit at the very heart of Hindu society. A Dalit+Muslim axis is the wet dream of every Break India intellectual in Lutyens Delhi. I don’t know if Mayawati gave the cue to Lutyens or Lutyens gave the cue to Mayawati. What I can say is that I have gone from being soft on Mayawati to wishing for complete ruin of the BSP.

As I explained before,  unity of Hindu society is a bigger priority to me than preventing Muslim appeasement. And with her Dalit+Muslim idea, Mayawati will be appeasing Muslims anyway. From facilitating the buildup of a Hindu vote comprising UC+Dalit, the BSP is now aiming a double barrelled gun at Bharat: the twin barrels of breaking Hindu society and appeasing Muslims!

Okay, you could ask: what about Mulayam Singh Yadav? Isn’t the SP too taking Yadavs away from the Hindu fold? Yes, but there is a crucial difference. I don’t see any evidence of the Samajwadis trying to systematically turn Hindus against each other. Because the party is run by Yadavs, the Yadavs vote for SP out of a sense of proximity. So far, SP has shown no signs of getting into the “Forward vs Backward” rhetoric that Lalu Yadav embraces. Not so with Mayawati, who is asking for Dalit votes not merely because she is a Dalit. She is trying to build a bigger chemistry of a unified Dalit+Muslim identity, defined by opposition to the ghost of “Brahmanvad” created by the Romila Thapars of the world. Mayawati is trying to bring into the electoral mainstream the anti-Hindu poison manufactured in Lutyens and JNU.

Mayawati of today is the sinister electoral face of the Romila Thapars and Arun***i Roys of the world. She is trying to tear Dalits out of the Hindu fold and give them a manufactured new identity in combination with Muslims. This is a narrative that was rejected by Ambedkar. Because Ambedkar wanted upliftment of Dalits, not the destruction of Bharat. He stood for annihilation of caste, not annihilation of India.

And thus there is not a doubt in my mind today that Mayawati is the bigger enemy in Uttar Pradesh. Add to that the fact that opinion polls are showing BSP lagging behind at No. 3. We have a historic opportunity to finish off the BSP. If they lose in 2017, the BSP will evaporate by 2019. And where will the Dalit votes go? Where else 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Who is the bigger enemy: SP or BSP?

  1. Very interesting post.5Forty3 mentioned in one of his recent posts that Mayawati is averse to trying out new ideas and sticks to old tactics that won’t work today and I think that will ultimately doom her.Speaking of SP,did you know that Samajwadi Party has an MLA in Karnataka?Was going through the Karnataka 2013 results and found this out and it really surprised me.


    1. Ha ha…SP actually has bits of national presence. I think they have some votes in Mumbai too 🙂 These are migrant workers from UP settled in Mumbai.

      I am interested to know where that SP MLA in Karnataka came from. You should keep in mind that sometimes local independents will contact random parties and fight under their symbol. Would you believe that “United Goans Democratic Party” used to have an MLA in Jharkhand 🙂


  2. CW good priorities!

    (1) First priority: I want Hindu society as a whole to unite, socially, politically and electorally.

    (2) Second priority: I want Muslim appeasement to end.

    It is the unification of Hindu votes that is important, not the name of the party they vote for…..well said!


  3. It will be interesting if Dalits and Muslims come together. With high percentage of illiteracy among both of these communities, they will be competing for the same jobs and hence will consider each other as staunch enemies.


  4. If I may differ, loss of power for BSP is its natural death. Let us take into our arms Dalits, let Mayawati go on poaching Muslims. Even a small dent in SP formula is win for Hindus. By the way lack of Hindu consolidation due to Yadavs and Dalits consolidation is all due to 70 years of concentrated efforts of break India brigade which is still alive and kicking. I had warned long time back, an economic development plank without corresponding historical understanding and big time corrections is a piecemeal approach and very inefficient road to progress.

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