DO NOT TRY to reason with Pavni Mittal

So, there’s this Al Qaeda journalist.

Wait, I am sorry. Which journalist in their right mind would work for Al Qaeda with its crappy VHS tapes? There’s a much more glitzy media outlet for advocating Islamic terrorism, called Al Jazeera.


As you can see, she has all the usual liberal markers of a Hindu hater: part of the New York elite, a propagandist trained at Columbia journalism school and now she works for a rabidly anti-America, anti-Israel and anti-India outfit like Al Qaeda…oops…I mean Al Jazeera. Oh my…she doesn’t even work for an American news outlet, she works for the official mouthpiece of an Islamic theocracy from the Middle East.


The reason I am writing this post is to request online right wingers NOT to reason with her. Do not try to convince her otherwise or prove her wrong.

Because, any such efforts to “convince” her will simply play into her hands. See, the idea behind this kind of propaganda is to keep Indians (Hindus) permanently on the defensive. Don’t let them frame the terms of the debate. For 70 years we have been explaining our position on Kashmir. What was the outcome? Was the global elite convinced? No, they just kept questioning and cross-questioning us and we kept trying to express ourselves more and more clearly, hoping that reason would finally convince them.

In doing so, we implicitly agreed to stand in the dock and let the global elite occupy the position of authority to make judgments from. And by letting them occupy the seat of judgment, we implicitly gave them a certificate of integrity. We also implicitly accepted the principle that we have something to explain. What did they give us? Nothing….they didn’t concede anything to us: they simply put us in the dock and proceeded to interrogate us: over human rights violations, over treatment of women, over caste conflicts, over communal violence, yada yada yada…

And we spent 70 years standing in the dock with our hands in the air grovelling in front of the global elite. We told them : look we made progress here, we made progress there, please forgive us, we are trying. We forgot to ask the most important question:

Who are they to seek progress reports from us? Who made them boss?

The answer is NOTHING. They never really had any power over us. We just foolishly gave them all that power by submitting to their interrogation on their terms.

So, please don’t defend Hindu society to Pavni Mittal and those like her. Turn it around. Let’s sit in judgment over them. This is what Modi did with Balochistan. We don’t have to answer a failed state on our conduct in Kashmir. We are a civilized and democratic nation. Pakistan is a nation of savages. It is our job to see that the savages find their way to civilization…we should be telling them how to conduct themselves in Balochistan.


As the only major democracy in Asia, it is our duty to teach civilized values to   Arab savages and their slaves.  It’s our burden, Pavni Mittal and we are happy and proud to carry it. Let me explain to you Pavni Mittal how modern civilization is done. See, first of all, we have this thing called voting to select the government, unlike what you have over there in Qatar. It’s true. Slavery is illegal over here. People get to pick the government that rules them. And you know what else: we give equal rights to men and women…to people of all castes and all colors and all religions. This might blow your mind, but our laws don’t discriminate against Jews. Can you believe that? Not just that, people are even free to change religions… Women are not required to dress up like a tent… they can drive…they can even lead the country, win Olympic medals, design missiles or go to space! And no, we don’t even have public executions and beheadings. Even stoning to death is illegal in India.

I know this might be a lot for you to take in Pavni Mittal. But it’s true. It might be difficult for you to imagine a billion plus people enjoying so many freedoms. But it’s true. We have freedom here. It will be a long hard road for Arabs and their slaves to enter the modern world, but it’s possible. We’ll teach you. We are on your side. We wish you well. Now, what’s the progress you have made recently on apostasy laws? How about taking a small step and replacing death penalty for apostasy with life imprisonment? One little step at a time…we will help you navigate this modern world…don’t worry.

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23 thoughts on “DO NOT TRY to reason with Pavni Mittal

    1. Ha ha ha yes! Take it in writing. Some libtard is gonna accuse India of using “female bodies” as an instrument for “negotiating enmity” with others in our quest to become a superpower 🙂


  1. Good post!

    Points to be noted:

    ‘keep Indians (Hindus) permanently on the defensive’……we shouldn’t have allowed!

    ‘We also implicitly accepted the principle that we have something to explain.’…..mistake!

    We have freedom here…..Absolutely….even for M community unlike any M countries!

    About time we told the“global elite”to….FO!

    About time we told the“global elite”to……shove all their certification in the Right place……we don’t need them!


  2. Mind blogging CW. I feel the real reason was, incompetency of our leadership during last 70 years. Not a single PM raised this issue so far.Its shameful for this girl that, she has not even left sports for bashing hindus. Wonder if she has any guts to speak against atrocities committed by peaceful religion.


  3. The problem is that our leaders are always seeking good conduct certificates from the west,even though we actually have the moral high ground.
    Did we create terror groups?
    No the moral west did.
    Did we back Pakistan in 1971?
    No,that honor goes to the west.
    Did we conduct genocide in Indo-China?
    No the west did.
    Did we anhilate South and North American civilization and Australian Aborogines?
    No,the west did!
    Did we cause C-M conflicts in Africa and spread unscientific superstion there?
    No!!Again the credit goes to our good conduct certifiers.
    Sure if we tell them all this they will tell that they equally condemn it yada yada yada.But we should turn the tables on them and point out that if they are so moral and “civilized” why don’t they have any control over their governments and their loony clergy?
    We should guilt them,cross question them and show them the sort of rakshasas that they are!!!
    I have always held the opinion that if they think we are bad,hell we will be bad and we will point out that you are a million times worse.


    1. You have to add another important question:

      Did we drop nuclear bombs on civilians?
      USA is the only country to have used nuclear weapons on civilians (twice) and they are in the forefront in giving lectures on nuclear bans!


      1. And yet we are the immature country that shouldn’t have nukes.It is an established fact that the Japanese at that point of time were preparing for a surrender and were using the Russians for mediation.


    2. Since you have given so many certificates to the west, thought we should see some figures!

      Study: U.S. regime has killed 20-30 million people since World War Two

      In the last 50 years, the United States has promoted, financed and participated in over 200 incursions and 20 separate wars, killing over 8,000,000 people.
      1952 – 79, 70,000 Iranians killed. ( Ayatollah Khomeini, US public enemy for the 1980s, was on the CIA payroll while in exile in Paris in 1970s, as were Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden at different times and in different places. )
      1954 – 120,000 Guatemalans killed
      1954 – 1975, 4,000,000 Vietnamese and Cambodians killed.
      1965 – 3,000 Dominican Republicans killed
      1965 – 800,000 Indonesians killed
      1973 – 30,000 Chileans killed
      1975 – 250,000 East Timorese killed
      1970s – 1,000,000 Angolans killed
      1984 – 30,000 Nicaraguans killed
      1980s – 80,000 El Salvadoreans killed
      1989 – 8,000 Panamanians killed in an attempt to capture George H. Bush’s CIA partner now turned enemy, Manuel Noriega,
      1980s – over 700,000 Libyans, Grenadians, Somalians, Haitians, Afghanistanis, Sudanese, Brazilians, Argentineans and Yugoslavians killed,
      1991 – over 1,000,000 Iraqis killed, including over 500,000 children — about which Madeline Albright ( then, Secretary of State ) said “their deaths are worth the cost”. While George W. Bush owns over 80% of the oil wells in Kuwait, trouble will continue there.


  4. Its not this babe’s fault. Its years of indoctrination about Hindus caste system, upper caste domination etc that keeps going on that makes them vomit such bile. Ignoring them and working towards unification of Hindus is the way out although easier said then done.


  5. Question is, is Pavni Mittal so liberal that she could not get a job in America? In America, if you are liberal who is highly critical of America, you can find a job, but if you are critical of Israel? Good luck. As far as her writings on India is concerned, either she is totally hypocrite or she is writing to please her employer.


  6. I just remembered!!India is the country with the most hockey medals!!The real problem in Indian sports is that as a poor nation we don’t invest much in upgrading and establishing training facilities.So this moron can go and wear her burqa and shut up.


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